Easy Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (SM-S327VL)

Root Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro

Why Do We Need To Root Root Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro?

If you are a Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro and need to root your device, you have arrived at the right place. In this article, we have gathered all the important information that you may require before you start rooting. We have tried to answer basic queries like prerequisites, requirements, and the procedure to flash the device.

Easy Steps to Root Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro (SM-S327VL)


  • The battery rate should be above 60%.
  • Ensure that the USB Drives have been installed on the PC.
  • You need to install the ADB and Fastboot drivers on the desktop.
  • You need to enable the Developer Options as well.
  • Also, make sure you have a backup of all the information on your device.

Device Details| SM-S327VL

Brand NameSamsung Phone
Device NameGalaxy J3 Pro
Phone TypeSmart Phone
Operating systemAndroid Operating System
VOIP Phone ServiceUSA & All


Firmware, ROMCf Auto Root
Android VersionAndroid Marshmallow (6.0.1)
Tool, OdinSamsung Odin or “Z3X Samsung Tool Pro”
Upload StorageGoogle Drive API
WarrantyVoids Warranty


DriversSamsung USB Drivers “-DOWNLOAD”
Software ToolSamsung Odin “DOWNLOAD”
FirmwareSM-S327VL, “-CF Auto Root File”
Hand ShakeUSB Cable “Original”

Procedure To Flash Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro

  1. Download the required “Files” and the Samsung Odin Tool.
  2. Download the “Samsung USB Drivers” latest version.
  3. Now, using “Winrar” or 7zip, extract the files.
  4. Then, put the device into “Download Mode”.
  5. Press and hold the Home+ Volume Down+ Power On buttons for at least 10 seconds.
  6. To confirm Download mode, press the “Volume Up” button.
  7. Now, install the already downloaded “Samsung USB Drivers”.
  8. Start the “Samsung Odin”.
  9. Run the setup.
  10. Connect your “Device” to the desktop.
  11. When the “Device Connection” is done, Odin will show the blue sign.
  12. Now, using the AP or PDA button, select the “CF Auto Root” file.
  13. On the re-partition, make sure it is “Not Ticked”.
  14. To start the flashing process map, hit the “Start Button”.
  15. Wait for some time till the “Process” is successful.
  16. The device will reboot after the process is complete.

How To Install Samsung Odin Build Download 3.13.1

  1. Download the Samsung Odin tool.
  2. Download the WinRAR or 7zip software.
  3. Now, install it and extract the Odin Tool.
  4. Open it. Now, the Samsung-Odin can be extracted.
  5. Download the Samsung USB drivers.
  6. Install these drivers on your desktop.
  7. Restart your Samsung phone in Download Mode.
  8. Connect your Samsung Android phone to the desktop.
  9. Then, select the required Flashing file or the Samsung stock firmware.
  10. Now, click the start button. This will begin the flashing process.
  11. When the process is complete, the Odin tool will show PASSED in green colour.
  12. The device will reboot after the process is complete.

If you are looking to download the latest Odin, click here.

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In Conclusion

Through this article, we have talked about the prerequisites required for rooting SM-S237VL, the details about the device, and the requirements. We have also described the whole procedure to Flash Samsung in detail. In addition to that, we have also ironed out the step-by-step procedure to install Samsung Odin Build. Make sure that your battery rate is 60%.
We hope that all queries about how to Root Samsung Galaxy J3 Luna Pro have been taken care of in this article. Hoping that you can Root SM-S237VL smoothly and efficiently.

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