Zomato Gold to Zomato Pro: Here is all that it entails

Zomato Gold to Zomato Pro

Zomato is a renowned and popular  India-based food delivery company which was founded by Mr Pankaj Chaddha and Deepinder Goyal altogether, in the year 2008. It has now entered the unicorn club and has operated in more than 24 countries and has partnered with various restaurants across cities. In April 2020, the company introduced Contactless Dining in response to the pandemic sweeping through the world. In August 2020, the company also introduced a period leave policy wherein women employees would be granted 10 days of period leave in a year.

 Zomato Gold to Zomato Pro: Here is all that it entails

The Delhi-based food delivery unicorn, in 2020 upgraded its Gold subscription package to the Pro subscription package. The subscription was renamed after the establishment partnered with about 50 percent more restaurants as partners. The upgrade involves various discounts and offers for customers on all dining-out options and deliveries. Apart from discounts and offers, Zomato Pro also extends various other services. Earlier Gold users could only avail of “buy one get one” offers on food and drinks. The company now offers more perks and benefits to the Pro users, like, priority delivery and a money-back guarantee.

With this upgrade, various other services are now available to subscription users. Zomato Gold users across all countries were automatically upgraded to Pro when the changes came into effect. Mr. Gaurav Gupta, co-founder of Zomato wrote that pro members will now be given the benefit of priority delivery. This means that whenever a Zomato Pro user places an offer on the food delivery app, the order will skip over the orders placed by normal users and will be at the front of the real-time queue. The Pro user’s order will now be attended first and a Zomato valet will be allotted for them on a priority basis. This will make the delivery time shorter by at least 15-20%


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Other than reducing the delivery time Mr. Gaurav Gupta also wrote that Pro users will also get a money-back guarantee. The company claims that users will be saving two times the amount they pay for the subscription within the subscription period. If the user does not save as much, the company will refund the subscription fee at the end of the subscription period. The money-back benefit is available to the Pro as well as the Gold users whose subscriptions were upgraded.

Zomato Pro Offers

Delivery BenefitsDining Benefits
Additional discounts on orders.Discounts up to 40% with no cap on discounts.
Faster delivery- Ensures 15%-20% faster food delivery.No limits for daily usage.

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The company also provides a 3-month membership at Rs. 200. With the launch of the Pro feature, the company hopes to lift the burden that the pandemic has brought on hotels and restaurants. They hope to help the restaurant business in recovering the losses incurred during the pandemic. With this new initiative, the food delivery giant also fights back the #Logout campaign, where they were blamed for the increased discount culture.

Now with Zomato Pro, you can never have a bad meal and you also get added benefits of a money-back guarantee and faster food delivery. So what are you waiting for? Go get your Pro subscription and enjoy every meal.

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