Best Scooty For Women: Pick Your Ideal Transport Partner

Best Scooty For Women

Demand for scooters made exclusively for women has increased significantly in recent years. Automobile manufacturers have begun producing scooters for ladies in response to this demand, adding cheery and vibrant hues and presently transforming them into useful designs. As they have a leap-through undercarriage and a footrest platform, these scooters offer additional convenience to women. Scooty is preferably lighter, which makes it more straightforward for women to steer and operate the two-wheeler. Most of the scooters launched these days are embedded with huge storage space and a self-starting function which makes it unique from the previous versions.

Best Scooty For Women: Pick Your Ideal Transport Partner

Ever since the invention of Scooty, it has encouraged more women and younger riders to use two-wheelers for their convenience. Moreover, beginners consider scooty to be their first choice due to its weightage, subtle design, and hassle-free maintenance. This article will help you hunt for the best scooty for ladies, which is lightweight, affordable, and is easily widely available in the market.

Top 10 Best Scooty For Ladies

It can be challenging to choose the most suitable scooty with so many variations in the market. So, if you’re on the lookout for a sleek, reasonably priced scooty then this article has got all the information covered for you. To narrow down your search, here is a list of the latest scooty for ladies.

Honda Dio

The most recent model of Honda Dio highlights a dynamic appearance, a revised headlamp, and dramatic graphics. The model also includes a kill switch and side-stand cut-off, and the completely digital indicator displays data on the fuel range. This newly released variant of Honda is an upgraded deluxe model with an edgy design, revamped front light & taillight available in 11 colours. It’s driven by a 109.51cc BS6 engine that generates 7.65 horsepower and 9 Nm of torque. Honda Dio fosters a strong braking system that includes both wheels and rear and front drum brakes.

CostINR 88,167
Engine109.51 cc
Mileage59.5 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5.3 L
Torque9 Nm
Power7.76 PS
Top Speed83 kmph
Curb Weight103-105 kg

TVS Ntorq 125

The brand’s mid-premium TVS Ntorq 125 has a spirited engine and better steering qualities. It also has a digital console that monitors the average speed and other performance indicators. The Ntorq 125 comes with a digital metric console that, in addition to the essential information, displays the time, top speed recorder, lap timer, and service and helmet reminders.  In addition, Bluetooth connectivity for various device pairings contributes to its noteworthy characteristic features. It is one of the exclusive scooters having an engine with a three-valve head as well as BS6 compatibility. A charging port in the boot, a boot lamp, and an engine shutdown switch are extra handy features embedded in this stylish scooty.

CostINR 1,06,378
Engine124.8 cc
Mileage50 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5.8 L
Torque10.5 Nm
Power9.38 PS
Top Speed95 kmph
Curb Weight110 – 118 kg

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Yamaha Fascino 125

The Yamaha Fascino 125 is one of the greatest scooter models for ladies considering its sleek look. The scooter has a hybrid engine that is connected to a battery. Due to this, the scooter can travel 16% more effectively and produce 30% more energy. There are a total of 16 colour variants for this scooter. It also has many distinctive characteristics, including a silent starting system, an idle stop-start system (i3s), an LED headlamp, and a fully digital dashboard with connectivity via Bluetooth.

CostINR 97,683
Mileage68.75 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5.2 L
Torque10.3 Nm
Power8.2 bhp
Top Speed90 kmph
Curb Weight99 kg
Battery12 V 5 Ah

TVS Scooty Zest 110

TVS has created the TVS Scooty Zest 110 exclusively for female riders. Therefore, this scooter has a trendy and bustling design and a dual-textured seat for superior riding comfort. Large underseat storage space, an open glove box, and underseat hooks are some other features associated with this particular model. Available in bright 9 colors, further that draws attention towards this model is its telescopic front end and hydraulic reverse mono which ranks it under the list of best scooty for women. Current additions to the Scooty Zest 110 are a backlighting speedometer and a wider seat to improve riding comfort. It comprises tubeless tyres, an LED taillight, a backlighting speedometer, and an enlarged seat making it more unique than other scooty models.

CostINR 92,610
Mileage62 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity4.9 L
Torque8.8 Nm
Power7.81 PS
Top Speed80 kmph
Curb Weight103 kg
Battery12 V 5 Ah

Honda Activa 6G

This particular model has a fuel-injected carbureted engine that powers it. Meanwhile, the fuel efficiency of the 6G version receives a 10% boost due to its latest modifications. Besides changes to the external fuel filling cap, the Honda Activa 6G has undergone several other advances featuring CBS, an engine kill switch, and a customizable LED headlight. The variants are available in 6 different eye-catching colours that make them stand out. Besides changes to the external fuel filling cap, the Honda Activa 6G has undergone several other advances featuring CBS, an engine kill switch, and a customizable LED headlight.

CostINR 90,732
Mileage60 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5.3 L
Torque8.84 Nm
Power7.79 PS
Top Speed85 kmph
Curb Weight106-107 kg
Battery12 V 3 Ah

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TVS Scooty Pep Plus

TVS Scooty Pep Plus is one of the most popular models mainly because it is affordable and fuel-efficient. The Scooty Pep Plus is easier to control, steer, and adjust. Besides that, it has TVS’s exclusive “Eazy Stand Technology”, a front mobile charging port, a side stand alarm, and under-seat storage hooks. Talking about its features, this scooty of TVS comes with an illuminated halogen front light, a conventional dashboard, and an ‘EZ-centre’ main stand. It’s apron-mounted LED DRL estimates 30% less effort than usual. The highlight of this model is the mono-shock suspension, telescoping fork, and underbone frame.

CostINR 79,243
Mileage65 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity4.2 L
Torque6.5 Nm
Power5.4 PS
Top Speed64-75 kmph
Curb Weight93-95 kg

Suzuki Avenis 125

This two-wheeler model is fairly popular in the current markets, offering a combined braking system (CBS) of both wheels for a more secure ride for passengers. The 124.3cc BS6 engine powers the Suzuki Avenis 125

while delivering 8.58 horsepower and 10 Nm of torque. It also has an integrated brake system for both wheels that makes it credible for riding on rough paths. This lightweight, sporty vehicle has recently added an upgraded engine, making it E20 and OBD2-A compatible. The brand new Suzuki Avenis 125 has an automotive diagnostic mechanism introduced as a part of new OBD2-A standards. Due to this feature, the system can now recognize defects and generate an alert. Moreover, being compatible with E20 fuels, the engine can operate on petrol mixed with up to 20% of ethanol.

CostINR 1,10,212
Mileage55 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5.2 L
Torque10 Nm
Power8.58 bhp
Top Speed90 kmph
Curb Weight106 kg

Suzuki Access 125

Due to its strong engine and outstanding mileage, the Suzuki Access 125 is highly common among women. Additionally, it has rolled out six different versions and 14 colour choices. Many have considered it the most versatile scooty, particularly for women. A Bluetooth-enabled gauge display is also included in the newest Suzuki Access 125 model for additional benefit.

CostINR 97,245
Engine124 cc
Mileage57.22 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity5 – 5.6 L
Torque10 Nm
Power8.7 PS
Top Speed97.67 kmps
Curb Weight101 to 104 kg
Battery12 V 3 Ah

Hero Pleasure Plus

The Hero Pleasure Plus model flaunts a digital tachometer and trip meter, an analog speedometer, a fuel gauge, and efficient Bluetooth mobile connectivity. One can never go wrong with this pick. It has housed both rear and front drum brakes & has dual-wheel combination braking, making it less prone to accidents. Besides, the manufacturers have claimed that compared to their BS4, the newly designed powertrain is ten times more economical with fuel and promotes better speed. It also has 110.9cc BS6 engine that powers this scooty to produce 8 bhp energy and 8.7 Nm of torque.

CostINR 84,585
Mileage69 kmpl
Fuel Tank Capacity4.8 L
Torque8.7 Nm
Power8.1 PS
Top Speed75 kmph
Curb Weight106 Kg

TVS iQube

TVS iQube, an electric scooty, offers a premium luxury of a two-wheeler. Yet, another top scooty model for women, it’s quite efficient and structures a comfy seat, roomy footboard, and an ample storage compartment under the seat. Additionally, it has a USB charging connector for quick charging of your vehicle. This all-rounder scooty guarantees a smooth ride with stunning features like tracking live location status, connectivity of GSM, LED front light with 1000 LUX brightness, a spacious compartment for the document storage, anti-spike tyres, and most importantly, BMS controlled protection system. All these multiple features have made it the most accepted electric scooty.

CostINR 1,15,293
Range100 km (single charge)
Charging Time5 Hours
Top Speed78 kmph
Curb Weight117.2-188.8 kg
Battery52 V Lithium Ion

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7 Things To Remember While Buying A Scooty

Before buying that scooty of your dreams, here are certain parameters to take into consideration to avoid regrets in the future. Keeping these following things in mind while making your purchase will assure you a better shelf-life for your two-wheeler and greater comfort for you.

  • Wheels: The majority of scooters in India have 10 or 12-inch tyres on them. With these flimsy tyres, one needs to drive with extra caution, especially in rain, steep turns, and quick braking.
  • Practicality: Scooters are developed exclusively for utility. However, not all scooters are useful enough. Underseat storage, footboard room, gasoline tank capacity, fuel filler cap location, and glove box accessibility are a few practical indicators. You should compare these and choose the one with the most space.
  • Gizmos: Today, the scooter market has all the modern conveniences like bells and whistles. Likewise, high-tech instrumentation and LED setup are also offered by certain companies.
  • Mileage: When it comes to mileage for scooters, you can expect the average to be between 45-55 km/l. However, an entry-level scooter may deliver a maximum average of 75 km/l.
  • Cost of Maintenance: Scooters are noted for having extremely low maintenance costs. The majority of services may be completed for less than 2K (authorized service center costs), but local mechanic servicing will set you back between Rs. 500-700.


Every one of the scooty on the following list has stylish, functional designs and includes mounts and roomy under-seat storage spaces. Most of these models are budget-friendly. Also, a two-wheeler loan could be used to fairly purchase the majority of these types. A couple of the models of scooty specified on top are exceptionally efficient and provide maximal speeds and more mileage. Browse through this list to find a model that fits your needs. Hope this article will let you pick the best of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Should I buy a new scooty or a second hand scooty?

Ans: One must consider buying a second-hand scooty in the following condition:

  • You lack bike riding skills.
  • You are on a tight budget.
  • It won’t be used by you for longer than two years.
  • On a used scooty, you are getting a great price.
  • You can consider buying a brand-new one if things are in your favor.

Q) What procedures need to be followed after buying a brand new scooty?

Ans:  You need to follow the below-listed procedure before buying a new scooty:

  • Keep a copy of your invoice, registration certificate, and insurance in your scooty.
  • Always carry your driving license.
  • Get through the manual to know about all the technical operations of the vehicle.
  • Learn about your maintenance periods.
  • Test the brakes regularly.

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