Sugar Watchers: New Age Diabetic Friendly Products

Sugar Watchers

Sugar Watchers, a staple food chain of 100% natural, clinically-tested low GI meals, was created in 2018.  It aims to provide Low GI foods that have been thoroughly researched, tested in science, and supported by a patent to stop the rise of diabetes across India. Sugar Watchers is a business owned and run by Good Brands for a Healthy Life Pvt. Ltd. Currently; they deliver various products across PAN India. The company’s solutions help consumers control their blood sugar levels and lessen insulin resistance by lowering bad cholesterol, managing sugar, and managing their weight. In this article, Sugar Watchers-its vision, founders, business framework, and products are delineated for your better understanding & reference.

Sugar Watchers: New Age Diabetic Friendly Products

Sugar Watchers Core Team & Vision

The diabetic capital of the world is referred to as India. The idea to change this was sparked by a personal experience after the diabetes diagnosis of one of the founder’s mothers. After a thorough investigation, it was discovered that Indian cuisine was one of the main causes of diabetes. Hence, Sugar Watchers, a fast-moving consumer goods company, was launched to tackle the problem of rising diabetes rates by introducing a variety of low Gl foods.

Chairman, Founder & Co-Founder Of Sugar Watchers

  • Arvind Sharma (Chairman)- Expert in branding, marketing, and relationships, previously served as Chairman & CEO of Leo Burnett South Asia and was a former member of the company’s Global Leadership Council. He has a long history of working with numerous food companies, including Coca-Cola, Complan, Glucon-D, and Thumbs Up, to mention a few. He has done MBA from IIMA.
  • Treman Singh Ahluwalia (Founder & MD)- He has over 31 years of experience in the FMCG, financial, and pharmaceutical industries, introduced Real Fruit Juice and assisted in its ascent to the top of the Indian market. He has held positions in Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance, Mother’s Recipe, Dabur and others. He graduated from Pune University with an MBA.
  • Karan Jain (Co-Founder) – Karan oversaw strategy and commercial development at his family-run company, Studio Syaak’s. He works as an investment banker for UBS and has a bachelor’s degree from SRCC and an MBA from the Indian School of Business,
  • Ananya Raniwala (Co-Founder)- He was the Director of Strategy and Business Development at Mahavir Steel Industries and also worked as an analyst in Mumbai office of Citi Group’s investment banking division. He graduated from Warwick Business School with an MSc in Business Analytics and holds an MBA from ISB.

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Sugar Watchers Business Growth & Achievements

  • Supported by Experts Luke Coutinho, Suman Agarwal, and Anupama Menon, to name a few nutritionists and dieticians, have all tried and endorsed Sugar Watchers products.
  • Sugar Watchers has been recognized as The Economic Times Promising Brands 2019, Amazon Launchpad, and Agnii Igniting Ideas
  • Sugar Watchers are endorsed by the World’s Leading Health Publications Glycemic Index Foundation, American Diabetes Association, Diabetes Canada, and Harvard Health Publications
  • Sugar Watchers has patented a proprietary rice washing and steaming method developed by Sugar Watchers to lower the Glycemic Index of its rice.

Sugar Watchers Champion Products

The key contributing factor to Type 2 diabetes is a high glycemic index diet, according to research from globally renowned medical institutions, including the American Diabetes Association and Harvard Medical Institute. Products from Sugar Watchers are natural, clinically proven to be Low GIycemic Index, taste like everyday foods, and have been approved by nutritionists. These products are beneficial for losing weight and maintaining heart health, apart from controlling blood sugar levels.

Sugar Watchers products are sugar-free with a low glycemic index, including standard items and well-liked snacks made of different ingredients. They have also introduced a range of products for diabetes, PCOS, weight management, and general health. Some famous products include low-GI rice, low-GI atta, low-GI noodles, millet idli mix, millet dosa mix, millet khichdi mix, baked chips, etc.

Business Model & Investors

Sugar Watchers follows B2C model, this marketing model describes the practice of companies selling goods and services directly to customers without a middleman. Sugar Watchers products are available on Amazon, Flipkart, JioMart Beta, BigBasket & it’s official website. Talking about Sugar Watchers investors well, AngelBay, Mumbai Angels (Angel Investing Group), Finshashtra & Faad Network Private Limited are some of the prominent investors of this food venture.

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SWOT Analysis Of Sugar Watchers

StrengthsWell-established online presence with a user-friendly website
Foods with a low GI help lower harmful cholesterol or (LDL).
Use organic, non-GMO ingredients in all of our goods.
WeaknessesLimited range of products, which may limit their potential customer base
Operates in India and may struggle to expand globally without a proper strategy
People may not be aware of the benefits of managing their sugar intake or may not know about Sugar Watchers products
OpportunitiesIncreasing demand for health and wellness products
Expansion into new markets while building strategic partnerships
ThreatsThe health and wellness market is highly competitive, and Sugar Watchers faces competition from other companies offering similar products
Regulations related to health and nutrition may change, which could impact Sugar Watcher’s operations


Sugar Watchers is a 2018 startup focused on manufacturing low Glycemic Index food products. Sugar Watchers provide a wide variety of diabetic-friendly, low-GI food items including both snacks and meals aimed at controlling and lowering blood sugar levels. It follows a B2C framework to sell its products through online platforms. This article includes general information and working factors of Sugar Watchers and its diabetes solution via healthy meal planning.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) With what should I consume Sugar Watchers products?

Ans: Sugar Watchers items can be consumed as a part of your regular diet, replacing your usual rice, atta, poha etc. Ideally, you should make sure that your entire meal is low GI.

Q) Can low GI foods help to treat diabetes?

Ans: No, consuming low-GI foods won’t prevent or treat diabetes. However, they assist in managing blood sugar and insulin levels and avoid blood sugar rises in the human body.

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