5 Simple Ways To Resolve Minecraft Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset Error

Minecraft Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset

Minecraft is nowadays a name synonymous with gaming in the modern world. Minecraft is an extremely popular sandbox title created by Mojang and is currently owned by Microsoft. The game was released back in 2011 and yet still remains one of the most-played games of all time, ranking number one in the list of the highest-selling games, with Grand Theft Auto V being second on the list. And the reason for this success is apparent, as the gameplay remains as enjoyable and replayable as it was all those years ago with a world full of infinite possibilities to create anything and go anywhere.

5 Simple Ways To Resolve Minecraft Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset Error

This game is accessible on multiple platforms like Nintendo Switch & Modern consoles, named as Xbox Series X (or Series S) and the PS5. But at its inception, the game was available only on PC. Now all platforms are crossplay-compatible with the Minecraft Bedrock edition. But even then, Minecraft Java Edition – the one only available on PC, still remains superior in many ways. That is why many players still prefer the Java Edition which is available only on PC. But no game is without its share of bugs and issues, and the same is true for Minecraft Java Edition. One common error players have reportedly faced is the “Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset” error message being displayed. But do not fret if you are facing this issue, as we will discuss how to fix this in the article below.

But First Know Benefits Of Minecraft Java Edition

As we have mentioned, the Minecraft Java edition is still mostly preferred for PC players who want to experience Minecraft, despite Mojang pushing the Bedrock Edition as the standard Minecraft version. But why is it that the old version still gets so much popularity? We listed a few reasons for you to understand exactly what makes the Java Edition better than the other editions and why players on PC choose to game on it.

  • Modding Community: The modding scene for the Java Edition of Minecraft is large and thriving. Due to the Java Edition’s open design, players may simply create and install mods, which greatly improve gameplay. Mods provide users with the ability to customize their Minecraft experience to their preferences, from enhancing the quality of life to completely overhauling the game. Some of the most well-known Minecraft experiences, including Pixelmon, Optifine, and other adventure maps, were born from this vibrant modding community.
  • Redstone and Command Blocks: Players that are interested in the game’s technical aspects can use the advanced tools in the Java Edition. In Java Edition, Command Blocks and Redstone circuitry are more robust and adaptable, enabling complex automation and devices. Players who appreciate the game’s engineering and automation tasks are likely to find this very appealing.
  • Quickest Updates: Mojang first releases new game features and upgrades for Java Edition. Snapshots are test builds of the game that give Java Edition users early access to impending content. As a result, the Java community can offer insightful feedback and help shape the upgrades’ final iterations.
  • Minecraft Snapshots: As was already mentioned, players can access snapshots, which are preliminary copies of impending updates. Players can use this feature to help the game’s development by reporting bugs, providing suggestions for enhancements, and offering insightful comments.
  • Dedicated Servers: Players can easily set up and join dedicated servers when using Java Edition. Communities can design their own multiplayer worlds using this functionality, generating tight-knit player communities and distinctive gaming experiences. Additionally, it enables server admins to create unique plugins and mods that provide specialized gameplay.
  • Variety of Customisation Options: High levels of customization are available in Java Edition, including the option to design and utilize unique skins for your character. Players can incredibly customize their avatars, exhibiting their uniqueness and inventiveness.

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But no game is without its issues, and Minecraft Java Edition has the common problem of the “Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset” error message which annoys a lot of players. So now let us understand what it is and how to fix it.

What Leads To Java.Net.SocketException Connection Reset Error?

Minecraft is nothing but a virtual playground for players to come and explore and form their own adventures. But for this to function normally, Minecraft servers need to work in tandem with your game client. And when this connection between your game and the servers falters, is when the message “Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset” appears on the screen. Weak internet connections, network configuration problems, out-of-date network drivers, unreliable DNS, and improper DNS settings are just a few of the things that can cause this issue. But do not fear when you get this message on your game, as we will now discuss the multiple methods to solve the issue down below.

Fixing Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset Error Message

There are various ways to fix the problem of the “Internal Exception Java.Net.SocketException Connection Reset” message showing up on your Minecraft screen. Follow the methods we illustrate below to fix your issue:

Method 1: Checking Internet Connection

This is the most obvious step, and thus the first to be covered. The irritable message of “Internal Exception Java.Net.SocketException Connection Reset” could just be due to your network being spotty and unreliable. Try some general internet fixes such as restarting your modem and checking if the issue still persists, before moving to the other methods.

Method 2: Changing DNS Server

Changing your DNS server is a good approach to avoid the “java.net.socketexception” problem. The error frequently results from a connection issue, therefore changing your DNS server can be the answer. This is how you do it:

  • Step 1: Click on the “Start” menu and search for and select the “Control Panel.”
  • Step 2: Locate and click on the “Network and Sharing Center” option.
  • Step 3: Under “Network connection,” select “Properties.”
  • Step 4: Now you have to right tap on the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4).”
  • Step 5: Under it, choose “Use the following IPv6 address.”
  • Step 6: Choose the “Use the following DNS server addresses.”
  • Step 7: For the preferred DNS server, type in “”
  • Step 8: Under the “Alternate DNS server” field, enter “”
  • Step 9: Check the box that says “Validate settings upon exit.”
  • Step 10: Finally, click “OK” to update your DNS settings.

Method 3: Reducing Minecraft Render Distance

It could be that this is not an issue with the network but rather your hardware being unable to keep up with the various things on display in the game. If this is the case, lowering the render distance is a quick and easy fix to the problem. We showcase how to do it below:

  • Step 1: Launch “Minecraft” and open a single-player map.
  • Step 2: Press the “ESC” key on your keyboard and click “Options.”
  • Step 3: Under settings, choose “Video Settings.”
  • Step 4: Now, hover over “Render Distance” and, using the slider, lower it to “8 Chunks” or lower.
  • Step 5: Finally, click “Done” to save your settings.

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Method 4: Renew Your IP Address

Refreshing your system’s IP address can sometimes work wonders in fixing internet connection issues. Follow the steps written below to know how to do it:

  • Step 1: Open your PC’s search window and type “cmd” to find the “Command Prompt” app.
  • Step 2: Then, select “Run as administrator.”
  • Step 3: The command prompt window will open. In it, you need to type these codes in this order (without the quotation marks):
  • Step 4: After running all three commands, close the window and relaunch Minecraft.

Method 5: Try Using VPN

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) can come to your rescue in resolving the “java.net.socketexception” reset error. Your server connection problems may be resolved by using a VPN, which offers a new IP address. You have access to a wide selection of free VPNs through the internet, as well as premium ones on the market. You can install one, restart your machine, and then start Minecraft with the VPN turned on. This should fix all problems with the “Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset” error message.

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Minecraft Java Edition remains a beloved choice for PC gamers, offering a plethora of unique advantages. Its vibrant modding community, advanced Redstone and Command Block mechanics, prompt updates, snapshot testing, dedicated servers, and extensive customization options make it the preferred platform for many players. However, like any game, it’s not immune to occasional issues, such as the frustrating “Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset” error. This error disrupts the seamless connection between the player’s client and the game server, often due to factors like a weak internet connection, network configuration problems, outdated network drivers, unreliable DNS, or incorrect DNS settings. Fortunately, resolving this error is feasible through various methods.

Players can begin by checking and stabilizing their internet connection, a simple yet effective first step. If the issue persists, changing the DNS server can help address the problem. Lowering the Minecraft render distance may also alleviate the error, particularly if hardware limitations are a contributing factor. Additionally, renewing the IP address and trying a VPN can further aid in resolving this connection error. With these troubleshooting methods at your disposal, you can swiftly overcome the “Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset” error and return to your Minecraft adventures without interruption.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can outdated Java software on my computer lead to this error?

Ans: Yes, out-of-date Java software may be a factor in this problem. The stability of Minecraft may benefit from keeping your Java installation up to date because newer versions frequently include bug patches and performance enhancements.

Q) Can server-side issues cause this error on the player’s end?

Ans: Disconnections may occur as a result of server-side problems, however these problems typically present as separate error messages. Error messages like “Internal Exception java.net.SocketException Connection Reset” are frequently caused by difficulties on the player’s end, like network problems or incorrect client-side settings.


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