Steal Deal Alert: iPhone 11 Sold at Rs 31,000 Discount on Amazon & Flipkart


The iPhone 11 model is always in the limelight due to its versatile features which eventually makes this smartphone unique from others. This multi-billionaire 64GB smartphone launched in September 2019 at a whopping price of Rs 68,3000 is now available at Rs 49,900 on Amazon which makes it worth the purchase. On purchasing iPhone 11 customers will get a discount of Rs 4000 along with an additional discount of Rs 15,000 in terms of an exchange value. Although, Rs 4000 discount offered by Amazon is applicable on selected banks only, i.e, ICICI Bank & SBI Credit card respectively & Rs 15,000 is applied as a discount only in case of exchange value of old smartphone used by the customer.

Steal Deal Alert: iPhone 11 Sold at Rs 31,000 Discount on Amazon & Flipkart

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Though Amazon is offering a huge discount in exchange for old smartphones, it’s applicable only on certain conditions under which the particular smartphone should be in a good state. It should be usable & should not compose of software or physical damage. The manufacturing year of the old smartphone is also another criteria implemented for the exchange value by Amazon. If possible, make sure that your smartphone is available in a very good condition because this would increase the value of your smartphone and you may get more discount than the specified exchange value. However, if someone wishes to purchase – iPhone XR (64 GB) then the exchange value is Rs 12,000 which differs by Rs 3000 in terms of iPhone 11.

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In this case, competition is very tough too as Flipkart is also offering the same amount of discount to the customers but at a slightly different criteria. You can purchase iPhone 11 on Flipkart at an exchange value of Rs 18,850 which ultimately brings the iPhone 11 current price down to Rs 31,000.Seeing two effective offers we’re pretty sure that all of you are getting eager to purchase iPhone 11 but let us remind you that though it’s a great deal still this smartphone comes with 2-3 minor disadvantages too. It lacks 5G network connectivity features & is incompatible with the 120HZ display rate which tends to raise the question that whether purchasing a smartphone which lacks 5G connection & an attractive display feature is important or not?

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The answer is quite simple and it’s indeed a yes because as long as the person who’s purchasing iPhone 11 knows it’s worth, it’s enough. In the end, it’s you who should know whether this device is your favourite choice or not? Above everything else, India is still a bit far from accessing the 5G connection so if a smartphone lacks it then this shouldn’t be an issue because various other smartphones lack it too. Still, pros get over cons sometimes & with the implementation of dazzling features, glorifying camera quality, effective price & many more – iPhone 11 secures the topmost position in the leading list of popular smartphones. A bonus addition is that iPhone 11 will get continuous updates from Apple till 2025 which is another good news for its customers. Thinking of purchasing it? – Get Yours Now!





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