Airtel UC Browser Unlimited Downloading Surfing Tricks

Airtel UC Browser Unlimited Downloading Surfing Tricks

With the help of Airtel UC handler, you can easily access free Internet services provided by Airtel. Well, you can feel lucky if you are an Airtel user since you can now use this trick to use the free Internet and you can use the internet to serve the internet or download for free from the Internet. Now, you must be thinking about what is UC handler and how to use this new technology to use free internet. For the users who are not aware, it is kind of a browser as its name resembles with the most popular UC browser.

Airtel UC Browser Unlimited Downloading Surfing Tricks

Free Internet Trick For Airtel Users

UC browser coded and modified app is UC handler that is used to take advantage of free internet. Users enjoy using UC browsers since it provides free internet for everyone and now it has come up with all new UC handler dedicated only for Airtel users. Some settings are to be updated on the network so that the users can access the internet for free.

After the settings are matched with the network a user can easily access the internet for free and use all apps and browsers that run on the internet. The name Airtel UC handler is given to the service of using free internet as because of the new app has some requirements that are only fulfilled by the airtel network. Moreover, the required settings are also available only for Airtel network.

There are some key points about this trick that should be kept in mind before you get to know more about the trick

  • Since UC handler is used to access free internet the news is not officially announced anywhere.
  • It supports the whole of India and is working fine across all states.
  • The trick is the best alternative to use free internet.

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Things Necessary To Use UC Handler

UC handler has some requirements without which it is quite hard to access free internet.

  • A smartphone
  • Airtel 3G sim without balance.
  • UC Handler.apk file. The file can be downloaded from the internet or can be shared from your friend as well.

If you own an Airtel sim then you are free to access the internet service easily using UC handler. Check a few things before you start using the free internet trick.

  • Confirm that your account balance is nil so that there is no risk of getting the balance deducted unnecessarily.
  • The internet speed is that of a 3G internet, therefore, super-fast internet is not provided.

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Downloading UC handler

Type Airtel UC handler downloads in chrome and downloads the .apk file from various links available on the internet. Only android mobile users will be able to download the .apk file since the app is designed only for android users.

  • After the app is successfully downloaded it will get installed on your mobile device. The UC handler will look the same as UC browser when it is being added to the menu option.
  • Open the app after you spot it in your menu and then you will find a list of options available.
  • Scroll down and there you will find an option that says “No Proxy” and click on the mentioned option.
  • After you click on the option, another list opens with multiple options and from the 2nd list select the option that says “Real Host”.
  • Below option ” Custom Header” you will find the “Proxy Server” option.
  • Then a box appears and you have to enter Buddies, on Proxy Server settings.
  • After this step, you need to save all the settings. Now, you are free to surf free internet.
  • The settings are configured successfully in your browser. Now UC handler will open as a browser and it will look the same as UC browser.

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You have unlocked the Airtel UC handler trick and can enjoy surfing the internet for free. Since the news is not official, it is not known by people, so you must be a little careful while using UC handler in public. Moreover, the speed offered is also less as compared to your usual internet so you will have to be patient while surfing the internet.

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