Get Airtel 3G/4G GPRS Internet And APN Settings (Offline/ Online)

Airtel 3G/4G GPRS Internet And APN Settings

Airtel 3G / 4G GPRS internet setting is very important for any device that is being used with an Airtel sim as this is what allows the user to enable the high-speed internet which they desire to use. After all, high-speed internet is what everyone desires nowadays! GPRS is what configures the internet settings and other network settings with the network operator which is necessary to be able to efficiently communicate with the respective network.

Get Airtel 3G/4G GPRS Internet And APN Settings (Offline/ Online)

How To Get The Airtel GPRS Setting?

In case an Airtel user is having troubles with either their internet /SMS /MMS facilities, the solution to all their problems is a simple one: Request for the Airtel GPRS setting from your network operator. For Airtel, one can go about getting the Airtel GPRS setting one of these two ways, either online or offline.

The Offline Method:  One can easily get the Airtel GPRS setting by simply sending an SMS,” MO” to 54321. This method should be able to solve your problem and is a lot less manual and short process. However, in the rare case that this method does not work for you, there is an alternative method to obtain the Airtel GPRS settings that Airtel provides to its users, online. If you want to try the online method, read on.

The Online Method: If you are reading this then probably the offline method did not work well for you, no need to worry. You can easily get the Airtel GPRS settings online. Just visit the Mobile Internet Settings online in the Airtel webpage and enter your mobile number which is the one you are facing the problem with. This should help you initiate the request for the Airtel GPRS setting.

1) Enter your mobile number
2) An SMS would be sent to your mobile. Save the settings in the message as your default setting.
3) This should help you get the GPRS settings on your phone.

Airtel GPRS Setting Online method
Airtel GPRS Setting Online Method

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Configure Airtel 2G / 3G / 4G APN Settings On Your Mobile Phone

APN is the abbreviation for Access point name. APN is what helps in the configuration of the Internet settings, SMS / MMS and other Airtel facilities. APN settings are configured to browse the internet and either receive or send MMS on your Airtel operator mobile.

1) Go to mobile settings and go to the mobile network.

2) Go to the APN option and opt for creating a new APN.

3) Name the APN as “” for Internet APN settings

Make sure that the APN settings are typed incorrectly and in the correct case i.e. in lower case.

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Eliminate Basic Airtel Internet Problems:

Some settings on the mobile phone need to stay a certain way for the network performance to be top-notch.

High-speed internet is a top priority for a lot of people nowadays, be it students, millennial, working professionals, businessmen or anyone else. Internet could be used for multiple reasons. Some may use it for video streaming while some may use it for their work.
The conclusion that one can without a doubt arrive at is that the internet in our everyday life is indispensable. So, to avoid any unpleasant disconnection of the internet it is worth checking the following:

  • i) Data: The most basic settings that needs to be activated to be able to use the internet on one’s phone is to switch on the mobile data. And to make sure other settings are also activated for more efficiency is the need be. For example, roaming.
  • ii) Network: Make sure your phone settings are set to automatically detect the appropriate network on your device.
  • iii) APN: Use Airtel APN settings if you are an Airtel user.
  • iv) Network speed: Set your device to automatically switch to the fastest network speed whenever it is available.

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