Top 4 Electric Vehicle Stocks In India


Have you ever wondered if there are organizations who are working on development and research to change the aspect of the world? Do you want to be a part of their revolutionizing journey just by becoming a retail investor? If yes, you can simply explore purchasing the stocks of such manufacturers that are investing a lot in technology to change the country in the coming 10 years via manufacturing electric vehicles.

Top 4 Electric Vehicle Stocks In India

Electric vehicles are not just an upcoming technology but a replacement for conventional cars in the future. It displays immense growth and great opportunities to expand the market share for great investors who can invest in the upcoming affordable EVs. The government of India is providing full support to EV manufacturers by helping them build great infrastructure and giving them orders to develop public transport such as EV buses. The Union Government National Electric Mobility Mission Plan 2020 is providing the same under the FAME India scheme. If you are an investor looking out for Electric Vehicle stocks in India to invest in and earn a profit, you can get good guidance from this article if you go through the upcoming sections that describe the best electric vehicle stocks in India.

Number 1: Reliance Industries Ltd.

Reliance is involved in almost all the fields such as oil and gas, digital services, financial services, and retail. The O2C segment of Reliance includes logistic and supply-chain infrastructure, facilities of downstream manufacturing, petrochemicals, aviation, wholesale marketing at bulk, and retailing fuel via Reliance BP Mobility Ltd. The assets of Reliance comprise a refinery of off-gas crackers, gasification, aromatics, and multi-feed. Reliance’s oil and gas segment includes the development, exploration, and production of crude oil and natural gas. Along with this, the retail segment involves consumer retail and other services. You can find numerous benefits under the digital segment. The financial service segment consists of the deployment and management of services of a particular company, insurance broking, and other non-banking financial services.

Number 2: TVS Motor Company Ltd.

TVS Motor Company Ltd deals with the manufacturing of mopeds, scooters, 3-wheelers, and motorcycles along with their accessories and parts. TVS motorcycles include TVS Sport, TVS Radeon, TVS Raider, TVS Star City +, TVS Scooty Pep, Apache Series RTR, TVS Jupiter, Apache RR310, etc. The moped models of TVS Motor Company Ltd. comprise TVS XL 100 comfort, TVS XL 100 win edition, TVS XL 100 iTouch Start, TVS XL 100 heavy-duty, TVS XL 100 heavy-duty, etc. The three-wheelers offered by TVS Motors are tagged as the TVS King. For example, TVS iQube is known as a popular EV model manufactured by TVS Motors. Along with this, you can visit the official site of TVS to learn more about the TVS Apache Series. TVS – ARIVE (Augmented Reality Interactive Vehicle Experience) gives you detailed knowledge regarding any TVS vehicle. If you like the car, you can book a test ride for it.

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Number 3: Tata Motors

Tata Motors is presently one of India’s top automobile manufacturers. Tata Motors holds an 80% market share of all EV sales in India. The Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and Nexon EV are Tata Motors’ available electric vehicle models at the moment. Tata Motors intends to release more EVs in the future to keep its position as the industry leader. The four sub-segments of Tata Motors build up its automotive segment: Tata Commercial Vehicles (Comprises small commercial vehicles, heavy and medium commercial vehicles, pick-up trucks, CV passenger vehicles, etc.) and Tata Passenger Vehicle (Comprises utility vehicles, passenger cars, and jaguar land rover).

Number 4: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.

Mahindra is the first automaker to settle EV technology in India to commence 100% Electric mobility in the future where all transportation is powered by electricity. Mahindra wants to give people today a developed future. They produce a wide range of electric vehicles, and they are working hard to expand the selection of EVs available under the Mahindra EVs brand. Mahindra electric vehicles are employed in both the commercial and personal sectors. Mahindra & Mahindra cooperated with Reva Electric Car Company, one of the top EV manufacturers in India, to accelerate the growth of EVs in that country, and changed the name of the brand to Mahindra Reva Electric Vehicles. To create a sustainable automotive ecosystem and the greatest mobility solutions for the future, the firm embodies the goal of the rebranded Mahindra group. The Mahindra industries have a wide range of products such as commercial vehicles, sports utility vehicles, electric vehicles, etc. That’s the reason why this company is considered in the list of great EV vehicle stocks in India.

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If we talk about market growth, the pandemic has indirectly increased the demand for products that can assist in reducing the pollution level that is currently present at an alarming rate, and EVs are the best way to deal with it by cutting down the emissions in the atmosphere by significantly contributing towards a healthy environment. Nevertheless, if we consider EVs from an investment point of view, it’s crucial to consider the pros and cons of determining if the country is capable enough to reach the benchmark in question. That’s why it’s always suggested to invest with caution and before investing, you should conduct deep research on Electric Vehicle Stocks in India to make a wise choice in investment.

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