Get, Set, And Solve The ‘Error 1962’ {No Operating System Found}

Solve the Error 1962

The Problem

The improper configuration of boot order priority or the corrupted boot sequence is the major cause for the ‘Error 1962’ i.e. ‘No Operating System found’ occurs. The computer system instead of booting the operating system displays ‘No Operating System Found. The user will restart his computer and once again he faces the same issue.
Sometimes the user can boot the windows after waiting for hours whereas some of the users face ‘Error 1962’ even after booting up the system.

Get, Set, And Solve The 'Error 1962' {No Operating System Found}

The Solution

The other cause for this issue can be the faulty cables of SATA connecting the hard disk to the motherboard. To know the real cause for this issue, multiple checks are required. Here are some simple and sorted methods that will help you to resolve this error.

Method 1: Windows 10 Startup Repair

Step 1: Make a bootable media.
Step 2: Attach the bootable DVD or USB along with the boot windows.
Step 3: Choose the option of ‘Language to install’ from the window of Windows Setup, the format of ‘time and currency’, and the input or keyboard method.
Step 4: Select ‘Repair your computer and choose ‘Troubleshoot’.
Step 5: Go to the ‘Advanced options’ to choose ‘Automatic Repair’.
Step 6: After its completion, follow the notifications of the prompt for the Windows boot.

Startup repair can also be used to solve the ‘Error 1962’ because the installation of windows can curb the irregularities that might have corrupted the startup.
But before proceeding with the Startup repair the user is required to make a windows bootable DVD or USB drive.

Method 2: Safe mode for system restore

Step 1: Switch off and on the computer by pressing the power button.
Step 2: Direct towards the option of ‘Run in Safe Mode’ and press ‘Enter’.
Step 3: Search for the ‘restore point’ from the search bar and select the search result.
Step 4: Choose the tab of ‘System protection’ and select ‘System restore’.
Step 5: Choose the suggested restore point or a different point and select ‘Next’.
Step 6: Recheck the selection and wait till the process gets completed.
Step 7: Reboot the computer.
This strategy easily fixes the ‘Error 1962’ on the computer windows. Safe mode starts the computer with basic drivers and files running.

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Method 3: Changing BIOS boot priority

Step 1: Press ‘Ctrl + Alt + Delete’ simultaneously and hold it for some time for a computer reboot.
Step 2: During the process of booting, press the ‘F12’ windows key many times to launch the setup of BIOS.
Step 3: As the Setup, a box appears, press ‘Enter’.
Step 4: Select the ‘Startup tab’ and choose CSM. Hit ‘Enter’.
Step 5: Choose the option of ‘Enabled’.
Step 6: Press ‘Enter’ after you locate the boot priority.
Step 7: Convert ‘Legacy First’ into ‘UEFI First’.
Step 8: Press the ‘F10’ windows key, select ‘Yes’ and wait for the computer to reboot.
Improper BIOS setting can be a reason for the cause of the ‘Error 1962’. Boot priority changes can fix it.

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Method 4: Replacement of HDD (Hard Disk Drive)

If the above-mentioned methods do not work, the reason for the ‘Error 1962’ is a faulty HDD. Therefore, its replacement is the only option to fix this issue.
Firstly, confirm if the HDD is corrupted or not by attaching your HDD to some other computer and accessing the folders and files.
If the other computer does not identify the HDD, it indicates a faulty HDD. Therefore there is a requirement for a new HDD.
If the other computer can detect and access your computer HDD, then the problem lies in the SATA cables.
The function of SATA cables is to link the HDD with the motherboard. If it is found to be faulty, replace it with a new one.


Many causes are responsible for the ‘Error 1962’. Difficult problems with easy solutions search end here. You can easily fix such errors by following the steps mentioned above. We focus more on simple techniques instead of the cause of the difficult problems. There’s no space for doubts or confusion in our articles, if it’s there you just need to comment it down and we will revert with relevant solutions.

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