Protecting Your PDF With A Safe Password

Protecting Your PDF With A Safe Password Using

Since this is considered the world of technology, almost all things are being done online. And because of that, it can’t be helped that many people would take advantage of it by looking into your personal information and hacking into them to sell or use it in the wrong way. That is why it is essential to keep all of them safe.

Protecting Your PDF With A Safe Password

What better way to do so you would keep them safe than to protect all your information and PDF documents with a secure password. And there are no doubts that it could be hard to do. That is why there is a specific website that will assist you and help you do all those things within a matter of minutes. That site is PDFBear.

Things To Remember When Protecting Your PDF

To protect PDF, you would only need to follow these four simple steps. But before doing that, there are a few things that you need to remember and to have. These are the so-called requirements. They are indeed essential to have, but you don’t need to worry. These things are not that hard to obtain. You might already have them with you right now.

The first requirement that you need to have is your personal computers or your device, where you will need to get and download all the files that need to be protected. And the next one is a stable internet connection. This is important because this will be the one who will determine how fast the process would be and how long you need to stay on the site.

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4 Steps To Protect Your PDF Files

As stated above, you only need to remember four steps to proceed. Don’t worry. It would not be as hard as you imagined it to be. It would only require a few clicks and a few minutes then you would be good to go. After that, you would be able to proceed in your day-to-day lives and won’t need to think about having your files hacked in any way.

Step 1

Now that you know all the things to do before proceeding, you can now start the process of putting a safe and secure password into all your PDF documents. And the first thing that you need to do is get all the files from your devices or personal computers then upload them on the site. If you are having trouble doing that, there is a much simpler way.

The way that is being discussed here is to have your documents ready, drag them using your mouse, and drop them on the website’s space. Once you have dropped them, the system will read and acknowledge the upload as soon as possible.

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Step 2

Once you have uploaded or dragged and dropped all the PDF files that need to be protected, you can proceed to the second step, adding the password or encryption code that you would like to add. Don’t worry. It will not be saved automatically, so you can put in any password that you would like. This would only take a few minutes.

Also, be sure that the password you will put in is private and secure and that there are no other people who know them. It could be anything you like. But just a tip, you should add one capital letter, one number, and one special letter in it so that it would be a strong password, and you would not need to retype and think of a different one.

Step 3

Once you have already added the password and the website has already acknowledged it as a strong password, you can now proceed to the third step, click “Encrypt PDF.” Once you have already connected that, please wait for a few minutes for the process to be done. After that, you would be notified so that you can proceed to the final step.

Step 4

Since you are now in the fourth and final step, everything should have been processed already. In that case, the only thing left for you to do is download all those documents into your devices and personal computers. Then, you would be good to go!


Those are all the steps that you need to keep in mind. So that whenever you need their help again, they would not spend more time teaching you what to do. And oh, PDFBear still has tons of other tools that you can use whenever you have any trouble with any of your PDF files.

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