12 Workable Solutions To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing On iPhone

Instagram Keeps Crashing On iPhone

Instagram, a multipurpose social media platform launched in 2010 has been a new medium to share life updates, build a community, and stay in touch with loved ones. You can upload multiple posts, reels and stories with music or save them in drafts. From an influencer to a normal individual, everyone is highly active on Instagram. If you’re someone who’s a regular Instagram user, you must be well aware of how micro, mini, and top influencers are earning lakhs from brand collaborations just by sharing a reel or story.

12 Workable Solutions To Fix Instagram Keeps Crashing On iPhone

Now, Instagram reels use huge storage space due to which Instagram keeps crashing on iPhone and doesn’t work appropriately. This can be frustrating if an individual is just stepping into making reels for building a portfolio or community as a budding influencer. However, you need not worry about it anymore. You can easily get rid of this issue by implementing the solutions highlighted in this informative article. Before that, don’t forget to find the potential cause of this unexpected error. We have mentioned all major ones below for your analysis.

Root Causes Which Lead To Instagram Crashing On iPhone

This irritating problem can only be fixed after you know what’s causing it on your iPhone. Although it’s hard to find the actual issue still a thorough inspection helps in a quick fix. You can have a look at the causes shared by us, as these are the typical and recurring ones.

  • You will face this error every time you open Instagram if you’re connected to a bad internet connection
  • Running multiple applications on an iPhone can slow down your device’s performance which can result in Instagram crashing on an iPhone issue
  • If you’re connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network) then your Instagram app will crash whenever you try to login
  • Using outdated Instagram apps probably results in multiple app crashes. Not only this, you can’t share posts to story nor access other features launched in the updated version
  • Exaggerated cache and data get accumulated on your Instagram which hinders its basic functionality
  • An overheated iPhone restricts all your applications from performing smoothly which includes Instagram as well
  • Instagram keeps introducing new changes often which sometimes leads to server outrage and app crashing
  • Your Instagram app will most likely crash if you’re not using the updated iOS version launched by Apple
  • Not granting necessary permissions to access photos, images, videos, camera, etc after installing the app doesn’t allow the app to function accordingly resulting in crashes
  • Instagram allows few tech experts to use the Beta version which is unfortunately not stable, has bugs, and crashes often

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Solutions To Prohibit Instagram Keeps Crashing On iPhone Issue

Instagram will stop crashing unknowingly if you troubleshoot this issue by using the solutions we have mentioned. Most of them are pretty basic and you’ll need not to put extra effort into resolving this matter. Here we go with the potential solutions that can be used for fixing the crashing problem.

Get Connected To Strong Network

Maybe there’s no big problem with the Instagram app installed on your device and you’re probably not using a stable internet connection. To confirm this, check your existing data balance and see whether there’s sufficient data left or not. If your data limit is exhausted then your app will crash whenever you open it. In case, you’re using a hotspot or connected to Wi-Fi then disconnect and connect again to check if the problem still persists. You can also restart your router and restart it again for better results. The Instagram app will automatically start functioning efficiently once you start using a fast, safe, and secure internet connection.

Cross Check Instagram Server Status

Developers working on the Instagram app constantly make changes to the app or perform some tests at the backend which sometimes leads to server error. If you are 100% sure that you’re connected to a strong network and have required storage for Instagram to function then chances are that there’s a server outage. There’s nothing you can do except wait for the server to return to normal. However, if you want to confirm if there’s any such issue then go to Down Detector and enter Instagram in the search bar. If you see the message “User reports indicate no current problems at Instagram” then it means the server is not down and your app is crashing due to some other issue. Try other solutions below for an instant fix.

Use Updated Instagram App

Instagram launches fresh updates regularly which include access to new and advanced features. Your app is probably crashing if you’re using the old version. Go to the App Store and check for new updates. Enter Instagram in the search bar and if the app opens up with an Update button beside it then tap on it. The app gets updated within minutes and you can use it seamlessly. You can also activate automatic updates so that your app is updated regularly when a new update comes up. This will prevent you from experiencing app crashing issues.

Clear Up Your iPhone Storage

Your iPhone must be filled up with 4K videos, images, and movies which fill up your storage. You need to immediately eliminate all the unused files and make space for the Instagram app so that it can perform well. To check storage on your iPhone: Go to Settings > General > iPhone Storage and see which files are using more storage. Shift your files from device storage to iCloud storage. This will stabilise the performance of apps installed on your iPhone and will prevent them from crashing.

Try Restarting iPhone

At times restarting your iPhone is all you need to do to fix the crash or app lagging issues. iPhone and iPad are restarted differently. Let’s see how.

  • iPhone (Home Button): You need to firmly press and hold the side button and then slide towards Power Off.
  • iPhone (Without Home Button): The Volume button and Power button need to be pressed at the same time. Start your iPhone again after 30 seconds
  • iPad (Home Button): You need to hold and press the top button. Now, slide towards Power Off to shut down the device
  • iPhone (Without Home Button): For this, you can either press and hold the top button or volume button to switch off the iPad

Perform Software Update

If restarting your device didn’t show any fruitful results then the problem might be there in your device software. Check if iOS has launched a new version recently by going to Settings > General > Software Update. If it shows any new update available that you haven’t updated yet then quickly update it. Updating the software strengthens your device’s security and prevents unwanted bugs from entering your device.

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Activate Airplane Mode

Turning on & off the Airplane mode for a few seconds can make the Instagram app function better. Just swipe up the Control Centre and click on the Airplane symbol to enable it. After 1-2 seconds turn it off and open the Instagram app. This will surely stabilise Instagram and it’ll start running smoothly on the iPhone.

Configure iPhone Network Settings

Often resetting iPhone results in misconfiguration of network settings which eventually results in conflicts with Instagram and other apps. You need to set your network settings to default to put a permanent full stop to this problem. Also, do remember that doing so will delete all your previously saved WiFi passwords. Follow this pathway to adjust the correct network settings: Open Settings > General > Transfer or Reset iPhone > Reset > Reset Network Settings and be rest assured to use Instagram glitch-free.

Delete Instagram and Download Again

If you want to avoid all this hassle and want a straightforward solution then delete the app from your iPhone. This works in most cases and the newly installed app works fine with no glitches. Simply long-press the Instagram icon and click on the (-) symbol. Click on Delete App to temporarily uninstall Instagram and then download it from the App Store again. Also, if you’re someone who wants a social media detox or is simply done with Instagram then you can permanently delete your account too.

Always Grant Required Permissions

Instagram is bound to crash if you’ve not permitted it to access your contacts, photos, videos, microphone, etc. It will close every time you try to use the application. Follow the instructions listed below to ensure that all the necessary permissions are permitted to Instagram for effective operation.

  • Step 1: Quickly open iPhone Settings and search for Instagram app
  • Step 2: Toggle all these mandatory options to the right ,i.e, Contacts, Photos, Microphone, Camera, Background and Refresh, etc if they’re not activated yet

Use Instagram Web

Unlike the app, the Instagram web version runs smoothly and doesn’t face crashing due to storage issues. Open any web browser and type Instagram. The official Instagram website will be displayed on top. Click on it and log into Instagram by entering your correct username and password. The only demerit of this version is that you can upload stories or other content as these features are available only on the app.

Connect With Instagram Support For Help

Now, if you have tried all these methods and still have been encountering crashing issues then it’s time to seek help from Instagram Support. All the details have been outlined below:

  • Step 1: Click on the Profile icon > Hamburger menu
  • Step 2: A new page with the “Settings and Privacy’ option will be visible to you. Select it
  • Step 3: Find the Help option on the another page
  • Step 4: Click on the Report a problem
  • Step 5: Choose Report Problem Without Shaking. You can also opt for ‘Shake your phone and report a problem’ option
  • Step 6: Lastly, press on the “Include and Continue” option
  • Step 7: In the box, enter the problem you’re facing in detail and attach relevant screenshots as proof
  • Step 8: Click on Send and wait for a notification from Instagram. They’ll look into your matter and will revert soon

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Final Words

By using the solutions listed in this article correctly you can solve the Instagram keeps crashing on iPhone error. If still nothing works out you can reach out to Instagram support about which also we’ve shared the entire process of how to share your issue with them. Keep in mind to always use an authentic Instagram app and not any other apk or beta version to avoid this problematic error.

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