The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions Error: 6 Causes & Practical Fixes

The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions

Smartphones have become an integral part of people in the 21st generation. The advancement of numerous high-tech models in the Android & iOS category makes users instantly switch to a new device after its release. An individual uses their phone for different purposes such as voice & video calling, texting, editing pictures, using social media applications like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, making digital payments, etc. Although there are various reasons to have a good smartphone, what’s important is that you’re able to use it without any technical issues. But sometimes there’s a major issue in calling and users tend to face the number you have dialed has calling restrictions error which prohibits them from connecting with anyone over the call.

The Number You Have Dialed Has Calling Restrictions Error: 6 Causes & Practical Fixes

This problematic error is faced mainly by Verizon users who have tried to make local or international calls. Chances are that you might have heard or can hear in the future the number you have dialed has calling restrictions error due to network congestion or some other reasons. To avoid this error message, you can follow the guidelines mentioned in this article, and we guarantee that you won’t face this issue ever again. Do read all the causes and implement the solutions accordingly for effective results.

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Calling Wrong Number

Anyone can make the mistake of dialing a wrong number in a hurry, even if the other person has spelled it correctly. Generally, dialing the wrong number makes you encounter the number you have dialed has calling restriction error. The simplest fix is to reconfirm the number twice and dial it again with the right area code. If you dial the correct number, you won’t hear this error message on the Verizon network. If the issue is unresolved despite dialing the right number, move on with the other suggestions mentioned below.

Note: Save all the emergency contacts in the Phonebook

Invalid Region Code

All areas have unique codes, so you’ll continue receiving this stressful error even if you’ve dialed the exact number but haven’t entered the right code. Google the right area code from a verified source and then dial the number again. Before making the final call, always check the prefix because smartphones majorly tend to add the wrong code automatically.

Activated Calling Restrictions

Don’t panic if the above methods are ineffective; instead check if you have enabled calling restrictions for that number on your device. It’s a generic feature available in all smartphones where users can restrict certain numbers for outgoing calls. You might have accidentally turned on this feature and forgot to turn it off; disabling it will resolve this issue quickly.

If still the number you have dialed has calling restrictions error occurs, then the person with whom you’re trying to connect must have enabled the calling restriction on their device. This unwanted error can also arise if you don’t have the suitable plan required to connect with that number.

There are many businesses & individuals which use exclusive numbers that require additional recharge plans hence get in touch with Verizon Customer Service at 1-800 Verizon (1-800-837-4966) & ask them whether your plan is eligible to make that call or if you should switch to another plan.

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Unpaid Mobile Phone Bills

You can use a credit card even if you pay the bill late, but that’s not the scenario with phone bills. Paying phone bills on time is pivotal so that all the network services run consistently on your device. Most of the network operators send the bill to your home or email address with all the relevant details so that you timely make the bill payment.

However, if you miss the payment deadline, all the connectivity facilities are disconnected from your device. So, if you’re trying to call someone with no active recharge plan, you’ll most likely face the number you have dialed has calling restrictions error. Although, there’s another probability of this error where the person on the other side might not have paid their mobile bill, due to which you’re coming across this issue.

Note: Always pay your bills before the last date to avoid such issues.

Significant Network Errors

Every time the number is not wrong, as sometimes signals are extremely bad due to technical issues (server outage) or unfortunate weather conditions. Your luck doesn’t favour you if you have poor network signals or are out of the strong network zone. You can opt for a phone reboot or factory reset to restore the default network settings on your phone. In addition, enable the auto-selection feature for automatically connecting to the potential network operator.

Unavailability Of Roaming Plans On Current Pack

Your current recharge plan on Verizon will not connect you with the premium overseas number if you don’t have a roaming pack activated on your number. Once you recharge with the appropriate roaming plan & then call the person, you’ll not stumble upon this issue.

Contact Verizon Customer Service

We’ve already stated that the number you have dialed has calling restrictions error is more incessant on Verizon networks. If you’re a Verizon user and repeatedly hear this message while dialing multiple numbers, seek assistance from the Verizon Customer Care Executives via call or email if the above measures don’t work out for you. The support team will assess the root cause of this problem and will provide you with reliable fixes. In 95% of the cases, the ultimate solution they offer pulls users out of this problem.

Troubleshooting Method For Verizon Landline Users

Some of the landline users also bump into this error which stresses them out if they need to connect with someone for a serious concern. In such cases, Verizon Service Centre assists with the best solutions; however before seeking help from them prefer solving it yourself. What you can do is try calling various numbers & see if you’re getting similar messages repetitively.

Furthermore, If the issue is consecutively taking place only on one particular number then that person has restricted or blocked you. Landline users also face this issue if they have been blacklisted by many numbers. Under such conditions it takes approximately 24 hours for getting the Verizon services back to normal.

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The error the number you have dialled has calling restriction can happen on any device once in a while. Hence, as a modern smartphone user, one should always be aware of the solutions to fix it in no time. Though technical reasons are the root cause of this error message but sometimes the mistake is from the users end too. So always check the number twice before you dial it & then only make the final call. Also, let us know if you have any more relevant queries about this topic, and we’ll drop the answers in the comments section soon.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) How to differentiate between call restriction & call barring?

Ans: You can block incoming calls with the call-barring feature, whereas call restriction is applicable if you want to implement outgoing calling restrictions on specific numbers. There’s no limit; you can put as many numbers as you want.

Q) Are there any other methods to stop the number you have dialed has calling restriction error?

Ans: Restarting the phone, and cleaning the sim card tray are other proven methods that can help you eliminate this issue. If you want an instant fix, then these solutions might work out.

Q) Can we remove call-barring restrictions?

Ans: Dial #33* <4-digit pin> # on your device and & next click on the calling key, after which the call barring feature will get removed.

Q) How to use Verizon Sim Card in India?

Ans: To use Verizon Sim in India, activate international roaming & purchase a new prepaid sim card rather than using a foreign sim card.

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