8 Possible Reasons & Solutions For Instagrammer User Not Found Error

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Instagram has become a daily dose of entertainment for the 21st generation. More than just interacting with each other on Instagram people are now using it for becoming popular through Instagram reels, carousel posts, and attractive static images. In our opinion, the best part about using Instagram or Snapchat, Facebook,Whatsapp, Twitter is that you can search for anyone in just a few minutes. You just need to type their name or username and if you can identify the person through the picture then your job is done. Recently, a girl used Instagram to find her LKG best friend and luckily she found her too. But what if you went on to find someone on Instagram but landed up seeing a ‘User not found’ error despite entering the right name? Well, there could be multiple reasons as to why you’re seeing this error. In the upcoming sections of this article, we’re going to explain to you about this error and the possible reasons & solutions associated with it.

8 Possible Reasons & Solutions For Instagrammer User Not Found Error

Reason 1: User Deactivated Instagram Account

Social media detox is important to improvise mental health and well-being & account deactivation is one such pathway to accomplish it. Instagram has also provided this facility to users. One can easily disable Instagram account through the web version. Now if someone has deactivated their account and you’re trying to find them then most likely you’ll see the ‘User not found’ error on visiting their profile. Although this method is temporary but is opted by many users to stay away from the negative aspects of Instagram. You’ll also see ‘No Posts Yet’ even if there are post counts displayed at the top along with the followers and following list.

Important Deets

  • While deactivating account user has to choose the reason from the drop-down list why they want to disable your account
  • This procedure can be done only on the Instagram official website and not the app
  • The account remains deactivated until the user logins back into their account
  • User can deactivate theit Instagram account only once per week
  • It takes 24 hours to disable the account so user can activate it after 24 hours only

Reason 2: Entered the Wrong Name

The craze of keeping a unique social media username is never-ending. Youngsters, upcoming micro-influencers, and bloggers are often seen using a username that reflects their personality. This name sometimes differs from the original name and contains a mix of letters, and numericals. It can get quite confusing to remember a weird username and you might make a typo error while typing the person’s name. This mistake of missing a character or entering the wrong one can lead you to a ‘User not found’ error.


  • Cross-check the username spelling thoroughly before typing it in the search box
  • Ask the specific person if that username spelling is correct to avoid this error
  • Turn off the auto-correct keyword for unwanted suggestions
  • Ask for the Instagram profile link from the person whom you want to follow

Reason 3: Changed Username

The foremost reason which makes Instagram popular is its versatile features offered to the users. From keeping an innovative username to editing reels and images there’s so much to do on this application. People keep changing their names every 3-6 months and if you’re trying to search for someone with an old username then you’ll see the ‘User not found’ error when searching for them.


You can connect with that person and ask whether they have changed their username. If ‘Yes’ then ask them to share the spelling with you or the profile link to ‘Follow’ them. Alternatively, if you’re connected with them on other social media platforms then check if they have mentioned their new Instagram username there. One more way to find the username is to check the mutual friend’s list between you and the other person. Lastly, you can search in your messages and find their updated username there. In case you were unaware of how to change a username and how it’s done then here are the steps you need to follow for the same

  • Step 1: Login into your Instagram account
  • Step 2: Open your Instagram profile
  • Step 3: Go to the ‘Edit Profile’ option and enter the new username for your profile
  • Step 4: Click o ‘Done’ to execute the name-changing procedure

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Reason 4: Got Blocked By Other Person

If you’re still seeing the ‘User not found’ error while finding that person on their profile then you’re blocked by them. The reason might be unknown to you but there’s a pathway to confirm whether you’re blocked or not.


  • Ask another friend: If you have a mutual friend then ask them to search for the respective person from their profile. If the name gets reflected on their profile then you’re surely blocked.
  • Check comments & messages: Open your profile and see if their previous comments are visible on your posts. If it’s not then most likely you are blocked. Also, if you’re trying to reach out to them and the messages are not getting delivered to them you’ve been blocked by the other person

Reason 5: Not Installed Latest Version

Using an old Instagram app or using an outdated version also leads to this error. You should regularly check for updates on Google Play Store and App Store and update the Instagram app. If updating doesn’t fix the problem then delete the app from your device and install it again using a stable internet connection. This solution guarantees effective results and you won’t stumble on this error while searching your friends, family member or any other person.

Reason 6: Deleted Instagram Account Forever

With the ongoing toxicity on Instagram and other social media platforms, people are bidding permanent goodbye to it by deleting their account. Once a user chooses to delete their Instagram account all their data including chats, images, reels, and Instagram stories get deleted from their profile and it’s displayed as Instagrammer. The person’s name won’t get reflected in your followers and the following list and you’ll see the ‘User not found’ error message. This reason has no solution apart from the confirmation that you can get from the person who has removed their account from Instagram.

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Reason 7: Banned By Instagram Authorities

Instagram has 1.628 billion users worldwide and this number is supposed to increase more in the upcoming months. As the number of users is huge hence Instagram has enlisted necessary guidelines which need to be followed by everyone. Anyone who promotes violence, or sexual harassment, posts a negative content comment, or spreads hate is reported by Instagram authorities. Their account is also permanently banned or deleted for violating Instagram community guidelines. So, if you search for someone and land on this error and maybe their account is disabled by Instagram. You can get in touch with the individual to confirm whether it’s true or not. If they tell you that their account is banned for irrelevant reasons and they haven’t gone against the guidelines then suggest the below-mentioned tip to get their account back.

Reason 8: Poor Network Connectivity

A strong and secure network connection is the key to endless scrolling. But if you’re connected to a terrible network that fluctuates often then you’ll see this error until you switch to a decent network. A down Instagram server could also be the problem. Here you can visit DownDetector and verify if the Instagram servers are actually down or not. If everything is sorted and the server works fine then the problem relies on your connectivity. So switch to another network by taking a hotspot from someone or connecting to a WI-FI. You can also switch off your device and turn it on again to see if the internet data works fine or not. Chances are that if network issues are the reason then this solution will 100% work for sure.

How To Get My Account Unbanned By Instagram?

Instagram has a strict guidelines policy and anyone who goes against it gets banned from the platform & sees a message when trying to login into their account. Now, if you think that you haven’t done anything wrong and your account is disabled by mistake then you need to write an email to Instagram with all the detailed information like your name, username, mobile number, etc for reviewing your account. If nothing is found in the review you come out all clean then you will get your account back.

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If you have been constantly seeing the User not found then now you know why it was happening with you. Out of all, there could be one reason which has led to this error, however, deactivated accounts and technical glitches are the most common ones. In terms of a solution, there’s nothing particular as such you can do about this error if someone has removed their account. However, if they are still on the app and username and technical problems are the reason then this can be sorted out by entering the right username and waiting for some time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) Can I unfollow a person if they have deactivated their account?

Ans: No, it’s impossible to unfollow someone if they have disabled their account as the entire information vanishes from the platform. You cannot unfollow the person, nor can send a message or find their profile.

Q) Does reinstalling Instagram resolve the ‘User not found’ error?

Ans: It is possible only if the person has not deleted or disabled their account. If a person has done so then downloading the application again or updating it also doesn’t work at all. However, if previously you were connected to a bad network connection and then were trying to find someone then this solution can be of your help.

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