What is Sedsvc.exe {Official Description With Detailed Information}

What is Sedsvc.exe

The extension of Sedsvc.exe in any file name indicates the presence of an executable file. Such types of files can cause damage to your PC. Therefore, it is important to know that such files are either the Trojans that you need to remove, a windows OS file, or any trusted app.

What is Sedsvc.exe {Official Description With Detailed Information}

General Overview of the Sedsvc.exe file

Sedsvc.exe is a ‘Windows Remediation Service’ of Microsoft Windows OS software created by Microsoft.

In windows, sedsvc.exe is not considered as an important file due to which it creates unreliable issues. It is present in the ‘C:\Program Files’ subfolder. Such files go under the background process that provides a service called ‘sedsvc’. This service is a remedy for updating the components of windows. Such files are not Windows core files; therefore, the programs aren’t visible. The files of sedsvc.exe are certified by a trustworthy organization. This is the main reason for the 19℅ ratings of technical security which later becomes dangerous.

Windows 10 sedsvc.exe

If you are receiving firewall software notifications try to connect or access your internet connection by some executables like sedsvc.exe and sedlauncher.exe. You need to instantly block such executables to prevent them from connecting with your internet. They might have  Microsoft Windows Digital Signatures for better assurance.

If you are willing to check such files running in the background, follow the simple steps which are mentioned below.

  • Step 1:Press the Windows key  ‘Ctrl+Shift+Esc’ simultaneously. This will help you to check in with the task manager.
  • Step 2:The name of the executable file will be displayed like ‘Windows Remediation Service’.
  • Step 3:Click right on the file of extension and choose the option of ‘Open file location’.
  • Step 4:The folder that contains this file will be opened.
  • Step 5:The folder ‘C:\Program File’ opens up in the windows.

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Sedsvc.exe Official Description

The update of this file inculcates the reliable improvements to the update of components of the windows service in the version of windows 10 like 1507, 1607, 1511, 1709, 1803, and 1703. It can even make the disk space free on the device if the user device does not have proper space for the installation of Windows updates.

The update of sedsvc.exe also includes resources and files addressing problems that can affect the Windows 10 updating procedure. This will not let the device install an important update of windows. Such reliable updates can help the device to install the other windows update properly which further enhances the security and reliability of the device working in the Windows 10 Operating System.

Sedsvc.exe Detailed Information

  1.  After the update of sedsvc.exe your device will stay active for a long period. This will enable proper installation. While the installation procedure takes place the sleep configuration of the user along with the active time will be considered too for efficient results.
  2.  It will try to reset the settings of the network if there is a detection of any issue. It will clear out the registry keys too that creates a problem during the successful installation of the updates.
  3.  It will repair the corrupted windows system or will disable the components of the OS that helps in the determination of the applicability of the updates to the Windows Version 10
  4.  It will also help in compressing files in the profile directory of the user to clean the space of the disk for the installation of the important update.
  5.  It can even reset the database of the windows update that can repair the issues that try to avoid successful installation of the updates. That’s the reason for a clear history of updates in the windows.


This article has covered the important information regarding the executable file ‘sedsvc.exe’ to enhance your knowledge while updating such executable files or the device windows version. We hope that our information has become a helpful tool for you to bring out the latest updates to your device successfully. In case you are stuck in any part of our article, comment it down and wait for an instant revert from us.

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