Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit Loan-Rs 10 Min

Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit Loan

This article will help you greatly if you are a Vodafone user currently. Vodafone is known for its great service and customer satisfaction and reach all over India, from large metropolitan cities to remote locations. Now, after providing such great features to the customers, Vodafone has now come up with an offer you just cannot refuse.

Vodafone has now introduced Emergency Talktime Credit for all of its users in India. You may wonder what the idea is all about, but it is a really cool offer that will help you a lot. You can get Emergency Talktime Credit in Vodafone through 2 ways, one is by applying USSD code, and other is to send SMS to a predefined number.

There may be few situations where you will feel the urge of taking credit from your friends and family members, who use Vodafone SIM Card. Now imagine you are out of budget to refill balance in your phone number, and you need to make an emergency call to your family member or neighbor. Now you can make a WhatsApp call which needs no money but consumes internet, but everyone may not be acquainted with the app and you may run out of net balance as well. In these situations, Vodafone Talktime Credit will come to your rescue.

You can take the minimum amount of Rs 10 as your talktime credit from the service operator. You would not get high amount like Rs 100 or Rs 200, this Emergency talktime Credit is only meant for your call balance for your emergency purpose.

Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit Criteria

  • The Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit Plan only works if your mobile talktime balance reduces to Rs 5 or more.
  • Your Vodafone Number should be more than 90 days old, in order to apply for the Emergency Talktime loan.
  • While refunding the loan to the number who had given to you, Vodafone will deduce extra service charge from your talktime.
  • The loan amount that you take from another Vodafone Number will be automatically deducted from your account as soon as you recharge your number the next time.

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Emergency Talktime Credit Options

Well, there are many options that you can use with your Vodafone number in order to get the Emergency talktime. You can use either of the many options that are mentioned below:

USSD Code: You can dial the USSD code from your mobile keypad and fill up all the queries that will be asked at the gateway in order to get your balance. The USSD code for Emergency Talktime Credit is *111*3#

SMS: You can also get Emergency talktime credit in your Vodafone Number by sending an SMS to a Predefined number. Just SMS CREDIT to 144 and you will get your job done.

Phone Call: You can also get Vodafone Emergency Talktime Credit through one phone call to a predefined number. Just call at the number made entirely for talktime credit (i.e. 1241) and you will be instantly credited with Rs 10 emergency talktime.


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