Zoom Tops App Downloaded Worldwide For April- TikTok 2nd, Aarogya Setu 7th

Top Apps Worldwide For April

Due to the implementation of lockdown people are asked to work from home and colleges are asked to teach students online using the digital platforms. The app which witnessed huge revenue growth is Zoom for the purpose of video calling and conferencing. Zoom witnessed around 131 million downloads in April 2020, a 60x growth from April 2019 which is remarkable. Also according to the research, it was stated that India had the highest number of Zoom app downloads with 18.2 percent. Apart from Zoom other video conferencing apps downloaded in April 2020 are Google Meet and Microsoft Team which have also gained a huge amount of registered users.

Zoom Tops App Downloaded Worldwide For April- TikTok 2nd, Aarogya Setu 7th

TikTok the king of ultimate social media app has witnessed 107 million downloads in April 2020, a 2.5x increase from April 2019 on play store and has secured the top ranking as one of the most popular apps. Further reports stated that India witnessed the highest amount of TikTok downloads, i.e, 22 percent, and the U.S ranked second with 9.4 percent of downloads.

Apart from these other apps which have made it in the emerging list are Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook after Zoom, and TikTok in the month of April 2020. The concept of digitalized technology has improvised and play store has witnessed huge downloads of various applications. Although Instagram was popular but during lockdown people have started to use it more which lead to an increment in its popularity and it gained more users who downloaded this app from the play store.

Top Apps Worldwide April 2020
Top Apps Worldwide April 2020 (Data Source: Sensortower)

NITI Aayog’s app Aarogya Setu which is spreading awareness about COVID-19  has emerged in the list of top 10 downloaded apps on play store. This app dethroned other apps and secured 5th position in the list with approximately over 50 million downloads on Google Play Store, overall it’s rank 7th position with approx 90 million downloads,  The main reason why Aarogya Setu grasped such a speedy growth is because it provides vital information about COVID-19 and also traces down the suspected people suffering from COVID-19.

Some of the famous digital payment apps such as Google Pay and Phone Pe also saw a huge amount of growth in the month of February which was around 83.6% and 99.3% in February which got doubled in percentage in the month of March.

According to sources Netflix also has made it into the list of top 10 apps. Although Aarogya Setu dethroned Netflix from the 5th position but still it’s ranking on the number 9 position of the most downloaded apps with approximately more than 500 million downloads in April 2020. Along with Netflix, there’s another platform that witnessed a huge amount of downloading applications in the first quarter of 2020 and that’s iPad and it experienced a profit of around $2 Billion.

At the end, it’s seen that the number of users for every app has increased as people are bound to use the digital platform for work, study or any other purpose. The world is also expecting a huge increment in the digital pace.

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