New iPhone 14 Not Turning On: 4 Amazing Fixes Detailed

New iPhone 14 Not Turning On

The sensation of opening any new Apple product, especially the much-awaited iPhone 14 series, is frequently accompanied by excitement and expectation. Apple has a well-deserved reputation for designing svelte, cutting-edge and easy-to-use gadgets that effortlessly fit into our daily lives. Therefore, it is an absolute thrill to touch one of the newest iPhone models in your hands, such as the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, or iPhone 14 Pro Max. The iPhone has evolved into more than just a smartphone; it now represents sophistication and advanced technology. It is a sought-after device for consumers worldwide thanks to its cutting-edge features, gorgeous design, and potent performance.

New iPhone 14 Not Turning On: 4 Amazing Fixes Detailed

That’s why it can be especially disheartening to encounter an issue where your brand-new iPhone 14 refuses to turn on. But, before taking the next step of reaching out to the retailer or Apple support, it’s essential to explore potential solutions to revive your unresponsive iPhone. After all, the iPhone is not just a device; it’s a part of your daily routine, assisting you in communication, productivity, entertainment, and more. So, when it refuses to wake up, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to potentially bring your iPhone 14 back to life and continue enjoying the seamless Apple experience it offers.

Why Does iPhone 14 Refuse To Turn On?

There could be a variety of reasons as to why your iPhone 14 is not turning on. Even Apple products are not prone to some software glitches or issues, such as when sometimes your Apple ID gets greyed out on their devices. There can be many causes for your iPhone 14’s potential power issues. Although the gadget is generally dependable, difficulties might occur because of software bugs, charging errors, or even physical damage, as we stated before. Let us first explore the reasons below.

  • Software Bugs: There could be some software issue which has led to the iPhone being unresponsive and not turning on.
  • Battery Issue: it could be that you mistakenly did not charge the iPhone correctly, and it is out of charge. Or there could be some trouble with your cable as well.
  • Activation Error: It could be that the phone has somehow been set to be in the wrong time zone or is having trouble activating after turning it on.
  • Manufacturing Fault: The error can be out of the box too, as there could be a manufacturing error in your brand-new iPhone 14, causing the issue.
  • Physical Damage: Either by poor handling, or accidental damage, the phone could have been physically damaged, which is why it is not turning on.

After buying a brand new iPhone 14, this trouble is sure to really irritate and irk people who just wanted their shiny new Apple device to work as intended and avoid any unwanted issues. But instead, they have had an unwanted error and a device which will need to be repaired. If you belong to that group of people, relax, and try to solve the issue with the various methods we have outlined below, through our comprehensive and detailed guide, you are sure to find out some solutions for your brand-new iPhone 14 not turning on.

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Fix 1: Charging iPhone

As mentioned, there could be some issues that could be preventing the iPhone from getting charged. And as the phone was not charging, the device was not actually charged at all. Or there could be some other issues related to charging messing with your iPhone opening up. There are some general tips listed below for fixing the iPhone 14 not charging problem.

  • Spend at least 20 minutes charging your iPhone 14 on your charger.
  • Use only an original Apple charger and cable; other third-party cables might not deliver enough power.
  • Examine the charging port and cable for damage, and if required, clean the contact surfaces.

This will fix issues with charging on your iPhone and thus make it turn on without problems. However, sometimes the problems can be on the software end, rather than with your iPhone not charging. If that is the case, read further.

Fix 2: Solving Software Issues

Software errors and glitches are quite frequent problems that might make your iPhone 14 unresponsive or not turn on. These issues can be caused by a number of things, such as missing software updates, app conflicts, or unforeseen iOS operating system failures

. Thankfully, there are actions you can do to deal with these problems, such as:

Force Restarting iPhone

One of the first things to do when there is a software issue is a force restart. Without wiping your data, this process can assist in resolving minor software-related issues. This is how you do it:

  • Quickly press and hold down the volume down button on your iPhone.
  • Simultaneously press the volume up button.
  • After this, press and hold the side button (or the power button) until you see the Apple logo pop up.
  • You can release the buttons after the logo appears. Your iPhone will restart, causing the functions of your phone to start up again and thus solve the issue with software glitching.

Updating iPhone

If force restarting your iPhone does not work, then sometimes there could be issues with your current version, through some error if your software is old and not up-to-date. Old software can cause some issues, such as the iPhone being stuck on black screen. You can go to your settings app on the iPhone, and then check for software updates. If there are any updates available there, install them and then wait for your iPhone to update. Alternatively, you could also update your iPhone 14 using Finder or iTunes on a computer by following these simple steps:

  • Use a USB cable to link your iPhone to your computer.
  • Open iTunes (on Windows or macOS Mojave and prior) or the Finder (macOS Catalina and after).
  • When your iPhone appears, choose it in Finder or iTunes.
  • Make sure that the “Check for Update” button is clicked.
  • To download and install any available updates, adhere to the on-screen directions.

Doing this will update your iOS software. This is not just helpful for fixing software errors or glitches, but it will also introduce newer features Apple may have got to their latest models to your iPhone 14.

Fix 3: Addressing Wi-Fi Connectivity Problems

Your iPhone 14 might occasionally switch on without a hitch, but it might have trouble being activated for reasons including erratic Wi-Fi connectivity or misconfigured time zones. The steps listed below can usually be used to fix these issues:

  • Ensuring that your Wi-Fi connection is stable. Make sure that your iPhone 14 has connectivity with a good and stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Also make sure that your iPhone 14’s time zone settings are accurate because inaccurate time zone settings have a way of messing up with the connection of your iPhone 14.

Fix 4: Checking Physical Damage

It could be that the worst is true: your iPhone 14 has sustained physical damage and then will have to be fixed through professional means. However, here are some tips to take before you do the needful.

  • If your iPhone is overheating or has fallen recently, you should let it rest.
  • If your iPhone has been somehow exposed to water, you need to thoroughly clean it and dry it with a lint-free cloth.
  • If even after this your device is still facing issues, then you should go for professional help to help fix your iPhone 14 and make it turn on.

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Final Words

Few things in the world of technology can compare to the thrill of opening a brand-new iPhone, particularly the cutting-edge iPhone 14 series. The disappointment brought on by a non-responsive device, though, can be just as severe. The most frequent causes of your iPhone 14 not turning on, including software bugs, charging problems, activation mistakes, production flaws, and physical damage, have all been covered in this article. You might be able to fix your iPhone 14 and resume using it normally by using the suggested troubleshooting methods.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Is using third-party chargers with my iPhone 14 safe?

Ans: Although third-party chargers might function, it’s safer to use authentic Apple cords and chargers to prevent potential charging issues and guarantee the longevity of your iPhone.

Q) What should I do if my iPhone 14 starts up with the Apple logo stuck on?

Ans: Try forcing a restart of your iPhone 14 by following the instructions in the tutorial if it is stuck on the Apple logo. Consider restoring your device with iTunes or Finder if the problem continues.

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