Reel Content Latest Update: Instagram Reels Dimensions

Reel Content Latest Update: Instagram Reels Dimensions

Instagram has turned out to be an astounding tool for marketing for many companies. But the question is, can you make the most out of it? Instagram is an influential platform of marketing  & communications for numerous businesses. Companies are now creating some videos for promoting their brand via reels. If you enhance your marketing strategy on Instagram and work on the perfect size and format of the video, then you can increase the sales of your brand instantly.

Reel Content Latest Update: Instagram Reels Dimensions

In the upcoming portions of this article, we will be giving you brief information on Instagram reels dimensions because it is important for any business to understand the concept of Instagram reels to boost their online presence and business sale. Knowing the plan of Instagram content isn’t enough for you, understanding the dimension, aspect ratio, and specific video format can help you in optimizing the needs in the Instagram videos.

We will be covering the details regarding Instagram reels dimensions that you can post to your Instagram account. It will be a bit more tricky than you think. There are numerous categories of Instagram videos that you can use on Instagram and the list of videos continues.

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Instagram Reels Expected Aspect Ratio

The vertical hosted videos of Instagram have a format of a full-screen portrait similar to Instagram stories. This is the reason that while uploading any Instagram reel, the aspect ratio should be off 9:16 for a convenient watch on your full-screen device.

Maximum & Minimum Instagram Reels Resolution

  • The maximum resolution should be 1080 X 1920 pixels.
  • The minimum resolution should be 600 X 1067 pixels.
  • 4k is not supported by Instagram.
  • Instagram does not have a feature of supporting a video of 4k resolution.

If you want to keep the quality of your video high, the resolution of 1080 X 1920 pixels is perfect. If your video is not matching the 1080p resolution, still you can post it on your Instagram account because the minimum requirement is 600 X 1067 pixels.

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Reel Size On Instagram When Uploaded

Stories are seen only inside the individual’s profile whereas reels can be seen on the feed of your Instagram account. If you view the reel in the form of an Instagram feed, the aspect ratio will be 4:5. It shows that, even after uploading any reel with the resolution of 1080 X 1350 pixels, the reel size will be restricted to 1089 X 1350 pixels when watching it on the feed on any profile. This is the reason why one can see only 2/3 portion of the content of the uploaded reel. If you want to gain the attention of the viewers, while making the reel, keep the aspect ratio in both the formats i.e. 9:16 & 4:5 respectively.

How Can You Make Perfect Reels?

  • Content Visibility: While shooting your reel, make sure that the content should be visible on your Instagram feed without opening the reel in full-screen mode. Reels get 15% cropped from top & bottom when you see it in the feed. That’s why you need to make sure that the content should be visible properly.
  • Centered Subtitles: Just like the content visibility, the subtitles should also be visible while viewing the reel in the feed.
  • Thumbnail Creation: There is an option of making any video frame as the thumbnail or reel cover. If you wish your reel to pop out inside the profile, you have to make a different thumbnail of 9:16 as the reel cover. You can make a cover with a caption on it so that viewers can get an idea of what exactly is your reel dealing with.
  • Proper Editing: If you want your reel to look the same when viewing it on the feed or in the gallery of the profile, you can insert black bars at the top and a bottom fraction of the video during editing. The proportions of the black bar should be in such a way that it can be seen only while watching the video in full-screen mode. There’s no point in viewing such videos on full screen if it is looking the same when seeing it on the feed.

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Go through this article carefully and implement the tips for creating an Instagram video with an accurate aspect ratio. You can also watch some YouTube tutorials for reference if you are find it  complicated.

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