Step Towards Innovation: Electric Buses Manufacturers In India


Pollution and Mobility are the two major challenges that are being addressed by the world through innovations. The best solution to eradicate these issues is by making everyone shift towards Electric vehicles. In the world of technology, the invention of Electric vehicles is the G.O.A.T. Talking about the Indian Transport System, the largest source of transportation for Indians after railways are the buses. There fore, if the government of India switches the ICE buses to Electric buses, it can turn out to be the biggest step towards the protection of the environment. Numerous manufacturers manufacture electric buses in India and out of those some of the best electric bus manufacturers from India are discussed in this article.

Step Towards Innovation: Electric Buses Manufacturers In India

Number 1: Olectrak9 Electric Bus Manufactured By Olectra Greentech

Olectra Greentech Limited is one of the pioneer manufacturing organizations of electric buses in our country. The company focuses on improving the transport system of India by increasing its transmission strength and infrastructure. To date, Olectra Greentech has manufactured various types of Electric Buses and that’s the reason why it’s counted in the list of most famous agencies. The K series bus of Olectra Greentech is the recent model of Electric Bus manufactured by the company and has become the most popular of its time. It has a seating capacity of 39+ seats and consists of a lithium-ion phosphate battery. Along with this, the C9 series bus consists of a USB charging facility that makes its seating more special. The battery range of the C9 bus is approximately 250 km with a total number of 45 seats.

Number 2: BYD K9 Manufactured By BYD Company Limited

Build Your Dreams or BYD is one of Shenzhen’s topmost EV manufacturers. The headquarters of the company are located in New Delhi and Chennai and now they are also launching electric buses in India. The electric buses of BYD are already functioning in various cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Kerala, and Mumbai. The aim of BYD in launching electric buses is to decrease the number of carbon emissions and provide eco-friendly services to all the citizens of India. At present, it’s working in a partnership with Olectra Greentech. The popular bus of BYD is the BYD K9 which has a seating capacity of 31+ seats with a maximum speed of 96 kmph. The bus works on a lithium-ion phosphate battery that gets charged up within 4-5 hours.

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Number 3: Tata Ultra 9/9 Electric AC Bus Manufactured By Tata Motors

Tata Motors is not just popular in India but worldwide and has a cross-market capitalization of approx $35 billion. It’s well known for its cars, SUVs, trucks, military vehicles, & buses. Being known as the world’s best automobile manufacturer, it’s now leading the company by manufacturing electric buses. The aim of Tata Motors in manufacturing an electric bus is to bring sustainable development. The recently launched electric bus of Tata Motors has a revolutionary impact on the electric transport system to lower the level of air pollution and work efficiently to provide comfort, safety, and other facilities to their passengers. It has a seating capacity of 31+ seats, a GVW of 10200+/- 300 kg, and a maximum speed of 75 kmph.

Number 4: Ashok Leyland Versa EV Electric Bus

Since 1948, Ashok Leyland has maintained its position and dignity in the market of India’s leading Automobile manufacturers. Earlier the name was Ashok Motors but in the year 1955, it turned into Ashok Leyland. The company is famous for manufacturing heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses and that’s why the brand got its value. In the year 2016, Ashok Leyland launched its first Electric Bus, and then they never looked back. That’s why they are one of the leading companies of electric buses in India. The seating capacity of the bus is 44+. A Magtec P144 engine is used that results in zero emission of carbon in the atmosphere. The bus’s maximum output is 200 HP at 500 rpm. The lightweight battery used in the bus makes it a fast-swapping technology, therefore, enhancing its efficiency.

Number 5: JBM Ecolife Electric bus Manufactured By JBM Motors

JBM Motors is another leading Automobile manufacturing company in India. It has a significant contribution towards manufacturing electrically powered buses. The manufactured electric buses of JBM Motors have the motive of providing a safe, convenient, and quality transport experience in India. It also aims to lower the level of pollution and enhance eco-friendliness. It accomplishes its objectives by fusing fuel technology with performance and utility, thereby moving a step towards sustainable development. The Electric Buses of JBM have a seating capacity of 42+ seats and use a lithium-ion liquid-cooled battery ion system. The battery range is up to 250 km. The other features that make JBM Motors EV buses special are a real-time passenger information system, CCTV cameras, an automated bus vehicle location system, a panic button for any kind of emergency, and a stop request button.

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Shifting towards Electric Buses is a great initiative taken by the Automobile manufacturers of India toward sustainable development. It not only protects the ecosystem but rejuvenates the freshness of the environment. Having a great knowledge of the best electric bus manufacturers in India is an appreciable thing. We hope you got what you were looking for with this article.

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