BlueTea: Ayurvedic Tea Brand Redefining Health & Wellness


Everyone knew about Green Tea, Red Tea, Pink Tea (Malaysia and Thailand Traditional Drink ) but nobody knew about Blue Tea. The idea of vending Blue Tea came to Nitesh Singh and Sunil Chandra Saha minds after watching TVF Pitchers. Both of them have a strong academic background, and hold an MBA degree from a reputed institution but ultimately choose to follow their passion in 2018 and laid the foundation of Blue Tea.

BlueTea: Ayurvedic Tea Brand Redefining Health & Wellness

Blue Tea is manufactured from Shankhpushpi which is the core ingredient of their hero product. When their business started in 2018, they sourced these products from Thailand but after a while when the business succeeded they connected with local farmers in India. In 2023, Blue Tea has a team of 150+ flower tea farmers in India who majorly cultivate in the Lower Himalayas (North), Central Ganga Plains, and Nilgiris in the bottom south zone. The core vision of Blue Tea founder’s is to revolutionize the tea-consumption and increase the intake of herbal tea all over the world. The owners have also decided to elevate 1000 farmer’s lives by 2025 by making them switch completely to progressive flower farming. 1% of their business profit is also donated to sponsoring the meals and education of needy children.

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Good Initiative By Blue Tea

Businesses like Blue Tea know how to keep their customers and employees happy. Farmers account for the maximum percentage of the Blue Tea team hence they focus on providing good quality resources to them which eliminates the requirement of connecting with middlemen from the logistics. The owners themselves meet the farmers and purchase the flowers directly from them. So far, Blue Tea has increased employment for rural farmers and has helped them earn 5x more than before. During huge production, farmers are also rewarded with extra money for their regular hard work and contribution. For ensuring a smooth business performance, farmers are also taught about the latest farming technologies of flower tea products and are provided with smartphones for effective business communication.

Blue Tea Sales & Profit

Blue Tea has become an international brand and has successfully delivered its products to 12 countries through the online medium. USA, UK, France, Germany, Australia, and Canada are a few renowned countries that account under this list. Currently, they serve 35 flavors in the United Nations and 50 tea flavors in India. It gains 60% profit from US customers and considers it as the main market for selling its products to global customers.

Talking about the business profit of Blue Tea, they started in 2018 and witnessed a turnover of Rs 25 lakhs in the same year. In FY2022, Blue Tea showcased a turnover worth Rs 10 Crores and proved that their products are being loved by customers worldwide. They increased their business from 0 to 50X in 3 years and are looking forward to achieving a 25 Crore profit in 2023 by targeting major customers from USA & India.

BlueTea Herbal Products

Blue Tea has kept numerous options available for customers so that they can choose and purchase the tea products of their choice. They have manufactured tea bags and mixtures from distinct herbal tea brands which promote better health and immunity in the human body. All their products are made from locally sourced herbal ingredients and contain no additional preservatives. In addition, Blue Tea products are also caffeine free, exhibit no bitter taste, contain healthy antioxidants, and give a soothing effect to the taste buds which makes them unique from the other herbal tea brands available in the market.

To escalate their business and reach the door of more customers Blue Tea delivers products in different variations like bulk orders, corporate gifting, and normal online delivery. As of now, their products are readily available on Amazon, Flipkart, and their official website for online purchase at a 5% discounted price. In the joy of bagging such a massive deal, Blue Tea is running a discount on its products and BLUETEA5 is the coupon code to avail this offer. If you’re someone who wants to get a blissful taste of herbal teas then do use this code and order their products right now.

TeaBags Price
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea TeaBagsRs 294
Butterfly Pea Lavender TeaBagsRs 394
Butterfly Pea Lemongrass TeaBagsRs 394
Butterfly Pea Indian Chai Masala TeaBagsRs 394
Butterfly Pea Flower Tea (30g & 50g)Rs 294 & Rs 374
Flower TisanePrice
Chamomile Flower Tea (30 grams)Rs 194
Hibiscus Flowers Tea (50 grams)Rs 194
Lavender Flower Tea (30 grams)Rs 244
Rose Buds Tea (30 grams)Rs 244
Flower Tea Pack (Butterfly, Hibiscus and Chamomile)Rs 594
Butterfly Pea and Hibiscus Flower Tea ComboRs 429
30 Chamomile Lavender Tea BagsRs 349

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Green Tea BagsQuantityPrice
Lemongrass Green Tea30Rs 294
Hibiscus Green Tea30Rs 294
Lavender Green Tea30Rs 294
Chamomile Green Tea30Rs 294
Rose Green Tea30Rs 294
Gifting ProductsPrice
Flower Tea Gift (9 Flavours)Rs 1294
Gift For Her (9 Flavours)Rs 1294
Ayurvedic Tea Gift (3 Flavours)Rs 794
Gift For Mom (9 Flavours)Rs 1294

Blue Tea Shark Tank India Funding Journey

The initial ask from the owners was Rs 75 lakhs for 1% equity which valued BlueTea at Rs 75 Crores. Aman Gupta was somewhat impressed by the BlueTea products, hence he decided to make the offer to the BlueTea owners. The first offer was for Rs 15 lakhs for 5% equity along with 60 lakhs debt at a 12% interest rate. In response, pitchers counter offered Rs 50 lakhs for 2% equity together with Rs 25 lakhs debt at 12% interest.

Aman instantly responded with another counter offer of Rs 50 lakhs for 3% equity along with Rs 25 lakhs debt at 12% interest. The final deal was eventually closed at Rs 50 lakhs for 3% equity and Rs 25 lakhs debt at 12% interest between Aman and BlueTea owners. Apart from closing this spectacular deal on Shark Tank India Season 2, Blue Tea has also got Prafull Billore ( Founder MBA Chaiwala, TEDx Speaker ) as an investor in their business.

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Blue Tea products have a Unique USP which is making people purchase them without giving a second thought. Their existing customers have already been in awe and have also stated that their tea products work like magic. From Blue Tea, and Hibiscus Tea to Lavender Tea all their items are loved for their quality and now after receiving so much love from their beloved customers, Blue Tea is gaining up for broadcasting this range of healthy Indian products across the globe. The owners want everyone to know the backstory and benefits of historical ayurvedic flower tea and are giving their 100% effort to achieve it and make their business the No.1 herbal tea brand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Where is the Blue Tea office located in India?

Ans: Blue Tea has its headquarters located in Kolkata, West Bengal. All the team members including the owners ( Sunil and Nitesh ) have operated their business from here since 2018.

Q) What is the main ingredient of Blue Tea?

Ans: Shankhpushpi also known as Butterfly Pea Flowers is the core ingredient of their blue tea bags and mixtures. It aids in better digestion, spiritual wellness, and mood enhancement and also reduces brain stress.

Q) What are the payment options available on the Blue Tea website?

Ans: Blue Tea accepts payment from Razor Pay, Debit or Credit Cards from American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Rupay, etc. Alternative payment methods include Freecharge, PayZapp, Amazon Pay, Mobikwik, Ola Money, Diners Club, Paytm & Airtel Money.

Q) Does Blue Tea offer free shipping to customers?

Ans: If you purchase products above Rs 249 then you’ll be eligible for free shipping. The estimated delivery timeline varies for 3-5 days after the product gets shipped from their warehouse.

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