Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: An Exclusive Guide

Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Given the increasing embrace of electric vehicles (EVs) nowadays, the automotive sector has taken a significant step toward a sustainable future. Over the course of the past decade, electric vehicles have undergone a massive surge in popularity. With technological advances, battery efficiency improvements, and a rising dedication to sustainable living, EVs have become an increasingly appealing alternative for customers worldwide. The shift from gasoline-powered to electric cars is occurring at a surprising rate in India. This progressive transformation is especially apparent lately with the development of electric scooters & cars on the roadways of India.

Find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations: An Exclusive Guide

Now, if you are here reading this article, you probably already own an electric vehicle or are planning to own one. But it doesn’t just end with buying one, you need to deal with the charging hassle of the vehicle, be it a stylish electric scooter or a heavy electric car. For this, EV stations equipped with modern features have been set up in various cities. If you’re also on the hunt to find electric vehicle charging stations then this article is the best guide for you.

How To Choose An EV Charging Station?

Before knowing on how to find Electric Vehicle Charging Stations, you must determine what sort of electric charger you want and the level of charging you require at the time. Charging of an Electric Vehicle is most explicitly determined by three important factors that are – the type of battery the automobile is using, the amount of electricity generated at the charging station, and the input charging capacity of that particular vehicle.

Other than the above-given factors, weather conditions also play a role in the charging of an EV. Batteries tend to work best in warm temperatures rather than in cold or extremely warm conditions. With the growing acceptance of electric vehicles, EV users must locate simple and accessible charging facilities. Different technological improvements have made it easier than ever to locate charging outlets all over the world. The most accessible way of charging an EV is at home. But the problem arises when you are away from home, and run out of charge. Don’t worry in that case, we’ve got you covered with all the possible ways to locate a charging outlet.

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How You Can Easily Find EV Charging Stations In India?

Electric vehicles (EVs) are making significant strides in India, transforming the automobile industry by offering eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to traditional gasoline-powered cars. As EV adoption continues to gain momentum, the need for an accessible and widespread charging infrastructure becomes paramount. Here, we’ll delve into easy and practical strategies for finding the EV charging stations in India, ensuring a confident, smooth and hassle-free EV driving experience.

Contact Your Circle

Sometimes, the most valuable guidance comes from friends who have already journeyed down this eco-friendly path. They can provide firsthand experiences, suggest trustworthy charging spots, and offer helpful tips to enhance your EV adventure. They can tell you the exact locations for efficient charging of the vehicles. So, if any of your known people do own an EV vehicle you can ask them if they know about an EV Station nearby.

Use Google Maps To Locate Charging Outlets

GPS navigation systems have nowadays made it easy to locate charging stations. EV charging station trackers are easily available in popular mapping apps like Google Maps. You just have to input the destination and select an EV charging outlet as a waypoint and the app will smoothly lead you there. But sometimes these apps have insufficient or outdated information, in that case, using specially designed third party applications for locating charging stations is better. The most popular mobile apps are EV Plugs, ChargeGrid, Tata Power EZ Charge and a few more. Below, we have discussed three major EV charging stations and their key features in a detailed manner.

EV Plugs

In the landscape of electric vehicles (EVs) in India, EV Plugs emerges as a groundbreaking force, recognized as one of the nation’s largest charging network aggregators. With a network spanning over a thousand charging points nationwide, this app stands out as a game-changer for EV enthusiasts. What distinguishes EV Plugs is its comprehensive database, encompassing charging points from prominent operators like Tata Power, Magenta, and EESL. As India makes significant strides in the realm of electric mobility, platforms like EV Plugs play a vital role in facilitating this transition. By granting access to a multitude of charging points and ensuring compatibility, EV Plugs empowers EV owners and contributes to the nation’s pursuit of a green and sustainable future.

Key Features

  • One of the standout features of the EV Plugs app is its vehicle compatibility function. Users can specify their electric vehicle model, and the app swiftly presents a list of nearby charging points compatible with their chosen vehicle.
  • EV Plugs boasts a vast network of over a thousand charging points, making it one of India’s largest charging network aggregators, ensuring convenient access to charging infrastructure.
  • Users can access real-time information about the availability and status of charging stations, helping them plan their journeys effectively.
  • The app may assist in planning routes by showing charging stations along the way and estimating charging times, making long journeys more manageable for EV owners.

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Tata Power EZ Charge

Tata Power EZ Charge, as the name aptly suggests, provides convenient access to the network of EV charging points meticulously managed by Tata Power, a prominent name in India’s energy sector. This user-friendly app serves as a one-stop solution for EV owners, offering a wealth of information and practical features. For users with multiple electric vehicles, the Tata Power EZ Charge app allows all their EVs to be conveniently listed within the app, streamlining the management of multiple vehicles. It’s important to note that Tata Power EZ Charge primarily caters to electric cars, aligning with the growing popularity of electric four-wheelers in India. With its focus on enhancing the electric car charging experience, the app plays a crucial role in promoting sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, furthering India’s EV revolution.

Key Features

  • Users can view detailed information about each charging point, including the type of connector available and the real-time status of the charging point.
  • It offers the convenience of reserving a charging slot for a specific period, making it easier to plan and manage your EV charging.
  • Tata Power EZ Charge supports various payment methods, allowing users to settle their charging expenses according to their preference.
  • Users with multiple electric vehicles can list all their EVs within the app, simplifying the management of multiple vehicles and their charging needs.
  • The app is primarily designed for electric cars, aligning with the increasing popularity of four-wheel electric vehicles in India.


ChargeGrid is a pioneering mobile application designed to cater to the evolving electric vehicle (EV) landscape in India. It stands out as a comprehensive solution, ensuring that EV owners have easy access to a convenient and expansive charging infrastructure. ChargeGrid boasts an extensive network of EV charging stations, consistently expanding to meet the growing demand. It collaborates with various charging operators, ensuring that users have a plethora of options when it comes to charging their EVs. In India’s transition towards sustainable and eco-friendly transportation, ChargeGrid plays a pivotal role by simplifying the EV charging process and elevating the overall EV ownership experience.

Key Features

  • ChargeGrid provides access to a vast and continually growing network of EV charging stations, collaborating with various operators to ensure users have a multitude of charging options.
  • The app offers real-time updates on the status and availability of charging stations, allowing users to plan their journeys efficiently.
  • When using ChargeGrid you can easily have a look at the EV Stations in Map mode or list mode.
  • Multiple cashless payment methods are supported, offering users the flexibility to settle their charging expenses using their preferred payment mode, be it digital wallets or credit cards.
  • ChargeGrid offers 24*7 customer support to it’s users for smoother assistance and service availability.

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Are Shopping Malls New Hub For EV Stations?

Implementation of EV charging stations in Indian shopping malls is a promising initiative with the potential to drive the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) and promote a more sustainable future. By strategically placing EV charging stations in shopping malls, EV owners can conveniently blend their shopping trips with the need for charging. This offers a compelling incentive for individuals to embrace EVs, knowing they can seamlessly charge their vehicles while enjoying their shopping experience. Shopping malls that offer charging facilities have the opportunity to tap into a new customer segment – EV owners. This not only boosts foot traffic but can also translate into increased business for the mall’s retailers, creating a mutually beneficial scenario. Close cooperation among stakeholders and government support are essential for the success of these initiatives.


The surge in electric vehicle (EV) adoption within India marks a significant stride toward a more sustainable future in the automotive sector. With an ever-expanding array of EV options, these eco-friendly vehicles are reshaping the nation’s transportation landscape. Accessing charging stations, an integral facet of EV ownership, has been greatly facilitated by cutting-edge technology and the emergence of user-friendly apps such as EV Plugs, Tata Power EZ Charge, and ChargeGrid. These applications empower EV owners to traverse the country’s roads with confidence and ease. Furthermore, the integration of charging stations within shopping malls not only enhances convenience but also propels the cause of green mobility. As India’s EV revolution gains momentum, these collective efforts are indispensable in steering the nation towards a sustainable and eco-friendly transportation ecosystem.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q) Does India have enough EV charging stations?

Ans: India has made significant strides in its electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure with 5,254 operational public charging stations. However, to achieve its ambitious 2030 goals, the country needs to scale up its efforts and establish a total of 46,397 charging stations.

Q) Can I charge my electric vehicle every day?

Ans: Charge your EV whenever required. Regular excessive charging causes natural deterioration of the lifespan of the battery as a result of the number of charging cycles. So, do not charge your EV unless needed.

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