Transform Your Home Into Theatre With Side-By-Side 3D Video Player

Transform Your Home Into Theatre With Side-By-Side 3D Video Player

Watching your favourite movie in the 3D view enhances your level of excitement to another level. It feels like you are a part of it because everything looks so real. Filmmakers keep on making 3D movies to increase their audience count and profit. You visit theatres to watch your favourite movie in a 3D version because you cannot have a 3D view in a normal video player or Television at your home. Theatres might provide you with a 3D view but not your comfort zone. But what if you want to watch a 3D movie in your room sitting on your couch? No worries! If there’s a will, there’s always a way. Now you can enjoy the 3D experience at your home by using a side-by-side 3D video player. In the upcoming sections of this article, we will be discussing a few 3D video players that you can access on your PC or Android to enhance your movie experience at home.

Transform Your Home Into Theatre With Side-By-Side 3D Video Player

Side-By-Side 3D Video Player For PC

Watching your favourite movies on bigger screens always enhances your movie experience. By using an HDMI cable, you can stream the movie on a big screen. But you might be wondering, how can you watch a 3D movie on your PC? Don’t worry! We have an answer. We have enlisted a few 3D video players that can help you to get 3D experience on your computer.

Power DVD 14 Ultra

It is the best 3D video player. You can watch any media that you want to see such as photos, music, videos, and movies. The specifications in its cutting-edge technology makes the videos look more spectacular. Get ready to enhance your 3D and HD experience through your PC while sitting at home on your comfy couch. You can also stream social media content such as any video available on YouTube, Facebook, flicker, etc.

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3D Video Player

The expenditure of watching a 3D movie by using a 3D video player will be the same as of purchasing anaglyph 3D glasses. Convert any existing media on your PC into a fly during playback. The best thing about it’s that you don’t need to spend extra money to watch 3D content. The interface used by this video player is clean and has easy-to-use controls. You’ll get a watermark in the trials along with a few restrictions while converting the media.

ArcSoft Total Media Theatre 6

Total media theatre has a name in the list of the best side-by-side 3D video players. You can stream HD video content, DVDs, Blu-ray, etc. easily. The designed software of Total Media Theatre works best with Windows 8. The simple UI of this video player makes it popular among viewers. It supports all types of media and enhances the video quality during playback. Users can control its software from their smartphones. You just need to sit, relax, and enjoy your movie time.

VLC Video Player

VLC is the most convenient video player used by users for a long time. You can easily handle all the actions of this video player because of its super easy UI. This video player cannot play Blu-ray content but works well with the DVD and you can convert your media into 3D content. The process of conversion of media into 3D content is a little easy. The interface is not fancy and funky by looks but it’s elegant and simple in terms of its visibility which makes it more usable.

KM Player

KM Video player is already available on your PC. There’s no need to look out for a KM Video player on any other platform. It will convert your media into 3D content that you can enjoy by wearing anaglyph glasses. If you like fancy appearance i.e. content filled with multiple colors, you can customize it accordingly, or else easy and simple UI is also good.

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Side-By-Side 3D Video Player For Android

VR Player

To get a theatre-like experience on your Android device, VR Player is known as the best video player. You can stream 2D, 3D SBS videos, and 3D Top-bottom on your Android device screen. This video player supports every type of 3D and 2D video along with this, it can read out SD card content and URL.

VRTV Player

It’s similar to VR players. The handy and elegant interface of the VRTV player makes the playback smooth. The best feature of this application is the ‘Fish Eye Mode’ that can be used to split the video to avoid any strain on your eye. Synchronizing videos for watching with your friends is fun.

VR Gesture Player

As the name suggests, the gesture player will take the inputs of the user with the gestures that are seen on the screen. The interface of the VR player is touchless which creates a virtual world reality from your device. The gestures are made in front of the back camera and the actions will be recognized by the smart identification mechanism to make the actions of the user. There’s no need to tap on the screen for selecting any options.

AAA VR Cinema

Another popular 3D video player for Android devices. It will take your 3D experience to another level. This app tracks the drift movement of the head therefore, you don’t need a gyro sensor. There are no limitations on the movie or video playback size. The maximum size of the video can range from 10 to 170.

Homido 360 VR Player

This video player supports all types of video formats such as 2D, 3D Top-bottom, and side-by-side 3D video. There’s inbuilt browser support by which you can watch any video online directly. The tracking system of head movement makes its control hands-free but for this, your device needs a gyro sensor.

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Every side-by-side 3D video player has its pros and cons. You need to look at everything before you decide which 3D video player you should use to enhance your 3D experience. The enlisted 3D video players are the best ones. You can access any of them with ease and enjoy the theatre experience at home.

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