Can’t Post Multiple Photos On Instagram: Handle Instagram Trouble

Can't Post Multiple Photos On Instagram

The amazing feature of Instagram helps you to upload at least 10 pictures of yours in one single post. Posting multiple pictures on Instagram can help you share more information among the audience whilst increasing the engagement of your posts. However, some users can’t post multiple pictures on Instagram. Maybe You have not updated the latest version of the app, the reason can be a bug as well after updating the Instagram, or maybe you are not properly connected to the internet. Therefore, we have sorted out your issue by discussing a few methods that will help you to overcome your show regarding posting multiple photos on your Instagram account.

Can't Post Multiple Photos On Instagram: Handle Instagram Trouble

Reasons for Can’t post multiple photos on Instagram

When you upload multiple posts on Instagram there might be a few things that can go wrong. It can be a bug after the update, improper internet connectivity, or maybe the problem lies in your device only. Anything can be a reason for the issue that you can’t post multiple photos on Instagram. Although it’s difficult to find out what can be the exact reason that you are facing this error.

Methods to Fix the Can’t post multiple photos on Instagram’ error

Method 1: Press and hold the post

Many Instagram users have recently confirmed the ‘can’t post multiple photos on Instagram’ error in the latest version. Instagram has now cleared out the feature of ‘Select multiple’ for creating a carousel post. But the feature of selecting multiple photos has not disappeared completely. If you press and hold the photographs, it can bring back the option of selecting multiple photos and you can post all of them easily.

Method 2: Let Instagram fix it

If you are facing issues in posting multiple pictures on your Instagram account, then the problem might be from Instagram’s side. It is common for every social media platform to face such issues. You need to keep yourself calm and let Instagram fix the error. If the problem persists for hours or days, then the issue is from your side. The problem can be a poor internet connection or the device in which you are logged in.

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Method 3: Check Internet Connection

Poor internet connection is a common problem for creating numerous errors and one such error is ‘can’t post multiple photos on Instagram’. If the internet is not working properly, you might see a message saying ‘Not posted yet’ or ‘Try again’. Be sure that your device is properly connected to any network that is not restricting your access to the internet and that the connection is smooth enough to let you post multiple photos on Instagram.

Method 4: Switch off the Data Saver

The reason why you are unable to post multiple photos on Instagram can either be complete exhaustion of your cellular data or you have turned on ‘Data Saver’. If you want to make sure that Data Saver is not permitting you to upload multiple pictures on Instagram, you need to turn it off by following the steps given below:

  • Step 1: Using your Instagram credentials login into your account on Instagram.
  • Step 2: Visit your Instagram profile and select the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Step 3: Tap on the option of ‘Account’ and then ‘Cellular data use’.
  • Step 4: Toggle the switch to the left to switch off the Data Saver.
Note : If the data saver was already off, then you must have exhausted your mobile data which has reduced the speed of the internet. If an improper internet connection is not the cause, you need to switch to some other method to fix the error.

Method 5: Decrease the size of the file

Instagram has a few restrictions on the size of the file that you upload to your Instagram account. The maximum size for the photos is 30 MB, whereas, for any video, it is 650 MB. The size of your file may vary depending upon the way you took the shot and later on how you edited the file. Many editing programs permit you to save any file at a lower size. If you decrease the size of the file, it can solve the error regarding posting multiple pictures on Instagram.

Method 6: Remove Cache

Building up cache is not as bad as we think. It helps to increase the speed of the application. If you are facing issues with the application, it’s better to remove the cache data to fix the issue. After removing the cache, all the information on the page will be removed completely.

For removing the cache of Instagram on Android follow the steps mentioned below : 

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Settings’ of your device and go to the section of ‘Apps’.
  • Step 2: Choose Instagram and then go to its ‘Storage’ option.
  • Step 3: There will be an option of ‘Clear Cache’. Tap on it.

For removing the cache of Instagram on on iPhone follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Settings of your device and click on ‘General’.
  • Step 2: Now go to the ‘iPhone storage’ section and select ‘Instagram’.
  • Step 3: There will be an option for the ‘Offload app’. Tap on it.

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Method 7: Device Reboot or Restart the app

If the app does not work appropriately, it’s better to restart the app from the ‘multi-window’ screen. If this is not helping you out, it’s better to reboot your device. Rebooting your device reboots the complete OS of the device which is a far better solution for resolving this problem. Try this method and check if you can post multiple photos on your Instagram account.

Method 8: Clean ‘Storage Space’

If the storage space is not enough, it will stop the Instagram features to function. If the storage space is not enough, the device won’t be able to store the incoming data. Therefore, it is suggested to clean your device’s storage space by deleting unnecessary data.

Method 9: Avoid Tagging Multiple People

Tagging your friend’s account while posting can create an error of ‘can’t post multiple photos on Instagram. If you will not tag anyone while posting multiple pictures, Instagram will let you post them on your account. There are a few Instagram updates that carry bugs. Either it won’t let Instagram function properly or the function will become invisible. If the Instagram function was working properly before updating, then it’s for sure that the problem lies with the Instagram update.

Method 10: Probability of restricted account

Instagram finds out the bots and spammers to remove them so that they can’t access their service. If the Instagram account is new, it will be under supervision. If the user is violating the guidelines of Instagram, then also Instagram will not let the user post anything on their account. To check whether Instagram has restricted your account follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Log out from your device.
  • Step 2: Log in to your account from some other device.
  • Step 3: Try to upload anything on your account.
  • Step 4: If you are unable to post anything, the account has been restricted for sure.

Method 11: Follow Instagram guidelines while posting

Instagram has maintained a few terms and conditions that make the platform clean and safe from any obscene pictures. Instagram detects your post if anything is objectionable in your video or photo and removes it instantly.

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The major cause of the error ‘can’t post multiple photos on Instagram’ are the bugs but if the user is posting something wrong, the service will be disrupted then also. So updating Instagram or waiting for Instagram to fix the issue is the most basic method adopted by the users. If the problem still persists, the issue might be from your side. Try any of the discussed fixes to resolve the error instantly.

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