Eri mha: Iconic Character Of My Hero Academia

Eri mha: Iconic Character of My Hero Academia

Even though the stature of Eri mha is unassuming, she’s one of the greatest and most powerful characters in the anime My Hero Academia. Her ability to rewind can put back all the things in their earlier state. Yakuza exploited this quirk until the Pro-Heroes rescued her. Despite being the main figure of the ‘Shie Hassaikai arc’, nobody knows much about Eri.  The background of Eri mha was never much explored, unlike others. Everyone is well aware of only one fact she used her quirk to rewound her father. Apart from this fact, nothing is known about her life. That’s why we are here to share all the possible things that we were able to collect for Eri mha lovers.

Eri mha: Iconic Character Of My Hero Academia

About Eri mha

Eri mha is Shie Hassaikai’s boss’s granddaughter. She’s also the main source of ‘Kai Chisaki’s’ operation for manufacturing a drug that can destroy the quirk. She now lives in U.A. dormitories after she was rescued.

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Eri mha Appearance

  • Eri is a little girl who has bluish and off-white hair that she keeps unkempt and messy all the time with a partition from the mid of the forehead. Her hair length reaches her waistline. Her bright red colored eyes are very wide and filled with innocence. A brown small horn pokes out from the right side of her forehead that will grow in size when she activates her quirk.
  • When she first appeared, she was wearing a dress that was short-sleeved and plain in looks. Her pale tan color dress was a little dirty. Her legs and arms were wrapped by bandages stopping at her ankles and wrist. Underneath the bandages, she had various scars.
  • After being rescued, she was taken to U.A dormitories, the outfit Eri got changed into a white dress shirt with a plain red pinafore and frilled collar. There were two big buttons of golden color on either side of the chest. Under her beautiful dress, she used to wear gray tights and a pair of tan boots. She used to carry a dark red color messenger bag, strap sliding over her right shoulder. The bag was decorated with a floral pattern on one of its sides. Her hair also looked better, straight, and neat as compared to her first appearance when she was with Shie Hassaikai.

Eri mha Personality

  • She made her father disappear unintentionally because of her peculiarity and was subjected to ‘Kai Chisaki’ that’s why her mother renounced her. Later on Eri turned out to be a secluded and frightened girl, with no one showing love and fondness to her. When Izuku Midoriya touched her for the first time, she felt a sense of kindness that overwhelmed her and she started crying. When she got exposed to murderous intentions that were navigated toward her, she neither cried nor screamed, just stayed silent because she knew that she was left with no other option but to abide by whatever was happening to her that she can’t change. The attempts of escaping and resisting her abuse gradually decreased, still she didn’t stop and continued to show her attempts so that she can escape from her captors despite knowing the fact that she can’t turn anyone.
  • Eri herself was ready to go with Kai Hassaikai for protecting others who helped her once because she doesn’t want to be guilty that other people got hurt because they were trying to save her. It was because Kai Hassaikai manipulated Eri and made her believe that her quirk and existence were only meant to destroy others. That’s the reason why Eri was living in horrible and strong guilt that she was becoming the reason for people’s death.
  • It’s an unfortunate fact that even after she got rescued she was still suffering from Kai’s influence psychology. She couldn’t even smile because she had no experience with happiness. Nevertheless, the situation changed and all the credit goes to the U.A school festival. Eri smiled for the first time in her life and expressed her happiness at the band performance of class 1 A. Because of this event she became a cheerful girl and started staying happy and cheerful around the people she was familiar with and slowly she got accustomed to the new beginning of her life at U.A.
  • Although, Eri was still feeling a little negative about the fact that she had a quirk of rewind and was apologetic to all the people who cared for her at U.A when she realized that her quirk was creating a lot of trouble. After getting encouraged by Izuku, she started developing a more positive outlook both in common and w.r.t her powers. This improvement in her was shown later on when she restored Mirio’s Permeation, saying the latter not to say sorry and that she’s training to rewind so that she can bring back his powers as a way of thanking him with eyes filled with tears of happiness.
  • Her earlier upbringing and isolation made her unfamiliar with a lot of day-to-day concepts and things. It included holidays because she mixed up Easter, Setsubun, and Halloween with Christmas.

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Eri mha Abilities

  • The Rewind Quirk: Her quirk can bring back the previous state of a living individual’s body that makes her target younger physically, heal the wounds, and undo all the modifications of the body. She can also rewind anyone to a point when they do not exist.
  • The source of her power was allocated in the small brown horn present on the right side of her head. The horn size dictated the power and strength of her quirk. She had an accumulation-type quirk that means the emitted power needs to be built for a particular period before it becomes usable.
  • As the quirk mutated her body, the blood of Eri can be used to attack an individual’s quirk and stop it from getting activated by rewinding the evolution of the target before the point they started generating the phenomena of Quirk.
  • The eraser head also suggested that she can also rewind the bodies of those individuals who lost their quirks and can help them restore them. Nevertheless, he also said that her quirk can work only on living beings. It indicates that the training for using her quirk is not as easy as it seems. It also means that Eri can not use her quirk when needed because it’s not a living thing.


Eri mha was a cute, little, and young girl who was filled with innocence but was frightened by Kai Hassaikai’s influence. It took a lot of time for her to bring back the happiness and smile on her face. Her quirk was once guilt for her but when she realized the positive outlook of her powers, she trained herself to use them for the good.

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