XDA T Mobile Note 4 Samsung Galaxy (Complete guide)

XDA T Mobile Note 4 Samsung Galaxy (Complete guide)

In the discussion of androids, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has become a hot topic. It was preloaded with the android version 4.4 Kitkat when it was launched. But the update brought the version of Android 6.0 Marshmallow. At the same time, TouchWiz’s newer version was in trend too. A device that has a fast response, better experience, and is less bloated.
Coming to the point, where we will be having a deep discussion regarding XDA T Mobile Note 4 Samsung Galaxy and the ROMs used in it. Without delaying it further, let’s start!

XDA T Mobile Note 4 Samsung Galaxy (Complete guide)

XDA T Mobile Note 4 Samsung Galaxy

This high-end android has some fantastic features such as 1440 X 2560 resolution on the 5″ 7 QHD super AMOLED display, 2.7 GHz quad-core processor, 32 GB internal storage, and 3 GB RAM. Video is recorded in 4K and has a camera of 16 MegaPixel sensors.

The most astonishing feature for its users is the ability to get connected to the headset of Samsung Gear VR. It is a device that makes the virtual world a reality by stereoscopic 3D imaging and head tracking at 360 degrees.

XDA T Mobile Note 4 Samsung Galaxy ROMs

All the users of Note 4 were pissed off due to the non-availability of TouchWiz. Later on, the availability of Custom ROMs made the experience of the current and upcoming users of Note 4 fantastic.
At present, the update of this device is pretty cool. But a lot more is still required to give their users the best they could have. The upcoming parts will be all about the ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the year 2020.
The discussed ROMs increase the battery life, raise the device performance level, and also provides other additional features too like customization of the lock screen and navbar, note features, etc.

1. Custom ROM (Resurrection Remix 7.0.2)

a. It hinges on the most recent version of Android 9 along with slim.omni, original Remix, and CM.
b This is the reason for a perfect balance of customization, performance, and power in addition to the release of new features of the device.
c. A ROM with the customization features at a maximum level such as changes seen in the animation, status bar, app sidebar, widgets, lock screen, quick toggles, etc.
d. It is well known for its stability, concise nature, and enhancing the level of the device. A perfect ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

2. Custom ROM (Lineage OS 15.0 and unofficial 16.0)

a. The arousal of this ROM was because of the Cyanogen end.
b. It hinges on the Android Oreo with an increased level of customization options along with an interface i.e. a complete stock android.
c. The efforts of the developers and Lineage team made its incorporation in every single device.
d. It’s a highly suggested ROM due to its stable nature. The most recent version has been developed unofficially but the recommendation rates are the same.

3. Custom ROM (Pixel Experience)

a. The name itself suggests the addition of pixels in the non-pixel and pixel devices as it can support the older and newer version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.
b. It is a complete package of pixel launchers, icons, fonts, and themes.
c. A ROM with less consumption of battery, stability, less bloated, and lightweight.
d. This ROM is hinged on the Android 9.0 Pie version.

4. Custom ROM (AOKP)

a. AOKP stands for the “Android Open Kang Project”.
b. It’s a unique ROM because it provides a stock android feature along with the additional feature.
c. You can check its bootable build on XDA that can be downloaded and installed directly.
d. This is also hinged on the Android 9.0 pie version and lineage OS is the source.
e. It is not the official version of the custom ROM.

5. Custom ROM (AICP)

a. This ROM aims to keep everything simple, neat, and clean.
b. Its developer started using this ROM firstly on HTC Desire HD. Earlier it was named AOKP.
c. Its overall performance has been remarked as good though it contains minor bugs. If you wish to report it to the developer, you can do this too.
d. It is not pre-rooted. Therefore, before using it don’t forget to root it first.

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That’s all about the XDA T Mobile Note 4 Samsung Galaxy. The reviews regarding the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, its features, and the availability of the custom ROM to make it a better device have been summarised in a clean and simple form to make you out of the dilemma of installing any one of them. Something more is coming soon in the world of technology that our team will be discussing with you after collecting the information from the maximum official sources too till then drop your comments below and let us know your review on this article too.

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