FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’: Actual Meaning & Associated Causes

FedEx Delivery Exception 'future delivery requested'

FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’ is a notification sent to the sender & receiver about their current package in transit. It’s sent because sometimes FedEx fails to deliver the package on the date mentioned. Henceforth, customers are updated, so they don’t stress about their package and its whereabouts.

FedEx Delivery Exception 'future delivery requested': Actual Meaning & Associated Causes

In clear terms, receiving a FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’ means that the parcel delivery has been delayed due to unusual technical or natural circumstances & it’ll take more time to deliver the package. In such conditions, FedEx requests a new delivery date from the customers to deliver the parcel & also apologies for the inconvenience.

Note: FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’ is only a temporary hurdle in the shipment industry

Reasons Which Lead To FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’

  • Terrible Weather Conditions: Rainy weather, heavy snowfall, terrible wind flow, or natural calamities like floods or earthquakes hampers massive livelihood & leads to collateral damage. These natural conditions are the most prominent reason for parcel delays, as carriers get stuck in one place for a long time. The adverse weather conditions act as a barrier for the drivers (trucks) & pilots (in planes) as they face huge difficulties while handling the specific vehicle.
  • Extremely Bad Road Traffic: Truck drivers need to follow a long route to deliver the parcel, which sometimes requires crossing metropolitan areas with huge traffic. The traffic in big cities can range from 1-2 hours or more, leading to shipment delays. Apart from this, FedEx can also ask for another delivery date if the truck gets damaged or the truck driver has met an accident in the middle of the transition.
  • Delay In Custom Clearance: Custom delays are an important process with international packages. All the customs officials follow a certain protocol, after which only the parcel is passed onto the next phase for delivery to the other country. This procedure is quite time-consuming due to which parcel is not delivered on the exact date & time. By the time your package gets green from the custom department, the delivery date goes far behind.
  • Wrong Package Details: If the address provided by the customer is incorrect or incomplete, FedEx may be unable to deliver the package on the expected delivery date. In such cases, the delivery may be delayed, and the customer may request a future delivery date.
  • On Customer Demand: Sometimes, customers may request a change in the delivery date after the package has been shipped. This may be due to a sudden change in personal or professional plans. Once the customer seeks to change the delivery date, they receive the FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’ notification to allocate a new date.
  • Delivery To Government or Private Business: If the package is being delivered to a business, there may be restrictions on when the delivery can be made. For example, if the business is closed on weekends or holidays, the delivery may need to be rescheduled for a future date.
  • Lack Of Signature: If the sender has requested a signature upon delivery and no one is available to sign for the package, FedEx may postpone the delivery and attempt to redeliver on a future date. However, to avoid such problems, customers can use delivery management tools and fix shipment schedules.
  • Remote Area Delivery: Packages that need to be delivered to a remote or hard-to-reach location may face logistical challenges that delay the final shipment from getting delivered to the receiver.
  • Corrupted Package With No Labels: When a package is shipped from one city or country to another, it travels across many vehicles, which sometimes breaks or damages the parcel if not handled with care. Delivery executives often commit this mistake, for which FedEx has to pay the price. The item can also be on halt if the wrong label is applied or if it’s temporarily lost somewhere between the other parcels. Team FedEx works on it and makes suitable arrangements to deliver the parcel on time and in good condition.
  • Sudden Animal Intrusion: FedEx drivers often travel through long & silent highways to deliver the parcel. These areas are home to wild & domestic animals who often wander around at night. On seeing animals, drivers slow down or wait for a while. Once the animals go far away, the driver starts driving again. Though this situation is a rare but on occurrence, drivers miss the parcel delivery deadline when animals interfere in their way.
  • Long Security Check: You can receive the FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’ if your parcel comes from another country during serious circumstances like curfew, lockdown, etc. To avoid unnecessary threats, a security check is performed by the police officials, which is one of the foremost reasons you will receive your parcel late.
  • National, International, or State Holidays: Like everyone, shipping carriers deserve a holiday. They don’t operate on federal holidays leading to the shipment delay. Always fix a delivery date that doesn’t fall on festivals, birth or death anniversaries, etc.

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FedEx Contact Details

If you don’t receive the parcel even on the requested delivery date, then it’s high time to contact the FedEx Customer Support Centre. The customer executives will inform you about the exact delivery exception status. They’ll also update you if you’ll receive the parcel on the given date or if there will be more delay.

There’s also an alternative method to get the latest updates about their consignment & that’s the FedEx Delivery Manager. Using this, you can track your parcel, schedule the delivery on any 60,000+ retail outlet, drop delivery time instructions, etc. This feature helps in avoiding package theft & delivers according to your convenience.

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There’s nothing you can do apart from tracking your parcel & waiting for it if it’s delayed by the FedEx authorities. The ground causes of the FedEx Delivery Exception ‘future delivery requested’ mentioned in this article can happen anytime without any update. Thus, rather than worrying about the parcel, it’s better to connect with customer care, submit the new delivery date on request, and wait for the parcel to arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What should be done if a package has a delivery exception?

Ans: You need to track the package first and connect with the carrier to find the issue which leads to this problem. Upon receiving the information from the carrier, you can decide whether you want a refund or a change in delivery date & time. Lastly, call customer care and tell them about your decision for a quick solution.

Q) Does FedEx provide tracking details?

Ans: FedEx provides real-time tracking details to customers so that they can keep an eye on their package once it has been shipped. You can also get the tracking information by calling FedEx customer service or visiting the FedEx official website if you’ve misplaced it.

Q) Can I get a refund for late delivery from FedEx?

Ans: You can get a refund only if you’re the shipper who has availed this service from FedEx. Your refund request will be applicable only if FedEx had promised you delivery on a specific date but failed to execute it.

Q) Can I pick up my package directly from FedEx?

Ans: You can pick up your package directly from FedEx once you schedule the drop & pick up using the FedEx Delivery Manager. This feature allows the users to track their delivery status & shares plus notifications through text & email. You can also mention delivery instructions for the driver via this free feature FedEx offers.

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