How To Stop Ads On Hulu: Go Ad-Free On Hulu In 2024

How To Stop Ads On Hulu

Hulu has raised its popularity level in the past years by providing on-demand and top-notch content to users. The subscription packages are affordable for students and normal people which makes it one of the most prevalent streaming channels worldwide. In 2022, Hulu had 47.2 million subscribers who used this medium for watching programs on various platforms like Showtime, Animal Planet, ABC News, Disney+ Hotstar, etc. The content on Hulu is purely authentic and legal to watch. Parents can also implement parental controls and limit only certain channels for their kids on Hulu. Overall, the versatile benefits provided by Hulu to its users are the central element that sets it apart from other video streaming platforms.

How To Stop Ads On Hulu: Go Ad-Free On Hulu In 2024

Although the pool of advantages on Hulu is huge there are a few limitations too. Users face technical glitches like playback errors, login & buffering issues, Hulu errors like Error Code 16 & invalid region messages, Error Code 2(-998), etc which hampers their streaming activity a lot. These issues occur due to multiple reasons but there are quick solutions available to fix them. However, one more factor which constantly disturbs Hulu users is the endless ads during online programs. Our research states that many people are tired of seeing ads and are looking for ways on how to stop ads on Hulu. Well, we have heard you right and this compelling content is crafted for you. Read these tips & see which one you can follow to stop ads on Hulu.

Purchase Hulu Premium Version Subscription

Buying a subscription package for any platform like Disney+ Hotstar, Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Hulu is beneficial for the users as it prevents all sorts of unwanted ads from getting telecasted during the streaming of a show, movie, etc. For Hulu users, this service is available for free for 1 month after one signs up or registers as a first-time user on this content streaming service. After the free trial period gets over you can purchase a subscription plan to stop ads on Hulu & continue binge-watching your favorite shows endlessly.

Available Ad-Free Plans

  • Hulu Plans (No Ads): Priced at Rs $14.99 ( Rs 1231.03) per month. You can watch movies, tv shows & series without getting disturbed by ad breaks. However, there are some shows which lack the ad-free feature under this plan.
  • Hulu (No Ads) +Live TV, Disney+ (No Ads) & EPSN+ (With Ads): Priced at Rs $82.99 (Rs 6,816.09) per month, this plan is a jackpot for Hulu users. You can watch unlimited content without ads and also get access to Disney+ Hotstar shows for free with no ads.

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Stream One Video On Two Hulu Tabs

In case you don’t want to burn a hole in your pocket by buying a Hulu subscription then you can go ahead with this method for sure. It instantly snuffs out the ads from the Hulu platform making your streaming experience much smoother. However, it works well only on a laptop, PC, or Mac and not on mobile devices. To execute this technique, you have to watch the same show on two different tabs.

  • Keep the former tab on mute and forward the first ad
  • Switch to the second tab and watch the content until you witness the first ad again
  • When you see the first ad on the second tab, then mute it and switch to the previous tab to watch the next part of the content
  • Play the ad backward in the first tab, unmute it, and keep watching the show

It’s an instantaneous technique on how to stop ads on Hulu but sometimes seems like a ruckus when continuously one has to keep moving between two tabs to watch a show. You can try this method to get an experience of how it works, is it worth it or not? Do suggest this method to your friends if you found this helpful and tell them about your experience too.

Prefer Reloading Hulu

While watching shows on Hulu you’ll encounter distinct short and long ads. The short ones last for 30 seconds to 1½ minutes whereas longer ones are more than 3 minutes. Hulu shows two short ads after one long commercial. So, the next time you encounter long commercial ads on Hulu and don’t want to wait until it finishes off then pause it and reload the website. When you reload the Hulu website & visit back to the main page you can continue watching the show from where you had left off.

Use Authentic Virtual Private Network

With the help of a VPN, you can evade geographical restrictions & can efficiently avail the content unavailable in your area. VPN plays an important role to stop ads on Hulu. In clear terms, Hulu has a separate ad policy for all regions hence the ad duration differs everywhere. Some users may encounter more ads and some will see only a minimum number of ads. If you want to see fewer ads or stop ads on Hulu for a while then use VPN & connect with a region showing less ads.

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Opt For Ad-Blocking Browser Extension

You can use an ad-blocking browser extension to stop ads on Hulu if you watch it on desktop browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. These extensions are compatible with all sorts of browsers & filter out ad-related elements from web pages due to which it seems like ads never loaded on Hulu.

Hulu Ad Skipper is one of the most trusted ad-blocking extensions and has been a savior for many Hulu users in the past. It detects forthcoming ads & skips them. You just have to install the extension on your device and it’ll start blocking the ads making it resemble that they never occurred online. In addition, there are many more extensions like Ad Block One, Ad Guard, AdBlock Plus, uBlock Origin etc. available to block ads on Hulu. All of them are easy-to-install & efficiently snag ads on Hulu.

Switch To Authentic Ad-blocking Browsers

Brave which is an ad-blocking browser chunks out the ads from Hulu on a laptop or PC. It’s primarily embedded to block inapt ads on the system. In case, Hulu doesn’t function right with Brave then you have to follow the steps mentioned below to make it perform well in a proper manner.

  • Step 1: Go to the settings menu of Brave & open it
  • Step 2: Next, move forward to the Switch section
  • Step 3: To proceed further, you’ve adjust Trackers & ads blocking to Standard or Disabled
  • Step 4: Switch off the additional settings from the Privacy and Security section ( if any)

Use Web Filtering On Hulu

If none of the above methods work out, then try out this one. There’s no 100% guarantee that it would work but at some point might stop ads on Hulu. You can use the web filtering feature simultaneously with advanced web routers to block unnecessary or harmful ads, services, or websites on Hulu or other platforms. Web filtering blocks the service which works for loading ads on Hulu. Follow the steps mentioned below to use Web filtering and wipe off ads on Hulu.

  • Step 1: You have to open any web browser
  • Step 2: Now, within the browser URL bar, you’ve to enter your router’s IP address & then tap on the Enter option
  • Step 3: Tap on the Filters or Parental control option
  • Step 4: Enter the domain name: with no quotes for blocking records or getting the web filtering option
  • Step 5: Lastly, click on the Apply option and start your router once again

Time Period Of Hulu Ads

The timeline for Hulu Ads entirely depends on the video length. If you’re streaming a show which is of a longer duration like more than 22 minutes then you might see ads for 15-30 seconds. All the shows which are less than 22 minutes are completely ads free. Also, if the show duration exceeds 1 hour or more then you’ll have to watch numerous short commercial ads throughout the streaming period on Hulu.

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Difference Between Hulu No Ads & Hulu Premium

Variety of TV shows, popular movies, and Hulu OriginalsHas all types of channels & content available on Hulu (No Ads) & Hulu Live+TV
Users can not watch live-streaming showsYou can watch live shows on Hulu Premium
Completely ads-freeShows short & long ad breaks of different durations
Standalone subscription plan for Hulu usersCombination of Hulu (No Ads) & Hulu Live+TV package


It’s an era of online streaming where people prefer to watch shows & movies online from the comfort of their homes. There are so many platforms like Zee5, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Airtel Xtream, and Hulu on which users can watch their favorite show anytime. The catch is just to purchase the subscription if you want to access all the additional facilities and go ad-free. In Hulu also it’s the same, you have to purchase a subscription to stop the ads on Hulu & then watch the content ad-free. Nevertheless, we have mentioned other methods also in this article on how to stop ads on Hulu. With so many options available it’ll be easier for you to stop commercial ads on Hulu, and watch and download your favorite content on this platform.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) What types of genres are available on Hulu?

Ans: From Comedy, Horror, Classic, Sports, News, Action, Late Night, Latino, Science & Technology, Romance, and Reality to Sitcom, Food, Thriller, LGBTQ+, etc there are abundant genres to watch on Hulu. Apart from these old collections like Quick Bites, Staff Picks, etc are also available on Hulu for free.

Q) Is it necessary to create a Hulu account?

Ans: If you want to watch a TV show or movie on Hulu then you have to create an account. Creating an account allows users to access countless features on Hulu.

Q) How can I cancel my Hulu subscription?

Ans: To cancel your Hulu subscription first log in to the Hulu Account Page and then choose the Cancel option. You’ll now be asked whether you want to pause the subscription or not along with a Continue to Cancel option. Tap on it and follow the guidelines mentioned on the screen to cancel the subscription.

Q) Does Hulu offer discounts to students?

Ans: You can purchase Hulu at Rs $1.99 (Rs 163.17) per month if you’re a student. After your student enrollment status gets expired then you have to pay $7.99 (Rs 655.13) or the regular Hulu price.

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