What Causes And Fixes TikTok Server Error


Recently, many TikTok users have faced some issues while signing in to their TikTok account and uploading their short videos. It occurred because the server of TikTok was down. The TikTok server error is not specific to iPhone or Android users but it is a general problem for every TikTok user. To avoid such issues, in this article we will be discussing a few tricks that can help you to sort out and fix TikTok server errors. The fixes that you’ll learn here are common for both iPhone and Android users.
When the server of TikTok is down, you can’t use the app properly, you can’t access your account, uploading any video is difficult, the error message of internet connection might appear, etc.

What Causes And Fixes TikTok Server Error

What Is TikTok Server Error?

When a server error message pop-up while accessing TikTok, it means that TikTok is unable to communicate with the database of the company. The error can last for a few minutes or even hours but not for a complete day except in two situations when the domain ‘music.ly’ is expired or ‘ran off bandwidth’. These exceptional cases are not always the justification for TikTok server errors for a huge company like TikTok.

If there is an increase in the number of users or company’s traffic, it results in heavy traffic on the server of TikTok that it can’t withstand. In this case, one will surely experience the TikTok server error that calls out for the server upgradation or shifting to another server by TikTok. If this is the reason for the TikTok server error, then you can’t do anything apart from being patient or either messaging the TikTok team and inform them about the TikTok server error. Meanwhile if you want to fix this issue yourself then have a look at the methods described below.

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Method 1: Let The TikTok Handle

At first, it’s suggested to wait for some time and try again if you see an error message. You can’t do anything from your side except waiting for TikTok to address the issue for making the server work again.

Method 2: Restart Phone Or TikTok

The second easy method for solving the issue related to TikTok is to force stop the application and reopen it. After restarting the application if you see an error message that says ‘Something went wrong please try again TikTok’ then it is suggested to restart the device again.

Method 3: Switching The Account Or Re-Logging The TikTok Account

If the above two methods do not work out, you can try this method. You just need to log out and re-login into your account. You can also try logging from another account if you have created one. Ensure that TikTok has not blocked your current account or hasn’t considered your account as an inactive one.
If your current account is facing such issues, it’s better to create another account for enjoying and uploading short videos.

Method 4: Maintain Proper Internet Connection

Make sure that you have a strong internet connection. It should be stable and strong. If you find out that you do not have a proper network connection, troubleshoot the problem with the following methods mentioned below:

  • Try reconnecting the network.
  • If you have turned on Wi-Fi, switch it off and shift to cellular data and vice-versa.
  • Use any modem or power cycle router.
  • Disable proxy or VPN.
  • Reset modem or router.
  • Alter the address of the DNS server.
  • Contact your ISP i.e. internet service provider to fix the issue of network connectivity.

If there is no issue with the internet connection and still you are seeing the error message ‘TikTok creator found sorry something went wrong, that means the network connection is not the problem, so you should try some other fixes.

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Method 5: Update The Device Or TikTok

For fixing the errors and bugs of TikTok, it’s recommended to update the application to the newest version. For matching up the version of the application, it’s highly recommended to update the operating system of the device as well.

Method 6: Remove Cache

If you are using TikTok for a long time but haven’t cleared out the cache of the application, you should do it now. The cache of the application can sometimes become a reason for the error ‘TikTok sorry something went wrong with our server’.

Method 7: Reset TikTok

If none of the methods fixes the TikTok server error, you should try resetting the application by visiting the ‘Settings’ of the application and setting up all the parameters to default. If you reset the application, it can remove all the settings made by you and will shift to its original configuration.

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TikTok is a source of entertainment and income for many users. If it stops working, the level of frustration hikes to another level. The most common problem faced by TikTok is the ‘TikTok Server Error’ that you can fix if you follow any of the above-described methods.

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