Tata Nano Electric Car: Modified Version


Do you guys remember Tata Nano? It was a dream of Ratan Tata who always wanted to provide a car to every middle-class family. Tata Nano was launched in the year 2008 and production continued till the year 2018. Although the production of Tata Nano was discontinued after 2018, it has a great brand recall and Tata Motors can use it in the future as well. The latest report claims that Tata Nano is coming back from the dead and this time, it will be launched as an electric vehicle.
At present, Tata Motors is one of the leading Automobile manufacturers in India. From the total sale of EVs in India, Tata Motors has an 80% share in it. The current EV models of Tata Motors in the market are Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and Nexon EV. To maintain the lead of the company in the market, Tata Motors is planning to launch more EVs in the future. In this article, we’ll be giving you the recent updates on Tata Nano Electric Car, so keep reading this article.

Tata Nano Electric Car: Modified Version

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Top Highlights

  • Tata motors aim to increase the sale of its EVs. Tata motors have set a new record of registering the highest-ever sale of electric vehicles of 19,015 units in FY22 and Q4 FY22 is touching the penetrations by 7.4%.
  • EV sales are increasing day by day all across the globe. People have realised the importance of EVs and therefore are trying to grab an opportunity to enhance their mobility.
  • The already-established car companies are trying to modify their car models to convert them into an EV. The best example of such companies is Tata Motors which is capable enough to convert its conventional vehicles into electric vehicles.
  • With the arrival of electric vehicles in the market, carmakers have started focussing more on the range and efficiency of the vehicle. Along with this, the release of carbon emissions is also checked out to maintain the eco-friendly nature of the vehicles.

Tata has already built up its name in the market of electric vehicles. The sale of the Tata Nexon EV has broken all records and customers are loving it. Just in case, for the expansion of its portfolio, Tata can release Tata Nano EVs in the market soon.

Recent Updates About Tata Nano EV

  • The report says, Tata Motors had a talk with the government of Tamil Nadu about acquiring the facility of car manufacturing of Ford for the expansion of its EV lineup.
  •  You can expect Tata Nano collaborating with Ziptron EV Tech.
  • In the year 2017, Tata Motors got associated with Jayem Automotives which is based in Pune to launch the variant of Tata Tiago i.e. Tata Tiago JTP.
  • Jayem Automotives and Tata Motors are planning the same for Tata Nano as well.
  • The Tata Nano EV test mule was found in the Akurdi plant of Tata Motors in Pune.
  • They thought to start an Ola electric cab fleet with 400 Tata Nano EVs.
  • Nevertheless, this ambitious idea got stopped suddenly due to some unknown reasons.
  • If Tata Nano Electric Car is launched in the market, it will be competing with the soon-to-be-launched MG Air EV and the recently launched PMV Electric (it’s the cheapest EV in India).
  • PMV-EASE is a two-seater car that’s why it technically qualifies as a Quadricycle. Therefore, if Tata Motors launches Tata Nano EV, it can become the cheapest car in India.
  • The leading reports of the media claim that the battery pack of the Tata Nano EV would be around 17kWh – 20kWh with a range of 200 km.
  • The ICE form of Nano comes with a petrol engine of 624cc along with a 5 – speed manual gearbox.
  • Tata Nano EV will have the same X3 platform but with a different tire and suspension setup to accommodate the latest EV powertrain.
  • In the year 2022, the market share of Tata Motors was around 88%. If Tata Nano EV is released, the shared percentage might increase.
  • The EV version of Tata Nano will also include an ARAI-certified range of 200 km on one single charge.
  • Tata Nano will also receive great cosmetic upgrades when compared to its discontinued ICE form.

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Tata Nano Electric Car is an amazing idea to relaunch Tata Nano (a dream of Ratan Tata) in a new version with the best features as compared to its ICE form. Tata Nano Electric Car can become a boon for many middle-class families due to its best features at affordable rates.

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