Halo Infinite Crashing: Top 5 Effective Fixes

Halo Infinite Crashing: Top 5 Effective Fixes
Halo Infinite Crashing: Top 5 Effective Fixes

Halo Infinite is a single-player shooting game that was launched in the year 2021. New games always need special attention from the developers. The stability of the game takes time because developers take enough time for the game optimization. Before the game gets fully optimized, the players face Halo Infinite Crashing on their computers about which many of them have discussed on Reddit. The users of Halo Infinite are facing crashing issues at the beginning and during the mid-game. If you are a Halo Infinite user who’s facing Halo Infinite Crashing issues on your computer and looking out for ways to fix it appropriately, here are a few fixes for the same.

Reasons For Crash Of Halo Infinite Game

There can be numerous reasons why the Halo Infinite game crashes on your computer. The game design is created in such a way that it can appropriately consume the resources of your computer and give an optimal experience of gameplay but there are a few reasons that we have mentioned below which lead to crashing of the game.

  • Game is getting conflicted by any third-party application
  • When the graphic card is getting overclocked
  • Your computer is not meeting the requirements
  • You have not updated the drivers
  • Corrupted game files
  • Windows of the computer is not updated
  • Corrupted system files or Windows
  • Game is getting conflicted by the DLC

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Effective Fixes For Crash Of Halo Infinite Game

Method 1: Look Out For Conflicting Programs

If your game is getting crashed, switch off the game from the background application option of your computer.

  • Step 1: Press and hold on to the ‘I + W indows’ key simultaneously to go to ‘Settings’. Click on the option of ‘Privacy’ and then select the option of ‘Background apps’ present on the left pane.
  • Step 2: Look out for the ‘Halo Infinite game’.
  • Step 3: Disable the Toggle switch of the game and close the window. Restart your computer.
  • Step 4: Check if the problem got fixed.

Method 2: Disabling Full-Screen Optimization

The feature of full-screen optimization is inbuilt into Windows 10 to enhance the full-screen program performance. Nevertheless, a few players have observed that this feature crashes the game. You can turn off this feature to fix Halo Infinite Crashing.

  • Step 1: Visit the Library of ‘Steam Client’. Click on the option of ‘Properties’ present on the Halo Infinite menu. Choose the local file and select the option of ‘Browse’. Click on the option of Properties from the Halo Infinite Launcher context menu.
  • Step 2: Fill up the checkbox present next to the option of ‘Disable Full-screen optimization’ in the pop-up window. Click on the setting of ‘high DPI’ to alter it.
  • Step 3: Fill up the checkbox to override high DPI scaling. Press ‘Ok’ to save all the changes. Check if the issue persists.

Method 3: Disabling In-Game Overlay

Any third-party application or steam overlays can crash the Halo Infinite game. That’s why it’s recommended to disable it just like discord overlays.

For Discord:

  • Step 1: Double-click on the icon of Discord present in the system tray to open the ‘Discord Client’. To use the ‘Preferences menu’ select the ‘Gear icon’ present in the upper left side of the Windows. In the section of ‘Application Settings’, visit the ‘Overlay Tab’.
  • Step 2: Toggle the switch of ‘Enable in-game overlay’ to the left side to turn it off.
  • Step 3: Play any game to check if the discord got disabled. Afterward, check if the Halo Infinite game crashes or not.

For Steam:

  • Step 1: Visit the section of ‘Library’ of the steam application. Open the option of ‘Properties’ after right-clicking on the Halo Infinite game. Visit the general page of the game, scroll downwards and clear the checkbox of ‘Enable the steam overlay while in-game.
  • Step 2: This method can fix the Halo Infinite Crashing on Windows 10 and 11.

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Method 4: Game Files Integrity Check Verification

The corrupted data of Halo Infinite might crash the game. That’s why it’s necessary to use the built-in steam utility for verifying the installation package of Halo and fixing the corrupted files of the game.

  • Step 1: Open Steam on your PC and access your account. Go to the library section of the game and choose ‘Halo Infinite’ from the drop-down list.
  • Step 2: Visit the ‘Properties’ Window to choose the tab of ‘local file’. At last, choose the ‘Game File integrity check’ and wait until the scan gets completed.
  • Step 3: After the analysis gets complete, reopen the Halo Infinite game and check if the issue got fixed.

Method 5: DLC Check

  • Step 1: Visit the ‘Steam Client’ and open the Library section. In the right-click menu of Halo Infinite, choose the option of ‘Properties’.
  • Step 2: Choose the option of ‘DLC’ from the right panel. Deselect it before you use HD multiplayer textures. Restart Halo Infinite.


The single-player shooting game i.e. Halo Infinite is on trend and players are having a lot of fun while playing, but when the game crashes, the excitement fades away. The issue of Halo Infinite Crashing can be fixed easily if you carefully apply any of the described methods in the article.

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