Top 5 Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers In India

Top 5 Lithium-ion Battery Manufacturers In India

Batteries that consist of lithium as an anode are termed lithium batteries. Nowadays lithium-ion batteries have gained a lot of popularity and it is leaving behind their contemporaries such as lead acid batteries. The high energy density, low weight, and long lifeline of lithium-ion batteries are increasing the traction among the consumers of electronic devices. At present lithium-ion batteries are mostly used in electric vehicles and energy storage devices. With the coming demand for lithium-ion batteries, the manufacturing of the batteries is at a peak. There are numerous manufacturers of lithium-ion batteries but in this article, we have mentioned the top five lead team iron batteries manufacturers in India.

Top 5 Lithium-Ion Battery Manufacturers In India

TDS Lithium-Ion Battery Gujarat

TDSG is constructed in Gujarat by DENSO corporation, Suzuki Motors, and TOSHIBA Corporation for producing and selling lithium-ion batteries to Suzuki Motor Gujarat and Maruti Suzuki. The cell technology of TOSHIBA and the Module technology of DENSO have helped in developing the production operation of Suzuki.

The ownership interest in lithium-ion batteries was divided among the three that are TOSHIBA (40%), Suzuki (50%), and DENSO (10%). All of them spent 180 million dollars in total to establish the production factory of Lithium-ion batteries.

Exide Industries

The Exide Industry is the most dependable brand in India for a long time because of its unmatched recall and reputation. At present, it’s the leading industry in the production of lead-acid batteries in India for both the applications that are industrial as well as automotive because they consistently focus on huge geographic reach, creativity, steady updates in technology with its global business partners, and building strong bonds with marquee clients.

Currently, IL is the leading manufacturer of storage batteries as it provides a comprehensive line of new VRLA batteries and traditional flooded batteries. Along with this, it also supplies batteries to the European and Southeast Asian markets.

Exide has strategically placed its 9 facilities all over India. 7 of them are completely dedicated to the manufacturing of the batteries and the other 2 manufacture home UPS systems. This is the only industry that has a huge number of production plants in India and every plant is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology. You can also find its subsidiaries in Sri Lanka, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. In addition to this, Exide also exports batteries to 45 nations on 6 different continents.

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Amperex Technology Ltd (ATL)

ATL is the leading inventor and manufacturing industry for lithium-ion batteries in the World. ATL is known for its high-volume proficiency in designing batteries, high technology, and the high-quality packaging of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries all around the globe.

ATL is the renowned industry for lithium-ion batteries all around the globe. It’s a high-tech company that focuses on producing rechargeable lithium-ion batteries of high quality and system integration solutions along with advanced technologies, best services, and great production capabilities.

ATL is contributing its best to connect the world in a better way, enduring it for a longer time, making life easier, and soaring higher by getting associated with the world’s popular branded smartphones, laptops, tablets, robotics, drones, power tool specialist, other smart home technology, and VR/AR pioneers. ATL is based in Hong Kong but it has its operations in states of India such as Haryana.


The production of Lithium-ion batteries in India by Li Energy firm is contributing towards a sustainable future in renewable energy and electric vehicles. The production capacity is approximately 1.2 gigawatts per year. It is known for providing the largest lithium-ion battery facility in India.

The technology employed in this firm is the ‘Prismatic Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery’ which perfectly suits the Indian market because it’s safe, low cost, long-lasting, and has constant thermal management too. It’s a private firm that is located in Tamil Nadu and Chennai.

Manikaran Power Ltd (MPL)

MPL is a provider of prominent energy solutions that is present all over the country. The company has grown up from just being a provider of client power exchange in the year 2008 to being known as the firm with the greatest number of registered clients in the year 2019.

MPL is a leading firm in the market having great knowledge of local markets that have an open-access and regulations and is positioned the best for providing generators, utilities, and eligible C & I consumers, optimal power solutions from a great number of options such as Bilateral, Group captive, Exchanges & also with both the Renewable and conventional power.

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The initiative taken by the technology developers for providing sustainable development to protect the environment is a great step. The initial step for the initiative is taken by producing lithium-ion batteries in India. That’s why it’s important to know the best lithium-ion battery manufacturers in India to know more about their way of thinking about the environment.

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