Know How To Play Pokemon On iPhone : Emulator, Safari, ROMs

Know How To Play Pokemon On iPhone

The epitome grace of the gaming community was enhanced all because of the introduction of the famous Pokémon titles given by the Pokémon company. It was released in 1996 and became a part of our childhood for sure. If you have stopped playing this game due to a change in techniques then we’re here to help us out by nailing down the steps in detail. Numerous techniques can help you to play this game on your iPhone either the latest iOS ones or the classic adventures such as Pokémon Blue and Pokémon Red.

Know How To Play Pokemon On iPhone : Emulator, Safari, ROMs

These classic games are getting discouraged because of the new trendy ones. But if you are a true lover of Pokémon and are finding out the method to play it on your iPhone, then here’s a complete guide on the methods on how to play pokemon on iPhone.

Classic Pokémon Game On iPhone

If you want to play the classic game of Pokémon on your iPhone, you can download and install an emulator on your iPhone. It is an application that will imitate your computer system just like any old video game console. Choose the exact emulator so that you can play Game Boy Color, Game Boy, Nintendo DS game, and Game Boy Advance. Nintendo Switch is usually unavailable to mimic because of your iPhone’s processing power. Still, classic games of Pokémon are worth playing.

Method to Install an Emulator

You can’t find an emulator on the App Store. But don’t worry, there are numerous alternatives through which you can install an emulator on your iPhone. Many emulators are available for free and it’s legal to use them even if they are unavailable on the Apple App Store. You can use enterprise certificates to install it outside of the App Store or you can compile it like your own apps. It’s simple to use though it might sound a bit tricky too.

The best emulators on iOS to play Pokémon are iNDS, Eclipse, and Delta. They are free to use and you can easily play Pokémon from the given consoles.

  1. Game Boy Advance
  2. Game Boy
  3. Game Boy color
  4. Nintendo DS
  5. Nintendo 64

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Pokémon ROMs for iPhone

After the successful installation of an emulator on your phone, now you require a software version of Pokémon so that you can play it easily. This software version is termed ROMs.Emulators are available for free and it’s legal to use. But not in the case of ROMs.

If you have owned any game legally, there are chances that you can easily make your version of ROM for backup. But it might be somewhat illegal too. Video games have their copyrights so if you share their ROMs with someone else, it’s considered a crime.

You can search it on Google for the ROM you are watching, shared by someone else. Just have a look at the rank of the available ROMs for playing Pokémon.

Pokémon In Safari: Game Play Color

If you are finding any difficulty in installing an emulator, instead you can use any web-based emulator. We suggest you go for Game Play Color. But again you have to download ROM for your game. But the tricks that you have to apply for downloading an emulator on your phone are not needed here. The quickest method to play Pokémon on your device is Game Play Color though it comes with certain disadvantages which are mentioned below.

  1. While changing any app, the emulator might reset.
  2. You are permitted to play only Game Boy Color and GameBoy games.
  3. This will not support safe states. That’s why you are required to save your game on ROM.

If you don’t find these restrictions a deal-breaker, let’s get started with the method of using it to play Pokémon on your device.

  • Step 1: Download ROM and save it on Google Drive.
  • Step 2: Open Safari on your device and visit the website of Game Play Color.
  • Step 3: Click on ‘Play Now’ and then on the ‘Share’ button and tap on the option of ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  • Step 4: Now you can see an icon of Gameplay on your device’s home screen.
  • Step 5: Start the app of Game Play and sign in to your Google account. Copy the access code to sync your Google account.
  • Step 6: Game Play will look for the ROM in Google drive and will display it on the screen. Click on the game that you would like to play to boot it up.

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It might sound so difficult and tiring and maybe you might drop the idea of playing Pokémon. But to be honest, it is worth investing your time to play this game. It will make you remember your childhood and you can live it again. Discuss it among your friends, plan it and just play. You’ll experience fun and happiness.

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