4 Quick Techniques To Silence Apple Watch

Silence Apple Watch

Apple has always been at the forefront of innovation. This was never more true than with the Apple Watch, through which the tech company brought the capabilities of healthcare and the prowess of a smartphone to our wrists. It was a revolutionary piece of technology that has genuinely changed how we view tech and the regular items we normally wear. Now a watch is not just a tool to tell time, it can track our heartbeat, workout routine, and calorie count, and show all alerts on our smartphones instantly, with the flick of a wrist. It has completely changed how we use our devices, especially with the connectivity it offers with an iPhone, and now the entire Apple Ecosystem.

4 Quick Techniques To Silence Apple Watch

The Apple Watch offers immense usability and always keeps us connected to the virtual world. However, even though it may be very useful, everyone needs to take a break sometimes. There are times when people need a break from technology, even the ones which we wear on our wrists. After all, everyone wants to enjoy some peace and tranquillity without the constant alerts of your watch notifications buzzing and disturbing you. The way to achieve that is to silence your Apple Watch, for those moments which require all attention in the real world. Notifications, alerts and other pings can disrupt important and intimate moments and can be very annoying. There are many such instances where your Apple watch should be silenced, such as when you are asleep, meeting a close friend or having a crucial conversation. An Apple Watch can be silenced in 4 different methods, and all of them are easy to learn. In this article, we help you figure out how to silence your Apple watch using these four methods, which are described below.

What Makes Apple Watch So Popular?

The Apple Watch was the centre of a shift in how we interact with our devices. This shift was one brought about by wearable technology. The Apple Watch, which debuted in 2015 as we discussed, and marked Apple’s entry into the wearables market, very quickly became very popular. This was due to its innovative design and sleek nature. It was not just a fashion statement or an ordinary watch, it was a computer on your wrist. The Apple Watch has been instrumental in defining the wearable technology environment thanks to its sophisticated features, svelte form, and seamless connection with the iOS ecosystem. Due to Apple’s venture into wearable technology, the market has since had a major boom, with now having an almost oversaturated market with many smartwatches coming forward every other day.

However, Apple remains at the forefront of the smartwatch market, as with other ventures it goes to like its iPhone or iPad. This is due to the various revolutionary features Apple brings to the table with each iteration of its Apple Watch. Features such as exceptional health coverage, and even satellite connection to ensure the wearer’s safety. Others also include the new updates which make the usage of the Apple Watch much more appealing than the competition, such as the force touch feature. These make sure that Apple stays in the lead and always dominates the competition. And till right now, their strategy has worked, with them holding the majority of the market share of the smartwatch company even though their products are much higher priced than the others, similar to how it has dominated the tablet and phone market – with iPad and iPhone, respectively. Apple excels in this through its brilliant ecosystem, connecting all products of the brand ranging from the iPhone to the Apple Watch and even the Macbook, all seamlessly. Doing tasks and working through devices is silky smooth and easy, and the ecosystem forces the user to keep up with Apple products and makes it very difficult to switch.

The Apple Watch is a very smart device creation in that regard, as now with their tech being strapped to the consumer at all times, it is easy to always keep the user in the technological world, making it profitable for the companies. But we need to distance ourselves from this technology and take a breather. Thus, it is important to silence your Apple Watch and step away from your tech at times. Read below about 4 different methods following which you can silence Apple watch to avoid distractions during work or studies.

Method 1: Do Not Disturb Mode

This is the easiest way to silence Apple Watch. Now, the Do Not Disturb Mode is automatically synced from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. However, if your iPhone isn’t with you or you need to set a different mode for your watch, follow the steps below.

  • Step 1: Open your Apple Watch, and enter the Control Center.
  • Step 2: Scroll until you see the moon icon.
  • Step 3: Click on the “Do Not Disturb” option after a menu box opens up.

This sets your watch to Do Not Disturb mode, and it will no longer ring or vibrate when notifications arrive. We suggest syncing this with your iPhone’s Do Not Disturb mode though, as you can set predefined times for when you do not want any distractions, be it your phone or your watch.

Method 2: Silent Mode

Now, while the Do Not Disturb mode can be automatically set and then will turn on normally, the Silent Mode is something which you have to turn on yourself through the watch. Follow the steps mentioned below to silent your Apple watch.

  • Step 1: Swipe up on your Apple Watch to open the Control Center.
  • Step 2: Find the bell-shaped icon in the list and then click on it.

This will silence all upcoming notifications from your watch and will continue to do so until you turn the mode back off using the same steps as mentioned.

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Method 3: Cover Your Watch With Your Palm

This is a gesture feature present in the Apple Watch that not a lot of users know about. Using this feature one can silence their Apple Watch without having to access any control panel, but just with a simple gesture of palm covering the watch screen. This gesture has to be enabled though. The steps to enable it are as follows.

  • Step 1: Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch
  • Step 2: Find the “Sound and Haptics” option and then open it.
  • Step 3: Scroll down until you find the “Cover to Mute” option, and swipe on it to turn it on.

After this is done, you will always be able to silence Apple watch by simply placing your palm on it and covering its screen, removing any hassle and easily letting you stop any distractions the watch may be giving you.

Method 4: Using Theater Mode

Theatre Mode was introduced by Apple in the Watch OS 3.2 Update. This new feature enabled the users to keep the watch off, mute all sounds and disable the raise-to-wake feature. Made to be used while in theatre, this feature keeps the watch virtually completely off until you press the watch’s digital crown. The steps to implement this method are mentioned below.

  • Step 1: Swipe up on the screen of your Apple Watch to turn access the Control Panel.
  • Step 2: Scroll through the options until you find the button with the carnival masks made on it. This is the Theater Mode button.
  • Step 3: Click on the Theater Mode button.

This will activate the Theater Mode. To deactivate it, follow the same steps and click on the button again to turn the mode off.

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Even though the Apple Watch has some imperfections like it doesn’t get turned on at times, but still it’s considered as the best smartwatch in the market. But, we as consumers should not become too dependent on these tech devices to control our world and learn to silence them and step out into the real world whenever we wish. Thus, being in control of our devices is very important, and so is learning how to mute them. In this article we have covered all methods in which one can mute the Apple Watch, to reconnect with the real world.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Q) Can I silence notifications of specific apps on the Apple watch?

Ans: Yes, you can easily customise any app’s notifications on your Apple watch. To do this, simply go to your Apple Watch app and then go to Notifications. Under that option, click on any app whose notifications you want to modify, and then change as you see fit.

Q) Will Do Not Disturb on Apple watch silence calls as well?

Ans: Yes, Do Not Disturb turns off all sounds, even calls. If you want to silence your watch and yet want calls to ring, Silent Mode is what you need to select.

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