iOS 14.0.1 Issues & Reliable Solutions to Fix Them

iOS 14.0.1 Issues & Reliable Solutions

iPhones are considered the best smartphones. It’s said if you want to purchase a smartphone then it should be an iPhone. People think that if they have an iPhone they won’t face any kind of issue regarding mobile phones. But what if the best iPhone starts to have bugs and issues?

iOS 14.0.1 Issues & Reliable Solutions to Fix Them

For those who were waiting for the new update of the iPhone, Apple has brought iOS 14.0.1 for them. It came on time as expected by the customers. iOS 14.0.1 is the first update of the iPhone series. Many users upgrade their iPhone to the latest version but soon face many issues in future. People started to ask if they can downgrade back to 14 versions as the new update was worse than the previous. In this article, we are here to discuss the iOS 14.0.1 issues along with relevant solutions.

9 Prominent iOS 14.0.1 Issues and Solutions

Battery Drain :  Various users thought about upgrading their iPhones to get long battery life but what they got is the opposite of what was expected. This is what happened with iPhone users who upgraded their phone to the iOS 14.0.1 version and the battery life got reduced to half of the previous battery life. If you are facing the same issue then try the below specified solution.

  • First of all, remove all the battery eating apps from the phone.
  • Update all the apps so that they can run smoothly.
  • Refresh the background settings of the app and stop them from running in the background.
  • Follow this step for better guidance Settings > Choose ‘General’ option > Choose ‘Background Services’ & Switch it off. This solution can help one to save battery for a long time.

Wi-Fi Issues: In today’s present time, stable network connectivity is a must. During lockdown and post lockdown, the internet has become the most important need of the hour for almost everything. Though this didn’t seem to be good news for iPhone users who updated their iPhone on iOS 14.0.1 version. Follow the guidelines mentioned below to fix this issue.

  • You need to forget all the existing Wi-Fi connections and try again to connect the present Wi-Fi that you want.
  • Resetting the network settings can also be a solution. Choose ‘Settings’ > General Settings > Reset Network Settings to modify the network settings.

Bluetooth Issues: Bluetooth issues are not new in the iPhones. This has persisted in the new version as well. But there is a solution to this as well. You can forget all the previous networks and try to connect with the Bluetooth device of your choice once again. Choose ‘Settings’ > Bluetooth to forget the existing Bluetooth devices.

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Screen Unresponsiveness : In many phones, this issue was reported where the screen was not responding to the touch. If your phone has no screen guard on it and the screen is not responding then troubleshooting is required. If the screen guard is present then try to remove the screen guard and check the screen response. If the screen is not responding then the problem exists and needs to be solved. Make sure all your apps are updated. Sometimes un-updated apps can lead to screen unresponsiveness. Try restarting your iPhone as most of the time it helps too.

Sluggish Performance : In this fast-paced work environment one can’t bear sluggish performance on phones and when it comes to the iPhone sluggishness is a big no. But this issue has been found that the new upgrade of the iPhone is slower as compared to the previous version. To solve this you need to again make sure that all your apps are updated. The next thing you need to do is to remove all the junk files and cache from the phone. Remove all the clutter from your phone. For this, you can go to settings and select iPhone storage to clear all the unwanted cache.

Lack of Personal Hotspot : One more issue has been noticed in the new version of iPhone 14.0.1 which is the lack of a personal hotspot. This can be solved by switching off your data and rebooting your phone. Resetting network settings could also work in this case. You can try out these solutions with ease & get this problem resolved within a few minutes.

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Crashes: Suppose you are working on your iPhone and suddenly it gets crashed. No one wants to go through this kind of pain. The pain is more when the issue is with an “iPhone updated version”. This type of issue has been found in the latest version of the iPhone. This could be solved by removing outdated apps from your iPhone and restarting it. Make sure your iPhone has enough storage to avoid this problem.

Keyboard Slutter : If you have faced problems with your keyboard in your iOS 14.0.1 then you are not alone. Keyboard slowing down, sluggish typing, etc have been reported in this new update of the iPhone. To fix this you need to go to settings and select the reset option & it’s done.

Widget Issues: Most of the issues are arising with the widgets in the iPhone. Widgets are unresponsive and not working. These are small issues no one expects in an iPhone. Clicking on widgets is also causing phones to crash sometimes. This issue can be resolved by removing the widgets and restarting your phone.

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Here we have tried to help you all out if you are facing any issues with your iOS 14.0.1. If you have upgraded your iOS 14 to the 14.0.1 version then there have been a few issues that needed to be addressed. Try out the solutions mentioned here. If nothing works the last option is to call the iPhone repair centre.

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