iPhone Privacy Concern: Disable Private Browsing Mode in Safari on iPhone

Disable Private Browsing Mode in Safari on iPhone

We humans certainly try to keep our belongings and things private from society and the outside world. The same goes with the phone that you are holding in your hand. You must have kept a proper password for your phone to maintain its security. It also has a private mode to protect yourself from the eye of the stranger. Apple does provide you with such a benefit by facilitating you with several setting options on your iPhone, among them one includes private browsing mode. Turning on private browsing mode will not let the Safari app access your web address, the webpage you often visit, your most viewed videos, and your other information. But there is some problem with the Safari app. Sometimes, while switching off the private mode, it does not work as it is recommended to work. Here, on this webpage, we are going to discuss some methods that will help you to Disable Private Browsing Mode in Safari on your iPhone.

iPhone Privacy Concern: Disable Private Browsing Mode in Safari on iPhone

Method for Disabling Private Browsing Mode on Safari Temporarily

Since Safari does not work the way it is advised to, it works on its own on the iPhone. You can yourself disable the private browsing mode in Safari on iPhone by following certain easy steps.

  • Step 1: Every app has a tab group containing a tab icon at the right corner of the device.
  • Step 2: Click on the tab icon.
  • Step 3: A screen will appear that contains a news frontier page consisting of a private browsing mode option.
  • Step 4: Tap on the Private mode.
  • Step 5: A screen of ‘Tab groups’ will be shot in front of you. Now you have to select the ‘x’ tabs which are located just above the private group.
  • Step 6: Simply switch your settings to the non-private tab. Henceforth, your private mode will be disabled.
Note: No wonder, you all must be doubting what is x group? X group consists of tabs that can open from the previous work session.

Method for Disabling Private Browsing Mode on Safari Permanently

As you all know, humans have different mindsets all over the world. There might be some users who want to permanently disable the private mode in Safari on iPhone. If you are sure that this feature on your phone is completely useless for you and just banging on nonsense reviews, follow the steps explained below to remove it.

  • Step 1: Go to the settings mode.
  • Step 2: Click on general. Screen time will open, select the ‘Restriction folder’.
  • Step 3: Enable the restriction folder. While doing this, you have to enter the passcode, just pinpoint it. It is always mandatory to remember the passcode.
  • Step 4: Choose the websites and enable the option of ‘web your filter’ on Safari. You can also limit the 18+ content. Now you can permanently disable the private browsing mode in Safari on the iPhone.
  • Step 5: To recheck whether the settings are perfect you can reopen the Safari app to notice the changes.
  • Step 6: After opening the app, you can simply notice the private icon if it’s missing. Henceforth, changes can be compared from the default app to the changed settings app.

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‘Disable private browsing mode in Safari on iPhone’, might sound tricky, but it isn’t. Privacy concerns for every individual are different. Thinking about every parameter of privacy, we have explained both the ways i.e. temporary and permanent solutions that can help you to disable the private browsing mode in Safari on iPhone.

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