Is Breaking The Backboard A Technical Foul?

Is Breaking The Backboard A Technical Foul

Yes, if the player breaks the backboard, it is considered to be a foul and therefore many players try to avoid consuming extra pressure on the backboard. This foul is termed a ‘Non-unsportsmanlike technical foul’. If a player commits this foul, it won’t affect him or his team adversely and this is the reason why players aren’t much concerned about this foul.

Is Breaking The Backboard A Technical Foul?

After the match, the player who committed the foul has to pay a fine. This fine will not be enforced on every player but on those only who intentionally used enough force to destruct the backboard. Other players can go freely without spending a single penny. 

This foul can turn out to be an advantage for the opposite team because they get the occupancy. This can put the team into trouble because losing the occupancy can make enormous conflicts for any team.

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