PS4 Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi: 9 Fixing Techniques

PS4 Won't Connect to Wi-Fi

If your PS4 asks for a system update and you observed that the Wi-Fi is not working appropriately like it used to be earlier, then you are not alone because many PS4 users are facing the same issue. Every PS4 user faces this issue after every update of the system. But you don’t need to worry because we have discussed a few fixes in the upcoming sections of this article that can help you to sort out the problem of ‘PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi’.

PS4 Won't Connect to Wi-Fi: 9 Fixing Techniques

What Causes PS4 Not Getting Connected To Wi-Fi?

  • The PSN might be offline. (PSN refers to the PlayStation Network)
  • Your Wi-Fi might not have a proper internet connection
  • You might be entering the wrong password while connecting your PS4 to your Wi-Fi
  • Incorrect configuration of DNS settings on your PS4
  • Intermittent loss of signal due to the long distance between your Wi-Fi and PS4
  • Easily Fixes For Connecting Wi-Fi With PS4

Method 1: Check PSN Status

If the status of PSN i.e. PlayStation Network is offline, it doesn’t matter if the PS4 is connected to Wi-Fi or not. That’s why looking out for the PSN status is the initial step. Users usually misdiagnose the PSN outages with the network connectivity issue which results in unnecessary confusion.

Method 2: Restart Router & Modem

It’s the best advice if the PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi. Before assuming that the PS4 has some issues, reboot the router and modem by switching it off manually for up to 5 minutes and then switch it on again and check if the PS4 establishes a secure connection.

Method 3: Restarting PS4

If restarting the modem and router does not work out, try to restart the PlayStation 4. Reboot it properly and check if it establishes a connection with the Wi-Fi.

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Method 4: Check Wi-Fi Password

  • If you are entering the wrong password while connecting the PS4 with a wireless router, then you’ll surely face the issue of ‘PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi’. This issue is usually misdiagnosed because of the ambiguous error message that appears if you enter the wrong password.
  • Try connecting any other device with the same Wi-Fi using the same password that you entered while connecting the PS4 with Wi-Fi. If the device is also unable to connect with the Wi-Fi then the problem must be in the password that you entered.

Method 5: Build Close Connection Of PS4 With Wi-Fi

If the physical distance between the Wi-Fi and PS4 increases, it can become a potential cause for the issue of ‘PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi’. Make sure that the connection is not impeded by thick walls or reinforced doors.

Method 6: Change Channel Number Of Wi-Fi Network

At times, all the devices connected to a wireless router might use the same range of frequency by default. Maybe your neighbors are using the same channel that you are using. That’s why it’s recommended to change the wireless router channel for maintaining a strong connection.

Method 7: Alter DNS Settings

Modifying the addresses of the DNS with the help of your Wi-Fi network can help you to fix the issue of ‘PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi’.

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Method 8: Wired Connection

If all the above-discussed methods do not work out, try to connect your PS4 with any reliable wired connection such as an Ethernet cable.

Method 9: Factory Reset

The last option to fix the issue of ‘PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi’ is to reset the PS4 with the default settings. It’s the best option if none of the above methods work out.


Every PS4 user faces the issue of ‘PS4 won’t connect to Wi-Fi’ after every update of the system. The interference faced by the user while playing the game brings back the level of excitement to zero. Rather than dropping the idea of playing PS4, it’s better to fix it as soon as possible. The workable 9 fixes can help you to fix this issue appropriately.

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