Maintenance Tips: Dielectric Grease Substitute

Maintenance Tips: Dielectric Grease Substitute

To maintain your keyboard in an appropriate condition with a perfect shape, you need to use the correct lubricant and grease. You should lubricate the mechanical keyboards in proper time intervals with good dielectric grease as it’s highly recommended by the tech experts. If dielectric grease is unavailable and there’s an urgent need to lubricate the keyboard, we have enlisted a few dielectric grease alternatives that can help you to figure it out with ease. Go through the article carefully to enhance your knowledge in case you have to go for any alternative.

Dielectric Grease

For taking care of the keyboard, dielectric grease is the best solution. It keeps the keyboard in proper condition and maintains its shape as well. Using inappropriate grease might increase the friction of the keyboard and won’t let you work smoothly with the switches. Dielectric grease is not an ordinary grease as it’s specially designed for the objective of lubricating the switches of the keyboard and stabilizers. This grease has a special chemical formula that is purposely designed to work it out with DIY applications. Dielectric grease is filled with a lot of variety in the market. To maintain the performance standard of the keyboard, it’s important to carefully select dielectric grease of good quality.

Best Dielectric Grease Substitute

Selecting dielectric grease is presumed to be the best choice in terms of practical requirements especially if you want to fulfill the best outcomes. If you use it, you’ll get optimal access to an electrical connection. In the following section, we have enlisted and explained a few dielectric grease alternatives.

Silicone Based Grease

If you are looking for the best alternative for dielectric grease, Silicone based grease is the perfect option for you. You can use it to lubricate the various parts of your vehicle. In addition to this, it will also work as the best electric insulator. Silicone Based Grease has low instability, high thermal conductivity, and good fluidity. If you are looking for a lubricant that should have a wide and high temperature, we suggest you go for Silicone based grease. Although, not every silicone-based grease will be appropriate for your job. That’s why it’s suggested to wisely check out the appropriate silicone while purchasing grease. Silicone-based grease is the best water-resistant alternative. It also works as the best sealant. That’s the reason why we prefer it as the best alternative for dielectric grease.

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White Lithium Grease

It’s another best alternative for dielectric grease after silicone-based grease. Due to reliable experiments & numerous garage mechanics present all over the world they have been asserted as the best and most unique alternative for dielectric grease. The effectiveness of this grease is mostly seen with metals. You can apply it in the areas of heavy-duty. The working of this grease is similar to the gel for any surface making strong insulation. White Lithium Grease can withstand extremely high temperatures and still it works as the best repellent of rust, dust, and water. That’s why it is also known as the invincible warrior. This grease is made with lithium soap extracted from fatty acids.

Conductive Grease

This grease is a perfect alternative in terms of insulation. You can use it as an insulator of your car connectors and avoid damaging your car from water, dust, etc.

To increase the life of your vehicle, conductive grease can help you out. It is chosen as the best substitute if you are looking for long-term solutions. The base of this grease is a thin metal which spreads evenly whilst filling out the voids for better durability. If you use conductive grease in the right way, you will always get the best results. By applying pressure, you can spread conductive grease evenly. The fine metal powder will fill out all the oxide pores. Using specialized conductive grease that consumes copper or aluminum blocks on numerous surfaces will not result in a good result. Grease eliminates the suspended powder. The left-out powder will not be able to withstand the voltage drop. That’s the reason why conductive grease is used directly to obtain best results.

Synthetic Grease

The constituents of this grease doesn’t include petroleum which indirectly guards the plastic against potential dissolving causes. It’s a versatile lubricant that consists of PTFE i.e. polytetrafluoroethylene micro powder along with base fluid. It’s best known for providing mechanical stability to your vehicle and is an environmentally friendly product. It protects the car against friction, rust, corrosion, and wear. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -45 to 450 degrees. Synthetic Grease is not toxic and you can use it in plastic, rubber, or any other material. There are a few synthetic grease brands that you can use as food-grade lubricants according to the United States department of agriculture. Synthetic Grease brands have been given the rating of H1 by the company for ancillary food contact. It is non-sticky, never gets rolled or melted, never evaporates when exposed to excess heat, and never gets separated from the surface.

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Well, a lot of you won’t believe it to be an alternative to dielectric grease but in reality, it’s. There are a few similarities and dissimilarities between dielectric grease and vaseline. If you are not getting any other substitute for dielectric grease, you can use vaseline temporarily. Vaseline is mostly used for personal care but it can also act as an isolator and lubricant temporarily. It guards and prevents the components of the connector from dirt, water, dust, water, etc.

The downside of vaseline is that it’s not a good heat conductor. It can be used in conditioned leather, coated woods, plastics, etc.


In general terms, nobody suggests alternatives when you already have the best. This article explains the dielectric grease substitutes in detail in case you can’t find out dielectric grease. Having deep knowledge about the alternatives is a must so that you won’t compromise your vehicle or keyboard maintenance.

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