Top 5 Best Mileage Electric Auto Rickshaw


Around 1.5 million E-rickshaws move on the roads of India. On an average basis, approximately 11,000 e-rickshaws are manufactured every year. The top manufacturers that are leading the progress of E-rickshaws in India are Bajaj, Mahindra, Kinetic, and Piaggio companies. The objective behind opting for E-rickshaws is to save petrol and protect the environment from pollution emitted by vehicles. The average cost of an E-rickshaw is around 1.50 lakh to 2.30 lakh which can cover approximately 100km to 150 km easily. E-rickshaws also provide a livelihood to a majority of people because of their high efficiency and low cost. The number of E-rickshaws is rising at its peak, especially in Delhi. China and India are the top contributors to the manufacturing of Electric rickshaws. In this article, we’ll be discussing the top 5 best mileage electric auto rickshaws that can help you in tracking the progress of India towards development.

Top 5 Best Mileage Electric Auto Rickshaw

Number 1: Mahindra Treo

Mahindra is one of the leading E-rickshaw manufacturing companies in India. The E-rickshaws of Mahindra provide assurance of spacious interior, good ride quality, and high savings. You can charge the rickshaw just like you charge your phone. The rickshaw will get fully charged within 4 hours. It’s a noiseless rickshaw & produces no carbon emissions. You can monitor its location, speed, range, etc. by Next Generation Mobility (NEMO)- the cloud-based platform.

Power10 HorsePower
BatteryLithium-ion with a capacity of 48V.
Cost1.70 lakh – 2.80 lakh
Safety FeaturesRooftops are hard, presence of hazard indicator, in-built rear crash guard, and side doors
Ratings4.9 stars
ReviewsDesign, build-up, maintenance, and performance are of top quality

Number 2: Lohia Narain DX

This company was established in the year 2008. Lohia not only manufactures electric 3-wheelers but also creates electric 2-wheelers and diesel 3-wheelers.
The model Lohia Narain DX consists of hydraulic suspension and great wheels. It provides an excellent ground clearance of 220 mm. It has a seating capacity of 5 passengers + Driver.

Power1.60 HorsePower
CostWill Be Updated Soon
Loading Capacity740 Kilograms
Safety FeaturesHandlebars and Tough Rooftops

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Number 3: Lohia Comfort F2F

In the list of top electric rickshaws of India, Lohia comfort F2F always holds one of the top positions. It always satisfies the requirements of the last-mile passenger carrier segment. It has a dual suspension that sustains comfort, stability, and improved balance. The hand brakes are strong enough to resist the sudden jerk and motion impact. The battery range is too long & is capable of functioning all day seamlessly. In addition to this, analogue meters can help to determine the speed and battery level of the rickshaw.

Power1.60 HorsePower
BatteryLead-Acid battery with 48Volt Direct Current and 100-120 Ah capacity
Loading Capacity732 Kilograms
Cost1.55 lakh
Safety FeaturesTough top roof, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, handlebars, and tool kit
ReviewsProper music system and seating facility and availability of GSP trackers

Number 4: Kinetic Safar Smart

It’s manufactured by Kinetic Green Energy and Power Solutions Ltd based in Pune. Kinetic Safar is designed to lower the carbon footprint. It has an inbuilt charger and Lead-acid battery. It features a motor of 850 watts and has a three-speed mode selector to increase the range per charge. The maximum speed of this rickshaw is approximately 25 km and has a seating capacity of 4 passengers + Driver.

Power1.14 HorsePower
BatteryLead-Acid battery
Loading Capacity500 Kg
Cost1.53 lakh
Safety FeaturesElectric wiper with a full glass windshield, side indicators, and dual headlamps
Ratings5 Stars
ReviewsFast charging and full-day working battery

Number 5: Lohia Narrain ICE

This three-wheeler vehicle consists of hydraulic suspension and great wheels assuring you of a firm ride. The seating capacity of this rickshaw is 4 passengers + 1 driver.

Power1.60 HorsePower
BatteryLithium-ion battery
CostWill Be Updated Soon
Loading Capacity665 Kg
Safety FeaturesFire extinguisher, reverse horn, and canvas rooftop

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So. if you are planning to buy an E-rickshaw or you want to explore the developing fields enhancing the economy and environment of India, you should be well aware of electric rickshaws. We have discussed the top 5 Best Mileage Electric auto-rickshaws with the best feature for which it is known. Go through this detailed article thoroughly & enhance your knowledge about this evolving domain.

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