Get Rid Of Critical Threat Message On iPhone With These 3 Methods

Get Rid Of Critical Threat Message On iPhone With These 3 Methods

Sending a message of critical threat on any iPhone is a common scam or a trick played by scammers to steal the private information of the user for conducting any cybercrime. The message of critical threat is designed or formed in such a way that it gives an authentic look to intimidate the user so that they lose all their senses to think rationally.

Get Rid Of Critical Threat Message On iPhone With These 3 Methods

The message of critical threat appears as if the system itself is warning you regarding the presence of any malicious software in your iPhone. You’ll see a cleaning option in the warning message that gives you a choice to clear the threats (non-existent data). If you tap on this option, you’ll be directed toward a phishing page that will automatically start the process of downloading malicious software on your iPhone.

Therefore, never interact with such messages when it pops up on your device. If you are getting such messages and want to get rid of critical threat messages on your iPhone, you need to go through the other sections of this article that will help you out in saving you from any type of scam.

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Theory Behind Critical Threat Message

  • The critical threat messages that you receive on your iPhone are not real. The main objective of such messages is to scare users and make them think that malicious software has infected their device but in reality, the device is all ok.
  • There are no such websites that can help you to know if your device is infected by any malicious software. In addition to this, you’ll be getting the same message as shown to other users when they browse such websites.
  • Unfortunately, scammers never fail in their mission of spreading malicious software in the devices of numerous iPhone users to steal their personal information and use it for any illegal purpose. The users think such messages are for real and they download useless apps or software that does not help them anyway, instead, show them ads.
  • Therefore, if you want to get rid of critical threat messages on the iPhone, simply close the tab or the internet browser if you aren’t able to close the tab.
    To do this, simply double-tap on the home button of your device and swipe away from the opened web browser. Then you can reopen the browser.
Note: If you are still facing a problem, put your device in airplane mode before you open the web browser to avoid loading the earlier web page. Afterwards, you can close the previous tab. After closing the tab, the critical threat message won’t appear again. Your device is not infected by any malicious software and you do not have to perform any type of scans or visit the Apple store to get tech support. You have fixed the problem yourself.

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Methods To Get Rid Of Critical Threat Message On iPhone

Receiving any malicious software on an iPhone is rare. Nevertheless, you should perform a few things to be on the safer side.

Method 1: Update iOS Frequently

The first and the most important thing to keep your iPhone safe and secure is to update the iOS as soon as you see a new firmware is available. Apple always tries its level best to maintain the security of the device by patching up the security loopholes to avoid making your iPhone vulnerable. It quickly fixes the problem as soon as they detect a single threat. That’s why it is suggested to update the iOS so that Apple can fix the security loopholes.

For updating your device:

  • Step 1: Direct towards the ‘Settings’ of your device and tap your finger on the option of ‘Security’.
  • Step 2: You’ll see an option of ‘Software Update’. Select it to update the iOS.

Method 2: Prevent Sideloading Applications

Are you aware of the fact that you can download applications that are not available in the App Store? This procedure is termed Sideloading. It keeps the iPhone at risk more than downloading any application from the App Store. It’s because Apple first approves the app by checking its safety and then makes it available in the App Store. The process of Sideloading makes it possible for the user to download and install Apps that are not available in the App Store. That’s why it is suggested to avoid risk by preventing Sideloading applications.

Method 3: Don’t Fall Prey To Scams

You need to be well aware of the scams such as critical threat messages that we have discussed in the previous sections of the article. Such scams try to install malicious software either to show numerous ads or steal your data. Prefer using the official version of the applications and make sure your iPhone is secure. Therefore, you don’t need to take any action if you see a critical threat message.

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Getting rid of critical threat messages on the iPhone is an easy task because the message of critical threats is entirely fake. After you close the message, it should not annoy you further and keep your worries away that your device has been infected by malicious software.

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