What Does Mirror My Video Mean In Zoom: Zoom Mirroring Effect

What Does Mirror My Video Mean In Zoom

While attending any meeting in Zoom, have you ever noticed your appearance, how you look? Have you ever thought about why you see your right hand lifting when you are lifting your left hand? You might not feel good after observing that you aren’t appearing exactly what you thought of i.e. you should look the way you appear in the mirror but the truth is the opposite of it.

What Does Mirror My Video Mean In Zoom: Zoom Mirroring Effect

When you attend any video call on Zoom, it looks like either you are sitting in the wrong manner or the back camera is open. But the fact is you are seeing your unmirrored version. It shows you how the other person sees you. That’s right! the other members of the meeting are see ing your unmirrored image because of a different spectrum. In this article, we will be providing you with brief information on ‘What does mirror my video mean in Zoom?’ and how can you make the mirror version on a zoom call?

Zoom Mirror Feature & Its Working Procedure

When you look in the mirror, you see a reverse image of yourself. But when some other person looks at you, you’ll appear different when compared with the actual image from their side. The work of the video feed is the same, it might be a bit jarring for you while having a glimpse of yourself after looking at your unmirrored image.

To counter such issues, Zoom has the feature of making a mirror image of your video feed. This feature will allow you to look at yourself the way the other users are seeing you on the video i.e. not-mirrored.

It is a prominent feature in iPhones because this feature is by default enabled in them. This is the major cause of good selfies on iPhones.

Mirror my Video
Mirror My Video

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Purpose Of ‘Mirror my Video’

The purpose of using the feature of ‘Mirror my video’ can be anything, but the ideal purpose of its development by Zoom was to hinder image native mirroring. Numerous cameras by default produce mirror images can turn out to be an obstruction while having a zoom meeting. You can use this feature either by completely disabling the feature in your device or mirroring it again.

After Mirroring Effects

If you enable the feature of mirroring, there will be no effect on your video. If you try to make your video look proper, ultimately it can turn out to be a hectic process. It specifically occurs when the camera API of your device by default enables the feature of mirroring and you don’t have a way to un-mirror yourself. Keep this feature enabled on your device if you wish to avoid your mirror image, don’t worry as it will not have any effect on users.

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You can access numerous features on Zoom, like blur background, background filters, Mirroring Effects,  people might heard of other features but not about Mirroring Effects, so this article has covered up every single bit related to ‘What does mirror my video mean in zoom’? and the related questions that might have popped up in your mind while understanding the concept of mirroring in Zoom.

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