Fix iPhone Not Charging Above 80% With These 8 Easy Solutions

Fix iPhone Not Charging Above 80%

iPhone users are lucky enough to access amazing features such as a stunning front & back camera, instant sound recognition, styling messages in bold, personalising iOS control centre, hiding private apps, photos via the app library, and much more. These features are upgraded with every iPhone launch in addition to new features for making the recent launch unique from its previous models. In the past, it has started implementing the default optimised charging feature in the iOS 13 model & above models, which facilitates slow charging once the iPhone battery reaches 80% to maintain good battery status.

Fix iPhone Not Charging Above 80% With These 8 Easy Solutions

However, many users who have purchased an iPhone under this category have complained that their battery doesn’t charge above 80% even after plugging it in for hours. Though one reason for the iPhone not charging above 80% could be the activation of optimised charging features, many other reasons also lead to this issue. Have a look at the possibilities below:

  • An extremely high-temperature of iPhone
  • Corrupted, defective iPhone USB cable or charger
  • Malicious third-party applications installed on iPhone
  • Hardware or Software issues ( Not upgraded to the latest software )
  • Degraded or Poor Quality Battery Health
  • Faulty iPhone Settings & Dirty Lighting Port

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Important Guidelines To Boost Up iPhone Battery Life

Before knowing how to fix iPhone not charging above 80% issue, it’s highly essential to understand how to improvise iPhone battery longevity. We’re telling this to you because iPhones are pricey, and getting them repaired due to serious technical issues is more expensive. Thus, if you follow some essential guidelines, it will be easier for you to preserve your iPhone & its battery status safe always.

  • Don’t let your iPhone reach 0% battery. Apple suggests that an iPhone battery should always be between 20%-90%
  • Avoid 100% charging or plugging your iPhone into the charger all night
  • Give first preference on purchasing authentic Apple equipment, whether it’s a charger, cable, or AirPods from Apple’s official website or Apple Store
  • While buying an Apple charger, make sure that it’s apple certified & is sealed in a proper packaging box
  • Don’t charge your iPhone in extremely hot regions or under direct sunlight
  • Avoid keeping your iPhone on a hot or watery surface, as it could damage the device
  • Always keep the battery percentage between 50% to 80% & don’t download unauthorised apps

Different Techniques To Fix iPhone Not Charging Above 80% Issue

Deactivate Optimised Charging Mode

Apple uses advanced Machine Learning (ML) technology for assessing the users charging routine depending on which it foresees whether the device will be connected to the charger for a longer period or not. It makes the best use of modern intelligence technology and lowers iPhone’s charging potential once it reaches 80% to prevent battery degradation & increase its shelf life.

However, your iPhone battery might also get stuck to 80% if the ‘Optimised Battery Charging’ feature is on your iPhone. You can turn it off from the Settings menu to start fast charging. Follow the steps mentioned below to switch off this feature:

  • Step 1: Go to the iPhone settings menu
  • Step 2: Search for the ‘Battery’ option & click on it. You’ll see an option of ‘Battery Health’ visible on the screen
  • Step 3: Tap on the Battery Health option
  • Step 4: Lastly, toggle the Optimised Battery Charging to the left & then click on the ‘Turn Off’ option
  • Step 5 (Optional): You can also tap on Turn Off Until Tomorrow option if you want to switch it off for one day, i.e., till 6 am another day
Note: Apple has introduced this feature for a good cause and states that only in emergency conditions should you turn it off; otherwise, always keep it on for decent battery life.

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Cool Down iPhone Temperature

iPhones are mostly considered to be delicate & are allergic to sunlight or high temperature. Keeping your iPhone in areas directly exposed to sunlight might increase its temperature. This could lead to slow charging or no charging. Hence, always charge or keep your iPhone in cool or ventilated areas only.

Another case of inflated temperature could be that you’re continuously using your iPhone while it’s getting charged & also have multiple apps open side by side. This would also result in slow charging, so plug out the charger, keep your device aside and let it cool down for some time. After 10-15 mins, check the ideal temperature; if it’s between 16°C to 22°C, then only plug in the iPhone charger.

Analyse iPhone Battery Health Status

Lithium batteries tend to produce heat, so they get tarnished after a certain timeline. After continuous charging, there’s a chance of reduced battery life span, which ultimately causes the iPhone not charging above 80% issue. Presence of swollen back surface, unusual shutdowns, or rapidly decreasing battery percentage are some prominent indications of a bad iPhone battery. Although, if none of these issues is relatable to your battery, then check the battery health of your iPhone from internal settings by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Step 1: First, open your iPhone Settings & then tap on the Battery option
  • Step 2: Tap on the Battery Health option to review the existing battery power of your iPhone

You’ll see a major decrease in the peak performance capability if the battery life is below 60-70%. Such drastic changes cease the battery holding capacity, due to which it doesn’t go beyond 80% even after you plug in the charger all night.

Check the Authenticity Of the Apple Charger

Switch on to a new iPhone charger to fix iPhone not charging above 80% issue. This works for the maximum users as sometimes the chargers get damaged or broken and hence don’t support charging the iPhone. Another probability could be that if you’re using a faulty cable, the current flow might not reach your device for charging. According to Apple, you should always purchase all the original accessories from the official website and ensure that it’s apple certified. Never buy iPhone charger from local shops or third-party websites as they’re duplicate.

If your USB cable and charger are Apple-certified and you think there’s no problem with it, then the problem might lie in the power socket. Try another socket and check if the iPhone is charging properly or not. If the problem persists, connect the USB cable to the laptop or Mac and then connect the iPhone. The charging will be a little slow, it’ll surely fix the iPhone not charging above 80% problem.

Wipe iPhone Charging Port

If you tried all the methods listed above and none of them worked out for you, then try this one to fix iPhone not charging above 80% technical issue. You need to clean the charging port of your iPhone with a soft white fabric or cotton swab. On cleaning this port, you’ll see that so much dirt is accumulated in such a tiny space. Once you finish cleaning that space, plug in the USB cable and see if there are improvements in the current battery percentage. The results would likely be successful only.

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Discard iPhone Case

Remove the iPhone case so that heat dissipates around the external surface. In iPhones, protective cases prohibit the internal heat generated by the lithium batteries from passing outside, which eventually puts a full stop on iPhone charging. So, whenever you’re charging your device, remove the case and then charge it or use the MagSafe charges suggested by Apple for wireless charging.

Perform Software Update

You should regularly install and update the latest software available of your iPhone for a smoother experience. Not downloading the newly launched software often violates the functionality of your device, due to which the battery always stucks at 80%. Go to Settings> General> Software Update and check for pending software updates. Install if there’s any update available, let your device restart again, connect with the charger & check the battery status after a while.

Visit the Nearest Apple Store

Like all smartphones, iPhones also undergo hardware issues, thus the battery charging potential doesn’t increase above 80%. So if you have tried all the methods listed above and still didn’t find a solution to this problem, search for an Apple centre close to your area & seek help from them. The experts will diagnose your iPhone and will brief you about the reason, which is retaining your battery till 80%. To get it fixed, opt for the solution suggested by them & pay the service charges (if your device is not under warranty).

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Being an iPhone user comes with loads of advantages & disadvantages. This device comes at a high price provides spectacular features but at the cost of handling it with proper care because one single mistake, whether it’s a broken screen, iPhone water damage and, boom you’ve to pay a hefty price to get it fixed from the Apple service centre.

That’s the foremost reason it’s always instructed to charge the iPhone till 80-85% rather than getting it full charge, as it hampers the battery quality and starts diminishing each day slowly, due to which one day your device starts delivering poor performance. To avoid such critical situations, we advise you to opt for optimised charging to use the iPhone for a longer period. However, if there are other reasons, then fix iPhone not charging above 80% issue with the reliable solutions mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can I charge my iPhone 13 throughout the entire night?

Ans: You shouldn’t be charging your phone overnight as it stresses the battery & deteriorates its health which disturbs the functionality of the iPhone. What you can do is plug in the charger and go for a walk or read a book until your iPhone gets charged 80% and then plug out the charger. This is the apt method to prevent overnight charging of your iPhone.

Q) At what battery percentage should I charge my iPhone?

Ans: If your iPhone battery is at 50%, then it’s recommended to connect your device to the charger. Remove the charger immediately once the battery reaches 80% to avoid battery & device overheating.

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