Airtel Emergency Credit Talktime And Internet Data Loan

Airtel Emergency Credit Talktime And Internet Data Loan

Airtel is one of the leading global telecommunication companies. Currently Airtel is the second biggest telecommunication network after Jio in India.

Any Airtel user who is looking for a USSD code to get talk time loan can simply follow the steps given. Airtel provides loan codes and their service number to receive emergency talk time loan. This service is provided for those emergency circumstances, where a user does not have sufficient talk time balance in their sim card to make a call.

Airtel Emergency Credit Talktime And Internet Data Loan

The Airtel loan code that they have provided can be used to get emergency talk time. This service has been initiated in order to give a better user experience to the customers and serve as a huge help to them in cases of emergency or any urgent needs.

Condition Under Which Loan Service Works

  • The loan service provided by Airtel works only in those cases where the user has zero or low balance. If the Airtel account balance is less than that of Rs. 5, the user can avail the offer of Airtel loan balance service.
  • Only the customers who have a prepaid account and fulfill the following conditions are eligible for the Airtel loan service
  • It is necessary that the user has been using the Airtel network service for at least a period of 90 days.
  • The user should not have any case of pending loan amount which is due.

Procedure For Avail Airtel Credit Loan

There are three ways by which a user can get Airtel credit loan benefits-

  • Airtel app
  • Airtel loan code
  • Airtel loan number

But the customer goes on to avail the benefit of Airtel credit loan, they should know that it is necessary to be using the service for 90 days and should not have any previous outstanding balance.

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1) Airtel Application

  • The user can first download the Airtel Application and login with their number. Next, the loan option is to be selected, through which the user can avail the loan benefits.

2) Airtel Talk time loan number

  • A toll free number is provided by the company. The user can simply dial the toll free number 52141 and follow the steps to receive a talk time loan.

3) Airtel loan USSD code

  • The user can simply dial *141*10# or *141# and proceed according to the options.
Airtel loan USSD code
Airtel loan USSD code

Airtel Internet Data Credit Loan

  • Airtel not only offers talk time loans but also internet data loan. This service by Airtel provides the user with data in situation when the data on the Airtel number has finished. This service of Data credit loan is available only for the Airtel prepaid customers.

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Airtel Internet Data Loan

  • Airtel allows its user to avail up to 80MB 2G data loan or 80MB 3G/4G data loan at a rate of RS. 27. This data has a validity of 2 days which can be used in 2G/3G or even 4G networks.
  • The user can avail the loan service for internet services by dialing *141*567 and select the option, “You want 2G loan or 3G/4G”.

Airtel 3G/4G Internet Data Balance

  • There are few codes to check internet data balance, while using Airtel services. It is important to know the data balance, since the company starts deducting money from the main balance after the internet pack is over.

Process of checking the internet data balance:

By using USSD codes

  • Simply dial *121*51# and then select the option number 4 of balance and validity and then select 1 to check the 2G/3G or 4G data balance.

By the use of Airtel app

  • After downloading the My Airtel app, login and register using your Airtel mobile number. A series of options will be shown to you. You need to first open the Account balance and then proceed to select the option of data balance to check your 2G/3G or 4G data very easily.

By the use of self care services

  • First you need to login into the Airtel self service by entering your mobile number and the OTP sent to your mobile. Once you have logged in, you will be able to see the balance and the remaining data balance of your account.

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