Quick Ride Is Making Your Ride Safe In Coronavirus Pandemic: here’s how

Quick Ride Making Your Ride Safe In Coronavirus

Since the past few years as technology has upgraded it’s scale there has been a huge rise in the development of carpooling apps in India.

Quick Ride Is Making Your Ride Safe In Coronavirus Pandemic: here’s how

From an alternative possibility carpooling helps in reducing the traffic congestion and pollution and safeguards the environment. One such prominent carpooling app which has emerged in the modern times is Quick Ride.

Quick Ride follows certain parameters to ensure the safety of its users, even in the coronavirus pandemic it has some innovative solutions to help make a Quick Ride safer and easier.

Guidelines For Each Carpool

  • To implement social distancing, it is recommended only to share 1-2 seats in each car.
  • You have to complete a self-risk assessment before using this app.
  • As a user you have to restrict your carpool with known and verified professionals, mainly from society or company.
  • Avoid commuting when you are under the weather.
  • You have to wear a mask during Commuting and Carpooling.
  • Quick Ride has also recommended using Aarogya Setu and follow all other measures requested by the Central & State government.
Quick Ride safer and easier
Quick Ride Safer And Easier

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Quick Ride was started in the year 2015 to create a convenient mode of transport for the office workers. At the initial stage of development Quick Ride mainly focused on creating awareness amongst the people. This was done in order to make them assure that they can opt for carpooling using Quick Ride and it’s totally safe. Quick Ride further demonstrated that each and every user on their app is verified at the initial stage of the registration process.

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