Commonly Used Slang:Ofc Meaning In Text


In the world of the internet, abbreviations have become the most common language. Among the list of popular slang, we can never miss out on the term ‘Ofc’. Numerous questions must be popping up in your mind such as ‘Ofc’ meaning in text, how to use it in text messages? Can we use it in any formal conversation? etc. Well, there’s no need to worry or browse different websites because everything is right here! We are here to serve your queries at the best. Let’s focus on every question one by one in detail.

Commonly Used Slang:Ofc Meaning In Text

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Ofc Meaning In The Text

The acronym Ofc stands for ‘Oh, For Christ’s sake. Whenever you want to vent out your frustration or exasperation while texting, you can text ‘Ofc’ without increasing the level of annoyance by texting long messages. You can also use Ofc as an impartial phrase to express your censure. Though the profanity level of the slang ‘Ofc’ is mild, still it can turn out as an offensive term for others.

Ofc has some other meaning as well such as ‘Of Course’. Ofc is not just used in text language but also in comment sections, tweets, or any other social site. There’s no such rule made till date to write Ofc in text messages. You also have the freedom to write it either in lowercase or uppercase but in terms of preference, the lowercase is considered to be more significant.

Or reiterating the facts, we use the term ‘Ofc’. For instance, if anyone asks you if you prefer street food or café food, reply to them with ‘Street food Ofc’. For presenting your certain opinions on any topic, use ‘Ofc’. For instance, if anyone asks you, do you like extra cheese on Maggie or not? If you are a cheese lover, reply with ‘Ofc, everyone loves it.

There’s no exact meaning of the term, ‘Ofc’ because using it in different situations alters its meaning accordingly. Using ‘Ofc’ at the beginning of any conversation presents the text in a definite and positive way. If you add it at the end of a sentence, it makes the text tone a little sarcastic.

Usage of ‘Ofc’ In Text Messages

It’s super easy to use ‘Ofc’ in text messages. There is no need to worry or overthink while using it in any conversation. For instance, if your group plans to go somewhere and asks you to show up in their plan, don’t end your answer with a normal yes, instead reply to them with ‘Ofc’. It will assure them that you are very much interested in their plan.

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Can We Use ‘Ofc’ In a Formal Text ?

If you are having a serious talk with your senior or colleague, it’s better to avoid texting slang including ‘Ofc’. Before using ‘Ofc’, firstly analyze the level of informality and frankness. Seniors always prefer formal language. Therefore, we suggest you be careful while conversing with any higher authority. Never convey your opinions with abbreviations.

If you are having a conversation with your close ones, then you can use ‘Ofc’ in the chat. For example, if you are agreeing on the statements given by your parents, just write ‘Ofc’ instead of typing a long paragraph. They might or might not understand the meaning of the slang so type it accordingly. Friends are the ones who are aware with such slangs. Therefore, you don’t need to give a second thought before using ‘Ofc’ with your friends.

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How Can You Use ‘Ofc’?

Before using ‘Ofc’ while texting, make sure you are in an informal conversation & avoid using it in professional chats. While using it, make sure that you are typing it in lowercase. We have mentioned a few examples that can make you learn how to use ‘Ofc’ in a text.

  • Ofc! I’ll be there.
  • Ofc, I’m getting a new phone,
  • Ofc! Androids are way better than iPhones.


Slangs are gaining huge popularity with time. The use of slang has become a necessity more than a trend. Slangs like TBH, WYD, etc. are a few slangs that everyone is aware of. But slang such as ‘Ofc’ is not a common acronym. Ofc meaning in the text is a bit complicated or confusing. To avoid such issues, we have clarified all the doubts that might have popped into your mind while using it. To know more about trendy slangs you can surf other articles available on our website.


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