Special Snapchat Indicator: Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat

Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat

There are numerous social applications used by every person to post their pictures and status among their family and friends. Every application has characteristic features that make it different from each other. In the same way, Snapchat also has some unique features like Photo filters, Lock Icon , Half Swipe , Shortcut For Group Of People that make it different from other social apps and you need to know about it. At present, the most famous social app is none other than Snapchat. The amazing camera filters are only because of its AR technology which is way more advance.

Special Snapchat Indicator: Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat

You can easily use these filters any time and anywhere. Because of its high preference rate, you should have some knowledge about its general features but not everyone is aware of them such as the Snapchat indicators list and Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat. Only a few are aware of it, therefore we will be explaining about it in a detailed manner to enhance your knowledge regarding Snapchat.

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Meaning of ‘Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat’

  • Just like other Snapchat indicators, the grey arrow check is also the same. But only a few are aware of it if we compare it with other indicators. The reason is that you’ll see this indicator if your sent content isn’t delivered to the receiver.
  • If you are sending a snap to anyone but the snap isn’t delivered yet, it means something is not right and you are unable to send the snap. It can be due to unbearable network issues. But if you are seeing a grey arrow check, it indicates that the receiver is not receiving your message.
  • If somebody has removed or blocked you from their Snap list, it can also be the reason for the presence of ‘Grey Arrow Check’. Privacy concerns are the major reason for not having a particular definition or meaning for the Grey Arrow check.
  • There will be no specific notification of being blocked or unfriended from Snapchat. Therefore, if you see a grey arrow check, that means you are still not connected with the receiver because he/she has not approved your request or may have blocked you.

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How to Deal with Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat?

You can see the grey arrow check if someone has either unfriended or blocked you from the friend’s list or if he/she has not accepted your friend request yet. The major reason behind this is the security or privacy issues. If he/she isn’t interested in staying in touch with you, there’s no other way of contacting them.

If you don’t want such conditions to persist, either you can call them or send them a message by using some other application. If the person accepts your message or they have mistakenly unfriended you from the friend’s list, then this approach can help you to be on their friend list again.

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Does the Grey Arrow Check Feature Change?

If you want the Grey Arrow Check to get changed, the receiver has to either unblock you or accept your friend request. The grey indicator changes into a color indicator. The color depends upon the sent content. Snapchat always delivers you the notification of getting your friend request accepted by the other person. After this, you can send them your snaps and can have a chat with them. Grey Arrow does not change on its own. The other person has to re-friend or accept your friend request, then only you can see the change in the grey arrow indicator.


Grey Arrow Check on Snapchat is so simple to understand but many of you haven’t heard about it for once or maybe got confused with the term. But after going through this article, you will have enough knowledge to explain the Snapchat grey indicator to anyone who asks you. You can also browse other articles on our website to know more about Snapchat and its amazing features.

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