Firsthand Techniques To Take Screenshot On Amazon Fire Tablet

Firsthand Techniques To Take Screenshot On Amazon Fire Tablet

In comparison to a laptop, tablets are easy to handle especially during traveling and one can use them without facing any trouble. While traveling, you can keep it in your sling bag, place it on your palm while working and chill while browsing any social site or checking out your photos. The most significant feature of any digital tool either a phone, laptop, or tablet is to take screenshots of any important information so that you can either share or save it for the future if needed. If you have an Amazon Fire Tablet, it will be quite difficult for you to learn how to take screenshots in it.

Firsthand Techniques To Take Screenshot On Amazon Fire Tablet

An Apple user might find it difficult to learn the method of taking screenshots without having access to the home button firstly. Android users have multiple ways to take screenshots without the involvement of the home button. There are three virtual keys present at the bottom of the display to navigate.

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Method To Take Screenshot In Amazon Fire Tablet

Amazon Fire tablets have an android version but it does not use virtual home keys to take a screenshot. Here you need to use the physical keys if you want to capture your screen just the way you do with your Android device. The power key of the fire tablet is present on the device’s top right side and the volume button is present on the top left side. In android phones, these buttons are present on the side.

  • Step 1: Before taking the screenshot, make sure the screen contains the portion that you want to capture.
  • Step 2: Firstly press and hold on to the volume down button and then the power button. You need to do it immediately and it should look like you have pressed both the buttons at the same time. A sound of chime occurs and you can see the screen flashes that confirm you have captured the screen.
  • Step 3: Now you’ll get a preview quickly and after that an animation that will push the photo or the screenshot to the top side of the screen. Swipe down from the top of the tablet to check the notification of the screenshot captured.

You need to note down the exchange function of the volume button that depends on the fire tablet orientation. You will get four rotations on the tablet i.e. the button activating volume down might alter according to the tablet position. Here, you’ll learn the orientation:

1. Normal Orientation: [Buttons are located on the top of the table] Press and hold on to the volume down and power button on the left side of the device.
2. Position of Upside-Down: [Buttons are located on the device bottom part] Press and hold on to the volume down and power button where the volume button is presently closest to the power button.
3. Left landscape orientation: [Buttons present on the device left side] Press and hold on to the volume down and power button on the bottom side of the device.
4. Position of Right landscape: [Buttons present on the device right side] Press and hold on to the volume down and power button close to the power button.

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Screenshot Edit

Though the fire tablet has a prime photos app to edit the screenshots it does not help you to edit them properly. For proper editing, download the photo editor from the app store of Amazon. If you want to edit any screenshot, you can go to ‘Photo studio’. You can crop your images, can add filters to them, can adjust the range of colors, etc.

  • Step 1: Open the app of ‘Photo Studio’.
  • Step 2: The home of the app will be showing you numerous information regarding picture-in-picture camera mode, preset animation, etc. Ignore it and click on ‘Browse’ and choose ‘Prime Photos’.
  • Step 3: Every photo present on your tablet will be visible including the recent screenshot. Click on the photo that you wish to edit and wait for it until it gets loaded.
  • Step 4: You will see controls at the tablet bottom, below the photograph. Total 4 tabs of editing ,i.e., Filters, Fixes, Sliders, and Cropping are accessible.
  • Step 5: Mark the checkbox present on the bottom right side to save the file on the tablet.
  • Step 6: Now you have to select the image size, format, location, and name & click on ‘Save’.

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This was our guide describing the method to take the screenshot and edit it appropriately. Now you won’t be having any difficulty while capturing any important information on your Amazon fire tablet screen. The next time, if you don’t want to write any piece of the important information you can simply capture the screenshot. You just need to push the two buttons.

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