TeaFit: Sugar-Free Beverages Launched By Jyoti Bharadwaj

TeaFit - Sugar-Free Beverages

TeaFit is a bootstrapped B2B business model headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This business entity was introduced by Jyoti Bharadwaj (Ex-alumni of Indian Business School ) in 2021. She started TeaFit with a promising vision of delivering sugar & chemical-free beverages to the consumers. All the ingredients used to make TeaFit drinks & premixes are solely extracted from natural sources and are considered highly nutritious for the human body. Jyoti states that TeaFit beverages blend extremely well with modern taste buds and transform the ongoing routine of individuals.

TeaFit: Sugar-Free Beverages Launched By Jyoti Bharadwaj

Short Snippet: TeaFit Products & Growth

TeaFit makes the best use of the original brewed grains & teas along with a blended mixture of 15 handpicked ayurvedic herbs for manufacturing their products. The sugar proportion ranges 0% in each 300 ml beverage & same is the calorie intake. All the beverages are filled with fresh ingredients & are currently available in 3 amazing flavors, i.e., Black Tea, Barley Tea, and Green Tea. Talking about TeaFit customer’s bandwidth, they have delivered products worth Rs 15 lakhs to more than 20,000 customers in India through both the online and offline channels & have made a profit of Rs 78,000 in FY2022. Have a look at their hero products below:

Instant PremixesIngredients Price
Ginger Tea Premix UnsweetenedGinger & Milk PowderRs 299
Cardamom Tea Premix UnsweetenedCardamom & Milk PowderRs 299
Indian Spiced Tea PremixCardamom, Cinnamon, Anise Star, Clove & Black PepperRs 299
Lemongrass Tea PremixLemongrassRs 299
Trial PacksSizePrice
Assorted Premix Trial Pack12 Sachets – 3 sachets of each instant premixRs 299
TeaFit Explore Pack All in One 300 mlCombo packs of 3,6,12,18 & 30Price depends on size & quantity of trial packs customer purchases
Tea BeveragesIngredientsBenefits
TeaFit Glow – Tango Tasty Barley Tea Dalchini, Maricha, Mulethi, Alma, Gokshar, Noni, Moringa, Ashwagandha, Tulsi, Kumari, Bhui Amla, Haridra, Khadeer, Anantamula, and AlfalfaIt improvises blood circulation, internal digestion and promotes skin & hair growth
TeaFit Lean – Peach Ginger Green TeaNigella, Moringa, Turmeric, Licorice, Amla & Cinnamon & 9 additional herbsIt helps in losing weight and boosts metabolism
TeaFit Bounce – Lemon Grass Black Assam TeaTulsi, Amla, Liquorice, Kapikacchu, Shankhpushpi, Brahmi, Dalchini, Maricha, and VidarikhandImproves brain functionality & memory. It acts as a stress reliever & elevates immunity level
How Sweet Is Your Drink Compared To Teafit
How Sweet Is Your Drink Compared To TeaFit

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TeaFit Shark Tank India Journey

Jyoti Bharadwaj accompanied her two young kids, aged 8 and 9, on Shark Tank India Season 2. During her pitch, she told the sharks that her kids have been an integral part of her entrepreneurship journey and know inside out about TeaFit. She left all the sharks impressed with her pitch and eventually bagged the deal worth Rs 50 lakhs at 8% equity from four judges, i.e., Anupam Mittal, Peyush Bansal, Vineeta Singh, and Aman Gupta. However, the funding round discussion was not so smooth for Jyoti & included multiple counter offers from the judges. Jyoti initially asked for Rs 50 lakhs for 3% equity which eventually valued her company at Rs 16.67 Cr. She also stated that TeaFit had received a TermSheet of Rs 1 Crore from companies, making her startup value Rs 20 Crore in convertible notes.

All sharks were impressed with TeaFit, and its products but had different offers for Jyoti. The first offer was jointly made by Vineeta Singh (Co-Founder of Sugar Cosmetics) & Anupam Mittal (Founder – Shaadi.com) of Rs 50 lakhs for 25% equity, after which TeaFit would be valued at Rs 2 Cr. Peyush Bansal (Co-Founder Lenskart) made the second offer of Rs 50 lakhs for Rs 20% equity, increasing TeaFit’s value up to 2.5 Cr.

Ultimately, the last offer was made by Aman Gupta (Co-Founder Boat), who was highly impressed by TeaFit beverages despite being a big fan of sugar drinks. He quoted an offer of Rs 50 lakhs for 10% equity which was huge and raised the company’s valuation to Rs 5 Cr, double what it was so far. However, Peyush, Vineeta and Anupam immediately came up with a response and said that they were willing to match Aman’s offer. In the end, the final settlement between Jyoti and the four judges was done on Rs 50 lakhs for 8% equity, raising the startup value to Rs 6.25 Cr.

TeaFit Beverage Cost (Per Bottle)

While pitching on Shark Tank India Season 2, Jyoti proved that she knows her product thoroughly, from research to the production department. Here’s how she broke down the cost of one TeaFit beverage to the sharks.

  • Bottle – 5 Rs
  • Bottle Cap – 0.5 Paise
  • Sleeve – 2 Rs
  • Ayurvedic Herbs – 5 Rs
  • German Technology ( To maintain the cooling temperature ) – 2 Rs
  • Tea Leaves – 2 Rs
  • Filling – 6 Rs
  • Packaging Box – 2 Rs
  • Logistics – 2 Rs
  • Additional Charges – 3.5 Rs

TeaFit First Funding & Partnership With Amazon

Jyoti’s both parents were diabetic & she had always refrained from sugar products since her childhood days. She also confirmed that she gives very less sugar to her kids due to which they don’t get moody and exhibit an active metabolism. Her idea of launching TeaFit struck her mind while working at a startup UrbanFresh, right after completing her MBA. She explored the market and understood that there was a lack of nutritious beverages with zero sugar or calorie intake and hence decided to produce such healthy beverages.

As stated above, it’s a bootstrapped company with a strong financial background. Jyoti’s mother-in-law Dr. Urmila Pandey was the first to invest in TeaFit. She invested Rs 10 lakh and supported Jyoti throughout her TeaFit entrepreneurship journey. After tremendous hard work, sample checking, and packaging, the first batch of TeaFit beverages was ringed into the market in March 2021. However, things didn’t seem so easy for TeaFit, and before they could increase their business and reach more customers, Indian government imposed a second lockdown in India.

This was when Jyoti collaborated with Amazon to reach more customers in the market. TeaFit accelerated its business and started its production once again with immense enthusiasm. They started receiving multiple orders on Amazon and delivered their products to customers living in different corners of India. Amazon was a ray of hope for TeaFit and helped them boost its business revenue during the global pandemic.

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Future Plans

TeaFit Team is working on launching more flavors soon for their beloved customers so that multiple variations are available for everyone on the table. In an interview with Storyboard 18, Jyoti asserted that the firm is also willing to expand its distribution while searching for alternative export routes in the upcoming phases of the business. Above all, the main goal of TeaFit’s founder is to escalate the brand sustainability and win the trust of customers all across the world.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Where can I buy TeaFit’s products from?

Ans:  TeaFit products are available on Amazon, Flipkart, BlinkIt, CRED, Nature’s Basket, Spencer’s, Wellness Forever, and its official website.

Q) Can a diabetic patient consume TeaFit drinks?

Ans: Yes, TeaFit drinks are absolutely safe for diabetic patients, as it has zero sugar and no added chemical preservatives. It’s made with naturally sourced Ayurvedic ingredients and is 100% healthy for consumption.

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