Signo: Commercial Driver-Sourcing Enterprise For Blue Collar Workers


Signo is an AI technology-based driver-sourcing e-commerce enterprise which helps medium and large-scale enterprises that seek to hire blue-collar workers like drivers, bikers, security guards, and laborers in the construction industry. It establishes an astounding goal to address the fundamental issue faced by the Indian Blue Collar Industry whilst creating a robust profitable enterprise.

Signo: Commercial Driver-Sourcing Enterprise For Blue Collar Workers

To ease the load of the job seekers, Signo’s founders launched this platform on October 2019. It offers dependable drivers with at least 17 years of expertise to offer customer services in the local & national regions. In this article, we are also going to describe the founder’s vision, business framework, and it’s  services in a detailed manner.

Signo Founder’s Core Vision

Signo created an AI-based vernacular voice call bot, which is 100x faster than the standard approach at streamlining sourcing, briefing, filtering, and recruiting with digital KYC. Its traditional AI bot connects former service members who are truck drivers to fleet owners using AI and NLP approaches. With a vernacular intelligent voice call bot and a three-minute digital KYC and compliance process for business owners, Signo aims to provide jobs to the blue-collar category in 60 seconds.

Signo has a strong vision & works round the clock to make job-seeking easier for drivers. The issue of a lack of drivers is not specific to the Indian subcontinent but is rather a worldwide issue. The company believes that the only way the sector can change the demand-supply dynamics is through the empowerment of the drivers. As a result, Signo is actively working to improve the driver’s environment, including on-time payments, adequate soft skills and technical training to keep up with changing trucks, health checks, worker compensation, insurance, and even a perfectly planned leave schedule of the drivers.

The company’s founders Mukesh Suresh Deogune ( Co-Founder & CTO) and Piyush Chaturvedi (Co-Founder & Director), are experts in their respective fields who are aware of what they are striving for and offering with efficiency. Signo’s concept is the belief of its founders, it is their determination, and management which resulted in the rapid growth of the startup.

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Signo: Growth & Expansion

There have been no financing rounds for Signo yet it has proved its capability by generating a business of INR 4+ Cr. In the driver-providing sector, Signo has become a potent brand, offering its clients integrated driver solutions. In today’s scenario, Signo has more than 5000 drivers stationed & is currently accomplishing more than 25 active projects. In addition, Signo also has an immense 50M+ of KM driving experience and is saving 25% more on expenses. JUBILANT FOODWORKS, ADANI, RIMJHIM, DHL SMART TRUCKING, UPSRTC, and BLUE DART are some of the renowned names to which Signo has provided its valuable services.

Services Offered By Signo

  • Truck Drivers: Signo provides highly experienced and digitally authenticated drivers. Fleet owners can hire truck drivers from Signo on a monthly or as-needed basis.
  • Driver Development and Training: By assisting drivers in enhancing their abilities and knowledge, Signo helps them become more equipped to meet the demands of their jobs.
  • Driver Management: Signo offers planning, delivery, and compliance support as the main segment of the driver management center’s suite of services to help businesses manage their commercial drivers more efficiently.

Signo Business Framework

In the B2B market segments for transportation and logistics technology, Signo provides services. Transport and Logistics Tech are asserted as Signo’s main business model. The founders of Signo went on to establish SAAS, a Client Dashboard product that aids in Blue Collar Hiring’s entire sourcing process quickly and efficiently. The SAAS platform was developed to help users improve their sourcing strategies and includes the following features: full digital/video KYC, direct offer letter sharing from the portal, tracking of candidate mobile numbers based on SIM locations, Application Tracking System, assign supervisor calling, and an AI-driven CV builder.

The company gives its drivers the tools they need to see themselves as its employees and to align their objectives and behavior in the long run for the company’s advantage. Each driver goes through several training sessions and checks. They are also highly trained and tech-savvy, streamlining the logistical process. With well-trained and years of experience, Signo’s drivers may save more than 25% in costs because of the driver’s increased fuel efficiency of over 10% to 15% and their 99.9% on-time delivery rate. The lack of a dedicated platform for business owners to find a dependable and trustworthy blue-collar service was a drawback, but Signo overcame it by removing those barriers, enabling an industrialist or dealers to hire blue-collar workers from wherever they choose. Signo is beginning to move towards its ultimate goal of becoming the green channel for drivers to choose to travel everywhere in the world with increasing dependability on its technology and management strategy.

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Signo is a commercialized platform for driver management that offers its customers drivers as a service. Through a dependable Vernacular bot, Signo simplifies human resources for business industries. The only integrated driver service providers, offering their customers more than simply staffing services, offer a range of services including temporary staffing, payroll management, registering & onboarding, duty rostering, value-added services, and caretaking services. Its future plan is to develop software that will be used as a trained and dependable blue-collar service for business owners, together with efficient sourcing and classification. Additionally, it will direct and allocate work for blue-collar job searchers based on their interests and qualifications in just less than 60 seconds.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Do the Signo drivers undergo any background verification before being hired?

Ans: Yes, Signo verifies the backgrounds of all ex-servicemen. The Indian Army is responsible for all ex-servicemen, as pensioners; if they engage in improper behavior, they risk losing their benefits.

Q) Do Signo drivers have adequate knowledge of routes for movement across India?

Ans: The PAN India routes are familiar to Signo drivers as they are ex-servicemen. Additionally, drivers have at least 17 years of experience operating heavy trucks.

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